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Sexual Behavior

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Sexual Behavior. Sex Research History. Kinsey Masters & Johnson. Kinsey: Large Scale Sexuality Research Begins in the U.S. Most influential modern sexuality researcher Atheoretical in the beginning because data on sexuality was lacking

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sex research history
Sex Research History
  • Kinsey
  • Masters & Johnson
kinsey large scale sexuality research begins in the u s
Kinsey: Large Scale Sexuality Research Begins in the U.S.
  • Most influential modern sexuality researcher
  • Atheoretical in the beginning because data on sexuality was lacking
  • He and 3 colleagues interviewed 18,000 subjects to obtain sexual life histories
  • 1947, established the Institute for Sex Research
the kinsey reports
The Kinsey Reports
  • Found many “unacceptable” activities to be widely practiced
masters johnson s sexual response cycle
Masters & Johnson’s Sexual Response Cycle
  • 4 Phase Sexual response cycle
    • Excitement phase: erection, lubrication, muscular tension, ^ heart rate, sex flush
    • Plateau phase: advanced state of arousal, orgasmic platform builds, sex skin appears
    • Orgasmic phase: 3-15 contractions, rush, warmth, explosion, release
    • Resolution phase: return to prearoused state, men have refractory period unresponsive to stimulation, women may be rearoused to multiple orgasm
sexual dysfunctions
Sexual Dysfunctions
  • Erectile dysfunction (impotence) is most often caused by physical problems such as blood vessel disease
  • Premature ejaculation may result from anxiety or oversensitivity
  • Hypoactive sexual desire occurs in both sexes and has physical and psychological causes
  • Vaginismus is a female disorder in which the lower portion of the vagina contracts involuntarily at anticipation of penetration. It has physiological and psychological causes
homosexuality some useful distinctions
Homosexuality:Some Useful Distinctions

1. homosexual orientation

2. homoerotic behavior

3. male and female same-sex sexual orientation

4. individual differences within these broad categories

primary sexual orientation
Primary Sexual Orientation
  • Males: 96 – 98% heterosexual

2 – 4% homosexual

  • Females: 98 – 99% heterosexual

1 – 2% lesbian

male and female mating strategies
Male and Female Mating Strategies
  • Do males and females differ in their mate preferences and mating strategies?
  • The sex with the larger gamete is the female, by definition
  • Females begin with the bigger investment in the offspring
  • Often, especially in mammals, females also continue with greater parental investment after the offspring is born
  • If one sex has great parental investment per offspring:

- selection for parental effort

- choosy about mating

parental investment and sexual selection
Parental Investment and Sexual Selection
  • A. high investing sex as a limited resource
The sex with low parental investment per offspring
  • selection for mating effort
  • less choosy about mating
men s reproductive success
Men’s Reproductive Success…
  • …is only limited by the number of fertile females they have intercourse with
testicle size in primates
Testicle Size in Primates
  • Sperm competition can be inferred in groups with multiple males, who also have larger relative testicles
sperm motility
Sperm Motility
  • The midpiece of the sperm determines swimming speed and power
  • In species with more promiscuous mating strategies, the midpiece is larger
  • Sperm competition
women s reproductive success
Women’s reproductive success…
  • …is not helped by having multiple sexual partners
mating preferences
Mating Preferences

Preferences that are similar among the two sexes:

  • Mutual attraction-Love
  • Exciting personality
  • Healthy
  • Pleasing disposition
  • Kindness & understanding
  • Education & Intelligence
  • Sociable
  • Refinement-Neatness
  • Wants children
  • Easy going
  • Creative & artistic
what do men want that women don t care as much about
What do men want?(that women don’t care as much about)
  • Attractiveness
    • Youth
    • Clear skin
    • Waist to hip ratio
    • Breasts
what do women want that men don t care as much about
What do women want?(that men don’t care as much about)
  • Resources/good financial prospects
    • Willingness to invest in her and their future children
    • Education
    • Status
    • Career
    • Ambition