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Animals. American Bald Eagle. The name might seem a little strange but at one time , the word ‘bald’ meant ‘white’ not ‘hairless’. The Bald Eagle is a bird of prey . A favourite food of the bald eagle is salmon. Most of these birds lives in Alaska. Birds of prey have a hooked

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american bald eagle
American Bald Eagle

The name might seem a little strange but at one time ,

the word ‘bald’ meant ‘white’ not ‘hairless’.

The Bald Eagle is a bird of prey.

A favourite food of the bald eagle is salmon.

Most of these birds lives in Alaska.

Birds of prey have a hooked

beak, sharp talons and excellent

vision to spot the prey from afar.

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The Bald Eagle mates for life.

african lion

A lion’s roar can be

heard up to 5 km away.

African Lion

Lions like to live together in groups of

up to 30 animals, with one or more

dominant males. A group of lions is called a


A female lion is called a lioness and she may

have a litter of 2 to 5 cubs.

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Lions may live until about 15 years in the


Most of the hunting is done in the

evenings by the females.

Lions are carnivores which means they

eat meat.

Wildebeest, zebra and antelope make

up the usual diet of a lion in the wild.


The zebra is related to the horse. It lives on the plains of Africa.

They have a black nose and black and

white stripes. The stripes are different

on every zebra, a bit like a zebra


Zebra usually live in family groups with a

stallion and several mares.

They often graze and mingle amongst

large herds of wildebeest or antelope for


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sockeye salmon

Kindly reproduced by permission of


This is a sockeye-salmon.

Salmon lays eggs in fresh water.

The eggs develop and when the

young hatch out from the egg,

they are known as alevins.

At the next stage they need to find

their own food and are called fry.

At the stage where the young fish, develop camouflage, they are

called parr. They continue to live in fresh water for up to three years

and at this point they are called smolt.

The smolt then migrate to the salt water ocean where they live

until they grow into mature salmon. In spring, the mature salmon

migrate back to the fresh water to breed and die.

You can see images of the life cycle of a salmon by following the link

brown capuchin monkey
Brown Capuchin Monkey

The Brown Capuchin monkey lives among the

rainforests of Northern and Central America.

They are mammals , usually having 1 baby at a

time. Young Capuchins stay with their group for

the first four years of life.

They live together in groups of 14.

Their diet consists of fruit, seeds, reptiles,

birds and small mammals.

Reproduced by kind permission of Tom Davis

Capuchins may live for about 15-20 years.

Capuchin monkeys are very intelligent and are often trained by

humans to work with disabled people.

blue whale
Blue Whale

The blue whale is the heaviest and longest animal on Earth.

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Check here to find the average

body length and weight of an

adult male.

Blue whales emit very loud sounds

that can travel for many miles

underwater. These sounds can

be louder than a jet engine.

You can watch the video of a whale swimming

out to sea. This link will take you to the Internet.





koala bear
Koala Bear

The Koala is often referred to as a

Koala Bear. The Koala is not related to

bears at all, but it does look a little like

a teddy bear.

The Koala is a marsupial.

The Koala is a native of Australia.

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A baby Koala cub is known as a Joey and

is only 2cm long when it is born.

Koalas are usually nocturnal.

Koala can live for 20

years or more.

The Koala is a herbivore and likes to eat

the leaves of the Eucalyptus tree.

Listen to the sound a

koala can make.


Blue Whale facts-

Average length of a male 25m =

Average length of a female 26.2m

Body weight 90-120 = X 30 tonnes

Heart weight 450kg =

Whales eat krill up to 4 tonnes = everyday


Mammals- a group of animals that give

birth o live young and feed first on milk

from the mother.


Alevin- is the stage just after egg stage.

The alevins have yolk sac attached and

they live off this for a short while until

it has been absorbed.


Stallion – a male member of the horse


Mare – a female member of the horse



Marsupial – a special group of mammals

which carry their young around in a pouch.

Kangaroo, wombat, possums and bandicoots

are marsupials too.



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