welcome to etc electronic theatre controls inc l.
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Welcome to ETC (Electronic Theatre Controls, Inc.) PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to ETC (Electronic Theatre Controls, Inc.)

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Welcome to ETC (Electronic Theatre Controls, Inc.) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to ETC (Electronic Theatre Controls, Inc.)
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  1. Welcome to ETC (Electronic Theatre Controls, Inc.)

  2. Holzkirchen A Global Company -575+ Employees Worldwide London Veenendaal Middleton Copenhagen Hong Kong Rome Orlando Hollywood New York

  3. ETC’s Mission Statement Who We Are ETC is a global company dedicated to providing the best and most innovative products, services and solutions to the markets we serve.  ETC currently serves the following markets; entertainment lighting, specified architectural lighting and industrial weighing and measuring. Our Vision In keeping with ETC’s informal culture, we describe our vision for the future in the following terms: ETC Will: • Listen to our customers and give them more than they expect. • Develop great new products. • Have fun and make money.

  4. Organization of ETC Fred Foster, CEO Dick Titus, President VP of Business Development: Bill Gallinghouse VP of Quality & International Operations: Steve Downs VP of Research & Development: Steve Terry VP of Sales: Mark Vassallo VP of Manufacturing: Bill McGivern VP of Human Resources & IT: Julie Cymbalak VP of Professional Services: Sarah Spencer VP of Finance: Mark Veldey

  5. Our Lifestyle • Casual • Diverse • Family Oriented • Fun

  6. Architectural Interiors TV Studios Our Industry Ships Theatres Churches

  7. Who Are Our Customers? Ultimately, they are:Lighting DesignersBoard OperatorsStagehands (IA) Teachers (and Students) - those who use our equipment

  8. Who Are Our Customers? ETC Reps Dealers/Distributors General Contractors Consultants Architects Engineers Electrical Contractors Venue (End users)

  9. Typical DMX Theatrical System

  10. Control Unison Control SmartFade Eos Congo jr Congo

  11. Dimming Sensor Dimming Permanent Installations Portable Touring Systems SmartPack Dimming Portable Wall Mount Touring • Unison Dimming • Architectural Installations • Small Theater Systems

  12. Fixtures & Accessories Source Four PARNel Source Four Source Four Source Four Revolution Source FourZoom Source Four jr MultiPAR

  13. The History of ETC……... Electronic Theatre Controls

  14. Students Fred and Bill Foster develop Mega-Cue for the University of Wisconsin Union Theater. It works! 1975-1977 - The Birth of ETC

  15. 1978-1979 The OEM Years ETC developed the software and built the processors that were then sold as consoles by other manufacturers

  16. 1980-1989Into the Market • ETC develops parade control system for Disneyland • Joint development of the Concept console with Disney (1982 - 1984) First generation of Expression Consoles launched in 1987

  17. 1990 - ETC/LMI • ETC acquires dimmer manufacturer Lighting Methods, Inc. (LMI) • First new factory building in Middleton • Now ETC fields a full console and dimming line

  18. 1992 - Revolutionary Products Obsession Sensor Source Four

  19. 1993-1997 Many new Products:

  20. 1998 – Irideon Acquisition AR6 Interior Spot Luminaire AR50 Interior Wash Luminaire AR500 Exterior Wash Luminaire

  21. 1999 – 2000(Our 25th Anniversary) • New Partnerships • New Technologies • More new Products

  22. 2001-2003 New Products Revolution MultiPAR Emphasis New And Acquisitions: SmartPack

  23. 2004 The New Building Grand Opening June 11th, 2004 and New Additions…

  24. 2004 New Products Source Four Revolution Shutter Module SmartFade CEM+ Control module and Sensor+ rack

  25. New Products of 2005 • Smart Solutions • Sensor+ SineWave • Matrix II MK • Congo

  26. 2006 Partnership with Carollon New Lens Tubes 14º, 70º, and 90º Eos Control System Congo jr Net3 Gateways

  27. …Constant Growth Increased sales in international markets! Increased sales in Architectural markets! Increased emphasis on training Continual development of new technologies for the lighting industry! Our Future