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Writing Reports. To plan, compose, edit and evaluate a report. The Big Picture. To analyse a report To spell irregular past tense verbs. The Objectives. Purpose: Structure Key Features. What is a report?. A Report. Purpose: To inform people .

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The objectives l.jpg

To analyse a report

To spell irregular past tense verbs

The Objectives

What is a report l.jpg



Key Features

What is a report?

A report l.jpg
A Report

Purpose: To inform people

Structure: Opening (Headline)

Points set out in paragraphs (Subheadings)


Key features l.jpg
Key features

  • Written in the present or past tense

  • Provides information clearly and simply

  • Are not in time order (non-chronological)

  • Are usually written in the 3rd person (he, she, it , they)

  • Includes facts and opinions

Report or not8 l.jpg
Report or not?

  • How do you know?

  • Example 1

  • Example 2

  • Discuss with a partner

The fox and the crow l.jpg
The Fox and the Crow 

Many years ago before you and I were born, there was a fox. He lived in the woods. The fox was ALWAYS hungry! He ate and he ate until his paws were raw and sore. Then he ate and ate and ate some more. He crunched up the bones and licking his paws shouted,

“I’m hungry!”

He moaned, he groaned, he mumbled and he grumbled. He rolled on his belly and it began to rumble. He cried,

“I’m SO hungry!”

Seals freed l.jpg

Six seals found stranded on a beach were freed into the sea yesterday.

They had been found 6 months ago on the east coast of Britain. They were in a poor state when discovered.

Today, when they were released back into the sea, they carried satellite tracking systems. These have been attached to them to monitor their progress back in the wild.

Seals Freed

Past to present l.jpg
Past to Present yesterday.

To spell irregular tense verbs





What’s the rule?

Add ed to the root word.

Present to past l.jpg
Present to Past yesterday.



Present to past13 l.jpg
Present to Past yesterday.







Change the o to an e

What’s the rule?

Present to past14 l.jpg
Present to Past yesterday.







What’s the rule?

Change the i for an a

Tasks l.jpg
Tasks yesterday.

  • Can you work out the rule?

    Can you find the key features in the text?

Plenary l.jpg
Plenary yesterday.

  • Features of a report

Hot chocolate delight l.jpg

We all know chocolate is everyone’s favourite snack but on a hot day, what a pain, it MELTS!

Well some teenage high school girls have come up with an idea that may stop all that.

Whilst experimenting with chocolate in their Chemistry classes,

they discovered that adding a substance called glycerine stops chocolate melting. That’s great news for those living in hot places like India.

Now soldiers in the desert will be able to enjoy a chocolate feast without it melting away!!

Hot Chocolate Delight!

Finding nemo bullet points l.jpg
Finding Nemo Bullet Points a hot day, what a pain, it MELTS!

  • A French author taking Disney to court

  • He says they pinched his idea

  • If wins Nemo banned in France

  • Film was last years blockbuster

  • Author says Disney stole his idea

  • Disney says they came up with the character

  • J.K. Rowling has had the same problem over Harry Potter