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India Sudar Educational Learning Package

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India Sudar Educational Learning Package - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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India Sudar Educational Learning Package
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  1. India Sudar Educational Learning Package

  2. Package Contents • Historical Data • Approach … ! • Approach IS – Learning Packages • Plan of action • Read and Write Local Language Package • Read and Write English Package • Academics Package • Basic Computer Package • Yoga and Meditation Package • Career Guidance Package • Soft Skill Package • Back yard science Package • IS Best 5

  3. Historical Data In Karnataka 53 per cent of children between the ages of 7 to 10 years attending schools in villages (private and government) cannot read even a simple small paragraph (level 1) and 72.5 per cent cannot read a story (level 2). Of the same age group, 60 per cent cannot solve numerical sums of subtraction and a whopping 91 per cent cannot do a division (3 digits divided by 1 digit). • Some key findings for Karnataka in ASER 2009 which was released on January 15, 2010 include: • Reading Skills - in medium of instruction: Overall, in all schools, about 39% of the children between standards 1-8 can read a standard 2 level text. In standard 8 about 74% of the children can read standard 2 level text and if you look at the totals for standards 5-8 between 56% and 74% can read standard 2 level text. This implies that we have about 5.3 million children in the state who are unable to read in their medium of instruction. How do we expect them to get the benefits of schooling if they are unable to perform the fundamental task of reading?

  4. Historical Data - contd • Learning Levels - Math: The performance in math is even more appalling. Over 30% of the children between standards 1-8 could not recognize double digit numbers. Less than 20% of all children could do simple division and less than 30% could do simple subtraction. This means that between 10 and 11 million children cannot do simple math. • Language Skills - English: Only 11% children in Standards 3 to 5 can read an English sentence. 35% children in Bangalore can read English. Udupi (24%) and Kodagu (19%) are other districts with better scores. Only 2.5% children in Chamrajnagar can read an English sentence. • In the recent past during our visit to govt. schools and talks with school head masters and teachers we realized the above statistics are very much true.This truth puts a BIG question mark ! • Who is responsible for this ? • Is there any thing we can do ?

  5. Historical Data - contd • Why the government schools are not up to the standards ? Reasons could be.. • Teacher training programs are inadequate • Good training programs might compensate for the lack of teaching in the qualified teacher’s background. • The material used is often outdated, and worse, is designed with the middle class in mind. • The training programs do not take into consideration special needs of a first generation learner, leading to large number of dropouts. • The teacher training programs should have a special focus on primary children, especially first-generation learners and not be biased towards the middle class. • Should education be the responsibility of the government or solely the responsibility of the community ? • Why education is not ACCEPTED as a 4th basic need along with ROTI, KAPADA & MAKAN ? • Why govt. schools are not able to give out there 100% effort to make the place as a best educational institute ?

  6. Approach … ! We cannot blame any one .. as there are n-number of reasons, But having said this "WE" cannot wait for some thing to happen OR some miracle which will make every thing right. If WE cannot change but at least an ATTEPMT/TRY from our side to make little difference …. Broad Mindedly,Educated and young community should come up for volunteering service. More then community ONLY school Teachers who interact with kids right from the PRIMARY level make all the difference. At places, government school teachers are eager and willing to put in extra efforts to coach their students without giving excuses like pressure of non academic work, lack of parental support and excess load of syllabus for the poor performance of their wards. Yes, having said this exceptional are also there .. In some places we cannot ignore the negligence of the Teachers who turn up in the school on rotation basis. In villages ONLY Teachers can make the difference. In order to support the teachers "WE" as a team can put little effort to overcome these issue by conducting weekend classes in govt. schools, mentoring govt. school teachers, arranging cross trainings with private school teachers

  7. Approach IS – Learning Packages • Purely volunteer based execution. • We can present the packages to private schools and request for participation from teachers. • Volunteer can pick up any packages and execute during weekends OR any time based on students and volunteers availability. • Learning packages will be targeting summer holidays and weekends. This will enable students to know what they would be studying in next one year or any time in the year would be a revision. • These packages will enable the students know the syllabus well before the school starts after the summer holidays. When student knows about the subject and during the classes students can co-relate the topics and can easily grasp the subject. • If not in the summer holidays then during any other month of the year these packages will act as revision to students. • Syllabus mentioned here is not final one, but a draft. Volunteers, based on the necessity of students can take the topic. • Simple project report to be submitted once the volunteering activity is completed for audit and tracking purpose.

  8. Plan of action • Necessity to create awareness that by law, Education is Fundamental Right for Children in the age group of 6-14 years • Survey to be done in all the private schools and govt. schools for getting more teachers as volunteers. • Need to discuss with all the school teachers and head master to finalize the syllabus pattern. • Private school teachers as well as final year students to be approached for successful execution. • Soft skills trainers, under this we need to contact soft skills trainers who can take up soft skills trainings • MSW students to be approached, so that MSW students can take up as their project assignment. Need to be decided.

  9. Plan of action • Train the Teachers program, Under this we need to approach city school teachers to present the new way / city way of teachings. As rural teachers are not equipped with the new teaching methodology as well as syllabus. • Volunteering activities to be posted in the companies to get more and more volunteers. As currently there are lot of ppl who taking classes in schools, orphan ages etc during the weekends. With this approach we can steam line and can get more IS members and volunteers. • Need to approach private coaching institutions and check the options if they can accommodate some of bright students for free classes suggested by IS Team. • Need to focus on bringing fresh mind for these activities. I mean final year college students, college grads etc.

  10. R & W Local Language Package • Local Languages • Kannada • Tamil • Telugu • And more … In Progress …

  11. Read and Write English Package In Progress ….

  12. Academics Package • In all the below packages, volunteer will cover the state syllabus. • Volunteer should be covering tough topics listed during the interaction with students. • Below mentioned time lines can change based on the response of students. • Physics Package – 12 hours • Chemistry Package – 12 Hours • Biology Package – 7 Hours • Mathematics Packages – 12 Hours

  13. Basic Computer Package • In the basic computer package, volunteer will cover the basics of computer listed below • What are computers used for – 40 mins • Parts of a computer – 30 mins • Hardware Components – 30 mins • Hardware Accessories – 20 mins • Operating System Software – 30 mins • Internet Basics – 30 mins • Software – 30 mins • Software Applications – 30 mins • Demo – 120 mins

  14. Yoga and Meditation Package • Yoga is a science of right living and it works when integrated in our daily life. • Yoga asanas for physical stretches to improve suppleness, flexibility, muscles, and help to build stamina and strength in the body • Pranayama is breathing exercises • Meditation techniques for us to become aware of how our mind works and allows us to accept ourselves. We become more single minded, our concentration improves, and we give up on habitual thought patterns, allowing us to become self-confident, open, and honest with ourselves and others. • Kids can benefit tremendously from many easy to follow and practice Yoga poses. Yoga has great benefits for growing children and it is a lots of fun. At yoga classes for kids, children learn to stretch, breathe deeply, relax and concentrate and they teach children's yoga for peace, health, literacy and FUN. Yoga develops correct posture, body awareness and self-confidence and helps children to become more calm.

  15. Yoga and Meditation Package - contd • In this, volunteer should be demonstrating the: • 3 forms of yoga • benefits of yoga etc. • Yoga Asanas – 2 hours • Pranayama – 2 hours • Meditation – 2 hours

  16. Career Guidance Package • Coaching classes or guest lecture explaining about various options like RRB, KPSC, B.ed, D.ed etc. • Special coaching classes for 10th, 12th and CET. • Courses on Beautician, Nursing, Marketing, Insurance, Cookery, Arts and Crafts making etc

  17. Soft Skill Package • Communication skill • Body language • Written communication Skill • Presentation Skill • Time & Stress Management

  18. Back yard science Package • Science is about understanding the world around you. Don't think of complicated formulas, lab coats and text books. Think of the curiosity children are both with always asking why? That's what science experiments are all about. • Science experiments give the opportunity to invent, create and learn how things work. Most science projects will use items commonly found in most households. It could be anything from an empty milk carton to some corn starch. Just be sure to take the time to read thru the science experiment before you start. Make sure you have everything on hand before you start. There are lots of eye-opening discoveries to make about the world around you. • Volunteers can take up 10 – 15 back yard science experiments and demonstrate. • Experiments should be simple and should be able to demonstrate day-to-day science with easily available materials. • Backyard Science projects and experiments you can perform at home, using few, if any, materials. By performing the Backyard Science projects, you'll learn and have fun at the same time.

  19. Back yard science Package - contd • In this package we would include 5 experiments each from Physics, Chemistry and Biology each for 2 hours. • While conducting experiments technical concept associated should be explained, so that students can co-relate with the academic topics • In this package, volunteer should be able to proof the science concept behind the activities. • Three activities streams • Physics Activity • Chemistry Activity • Biology Activity

  20. IS Best 5 In Progress ….

  21. IS Package Syllabus

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