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Tony Morse Idaho Department of Water Resources

How Idaho Is Bringing Water Rights Accounting Into the 21 st Century. Tony Morse Idaho Department of Water Resources. Beck diagram of the Snake River model. Surface Water Users Sue Management of Water in Idaho in Dispute. By Michelle Dunlop Times-News writer

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Tony Morse Idaho Department of Water Resources

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  1. How Idaho Is Bringing Water Rights Accounting Into the 21st Century Tony MorseIdaho Department of Water Resources Beck diagram of the Snake River model

  2. Surface Water Users SueManagement of Water in Idaho in Dispute By Michelle DunlopTimes-News writer BOISE - The floodgates have opened, and litigation - not water - will soon pour out…. --Twin Falls Times News, 8/28/2005

  3. Water Rights Accounting FORTRAN DEC platform Closed process Computer model ca. 1970 Five major river basins modeled Most of Idaho’s surface water irrigation. Don’t Laugh…

  4. Accounting Basins Payette Boise Big Lost Snake Bear

  5. Water Rights Accounting Computes natural flow and storage Daily basis For each POD (group of water rights) Used by Water Masters Used to determine reservoir releases Used to determine annual carry-over.

  6. Motivation for Change Personnel retirement Conjunctive management Transparency in processing Modeling needs modern IT tools GIS RDBMS Internet Access Software and data standards.

  7. Project Goal Make water rights accounting an open application.

  8. Project Objectives • Redesign and upgrade the current water rights accounting models into a modular and integrated GIS environment 2. Simplify the multiple-step modeling process, and integrate tools for data visualization and plotting 3. Make model data and results accessible over the Internet.

  9. Major Changes PC platform GIS and Remote Sensing Based on the NHD ArcHydro and custom tools Data handling with RDBMS (Access) The Internet ArcIMS Display input data and results Reports and custom maps (pdf).

  10. Five Phases • Port Model(s) to PC (don’t touch the FORTRAN) • Display input data and results on the Net • Implement GIS for a front and back end • Move some FORTRAN functions to GIS • Evaluate need for increased functionality In parallel, not series.

  11. The Original Model DEC Alpha Platform Data Manipulation with DCL ASCII Input and Output Files Non-Structured FORTRAN Code.

  12. Problems - Original Model Data Over-Writing Little Error Checking ( e.g. “.” is valid) Inappropriate Functionality in FORTRAN DEC is gone DEC Alpha Platform Data Manipulation with DCL ASCII Input and Output Files Non-Structured FORTRAN Code.

  13. 29 DO 4 LL=L1,L2 IC=JCNL(LL) IF(IC.LE.0) GO TO 4 IR=IRCH(IC) IF(LN.EQ.1) PCT(IR)=1.0 R=T(LL)*PCT(IR) IF(R.EQ.0.0) GO TO 48 IF(RD(IC).LT.R.AND.JJ(LL).EQ.0) R=RD(IC) IG=IR IF(JJ(LL).LT.0) GO TO 160 3 IF(R.GT.RF(IG)) R=RF(IG) IF(R.LE.0.0) GO TO 48 IG=IDS(IG) IF(IG.NE.0) GO TO 3 GO TO 161 160 IF(R.GT.RF(IG)) R=RF(IG) IF(R.LE.0.0) GO TO 48 GO TO 98 161 IF(JJ(LL).EQ.0) GO TO 180 LRRT=JJ(LL) RS=(RST(LRRT)-BRST(LRRT))/1.9835 IF(RS.LE.0.01) T(LL)=0.0 IF(R.GT.RS) R=RS IF(R.LE.0.0) GO TO 48 BRST(LRRT)=BRST(LRRT)+(R*1.9835) LR=MR(LRRT) DRA(LR)=DRA(LR)+R GO TO 14 98 CHK=AF(IR)-(RD(IC)*(-1.)) IF(R.GT.CHK) R=CHK PF(IR)=PF(IR)+R GO TO 14 180 IF(IVO(LL).LE.0) GO TO 325 Example of the Code L=IVO(LL) RR=(SVL(LL)-VRD(L))/1.9835 IF(R.GT.RR) R=RR IF(L.EQ.10) GO TO 325 IF(R.LE.0.0) GO TO 48 VRD(L)=VRD(L)+(R*1.9835) 325 IF(IR.NE.25.OR.IC.EQ.I22) GO TO 14 IF(R.GT.RWCEX) R=RWCEX IF(R.LE.0.0) T(LL)=0.0 IF(R.LE.0.0) GO TO 48 RWCEX=RWCEX-R 14 IG=IR IF(JJ(LL).LT.0) GO TO 162 11 RF(IG)=RF(IG)-R IF(RF(IG).LE.0.1.AND.IRT(IG).EQ.NLK) IRT(IG)=LL IG=IDS(IG) IF(IG.NE.0) GO TO 11 GO TO 163 162 RF(IG)=RF(IG)-R IF(RF(IG).LE.0.1.AND.IRT(IG).EQ.NLK) IRT(IG)=LL 163 T(LL)=T(LL)-R RD(IC)=RD(IC)-R IF(JJ(LL).GE.0) TD(IR)=TD(IR)+R 48 IF(IDB.GT.0) WRITE(OUT,35)LL,RF(IR),RD(IC), 1R,T(LL),PCT(IR) 35 FORMAT(1H ,I5,4F10.3,F10.7) 4 CONTINUE

  14. Accounting Model - OriginallyConceptual Diagram FORTRAN Programs DEC Command Language Functions ASCII Input ASCII Output Repeated for each basin USBR USGS IPCO PACCOR

  15. Accounting Model - NowConceptual Diagram FORTRAN Programs RDBMS Functions ASCII Files ASCII Output RDBMS Replaces DCL USBR USGS IPCO PACCOR History

  16. Accounting Model - TomorrowConceptual Diagram Data Sources RDBMS Functions FORTRAN Program RDBMS Functions USBR The Net GIS USGS IPCO Direct IDWR Use PACCOR History

  17. Advantages of New Approach Supported hardware, OS, software Public access to input and results Integration of GIS Spatial tools for spatial data RDBMS for error checking, preprocessing Software and data standards Basically, integration of modern IT tools.

  18. Challenges New personnel Change on the fly Convincing the reluctant Overcoming the step function.

  19. New Personnel Good news and bad news Bad news: steep learning curve Good news: open to new things have good IT skills enthusiasm.

  20. Change on the Fly Modify the model while it is in use Run models in parallel for a full season.

  21. Convincing the Reluctant Incremental change Emphasis on error-checking Change the non-essential first Get the reluctant to convince themselves.

  22. The Step Function Functionality Information Technology The Step Function Accounting Model 1970 2005 Time

  23. Credits Bruce Tuttle database design and programming Ben Britton ArcIMS programming Linda Davis ArcHydro tools, GIS design, data discipline.

  24. Another Side of Rick Allen

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