brown bag seminar 3rd july 2006 n.
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Brown Bag Seminar, 3rd July 2006 PowerPoint Presentation
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Brown Bag Seminar, 3rd July 2006

Brown Bag Seminar, 3rd July 2006

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Brown Bag Seminar, 3rd July 2006

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  1. Brown Bag Seminar, 3rd July 2006

  2. Fao Treaty on PGRFA PGRFA=Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture Presentation: -Treaty: Objective, History -Art. 6: Content -Notion of „Sustainable Use“ -Measures to promote „Sustainable Use“ -Link to International Trade Regime

  3. FaO Treaty on PGRFA FaO Treaty on PGRFA = Seed Treaty Objective, Art. 1: Sustainable agriculture and food safety through • conservation and sustainable use of resources • access to resources and sharing of benefits • in harmony with CBD (lex specialis)

  4. Protection of PGRFAs: Reasons Example: Diversity of Peppers grown in Guatemalan Home Gardens

  5. Protection of PGRFAs: Reasons FAO Definition of PGRFA: : -diversity of genetic material -contained in either traditional varieties or -modern cultivars -generally grown by farmers. „Plant genetic resources are the raw material used in the production of new cultivars: either through traditional plant breeding or through biotechnology, a reservoir of genetic material.“

  6. Fao Treaty: History 1983: FaO International Undertaking on Plant Genetic Resources 1992: Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) 1997: FaO Report on the State of the World‘s Plant Genetic Resourcces for Food and Agriculture 2004: Adoption of FaO-Treaty > Competition between CBD and FaO

  7. FaO Treaty Art. 6 • FaO Treaty Implementation: Emphasis on Access and Benefit Sharing (Multilateral System, Art. 10ff) • Art. 6 FaO Treaty: „Sustainable Use of Plant Genetic Resources“*

  8. FaO Treaty Art. 6 • Art. 6 para 1: „The Contracting Parties shall develop and maintain appropriate policy and legal measures that promote the sustainable use of plant genetic resources for food and agriculture.“ • History • Use: On-Farm (in-situ versus ex-situ)

  9. Sustainable Use • FaO Definition -cultivation of farmers -developing new varieties -management and distribution > in situ utilization is a prerequisite to crop improvement

  10. Sustainable Use: Legal Principle From a legal perspective: „Sustainable Use“ as a legal principle: part of Sustainable Development Concept Sustainable Development Concept: Umbrella Concept consisting of various Legal Principles

  11. Sustainable Use Legal Definition (Philippe Sands): Term „focuses on the adoption of [limiting] standards governing the rate of use or exploitation of specific natural resources rather than on their preservation for future generations“.

  12. Sustainable Use • „Sustainable“: limits (conservative aspect) • „Use“: development (dynamic aspect) > correlation

  13. Related Concepts • Older Terms: Wise use; rational utilization; proper utilization • Related concepts: • Ecosystem approach • Sustainable management: eg. sustainable forest management

  14. Promote Sustainable Use: Measures Art. 6 para 2 lit a: • pursue fair agricultural policies • that promote […]the development and maintenance of diverse farming systems • that enhance the sustainable use of agricultural biological diversity […]

  15. Recognition of Multifunctionality? • Switzerland: „Wichtige multifunktionale Aspekte der schweizerischen Agrarpolitik erhalten einen eigenständigen internationalen Rechtsrahmen. Dies kommt einer völkerrechtlichen Anerkennung von wesentlichen Dimensionen der Multifunktionalität der Landwirtschaft gleich.“ • Related Regional Initiatives: SARD; Pan-European Biological and Landscape Diversity Strategy

  16. Fair Agricultural Policies From an International Trade Perspective • Enough Policy Space on national / regional level? • WTO: Include Biodiversity Requirements into its notion of „Non Trade Concerns“ Concrete Impact on Agricultural Trade Rules?

  17. Operationalise Treaty Prof. Katharina Kummer