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  1. Insert rep’s name

  2. The Brand • Research laboratories in U.S.A and Italy • Avant-garde formulations • Constant and updated research • On the edge of worldwide trend of the cosmetic market • Distributed in South Africa by Take Note Trading

  3. Innovative product range • High quality • Rich in motivation • Eye catching packaging • Innovative communication support • Innovative concepts

  4. Not only products • Support and image in the salon • Communication materials • High quality styling educational material • Technical educational format • Events

  5. urban:tribe • u:t shampoos: clarify, prepare to styling and cleanse • u:tconditioners: smooth, prepare to styling, soothe and nourish • u:t styling: enhance the styling process, protecting the hair from heat and styling damage

  6. urban:tribe Cleansing – u:t shampoos During the shampooing, the specific patented active principles, attaching to residual styling agents, dirt and other elements, pulling them away from the hair shaft. Conditioning – u:t conditioners While conditioning the hair, the hydrolyzed proteins acts in synergy with the botanical extracts, sealing in the vitamins into the cortex and cuticle layers, producing flexibility and protection. Creating moisture and shine. Styling – u:t styling In the styling phase, High Tec resins, enhances the process by forming a smooth film on the hair shaft, giving flexibility and protection. Film agents are formed to protect the hair and will not coat it. It will not create weight and even when using a lot of products. It will protect the hair shaft during heat styling while restoring the moisture balance u:t __stile and no limit creativity

  7. urban:tribe • For today’s underground and cosmopolitan generation • For the urban tribes with their own identity signs and their own symbols • A new way of interpreting the desires people • Listening to the rhythm of the street where new trends and desires of changes grows But they all share a common language, identifying themselves in a life style.

  8. shampoos • 4 different specific formulas to act in synergy with all other products, guaranteeing maximum styling result texture : volumizing shampoo for normal or flat hair smooth : smoothing shampoo for frizz and curly hair flexibility : revitalizing and hydrating shampoo for dull hair purity: deep cleansing shampoo for every hair types Contains: • Dessert Complex • Hydrolyzed rice proteins • Hydrolyzed silk proteins • Botanical extracts • Guar extracts • Vitamins • Patented active principles !!! act in synergy with the conditioners

  9. conditioners • 3 different specific formulas to act in synergy with all other products, guaranteeing maximum styling result texture : volumizing conditioner for normal or flat hair smooth: smoothing conditioner for frizz and curly hair flexibility : revitalizing and hydrating conditioner for dull hair • Contains: • Dessert Complex • Hydrolyzed rice proteins • Hydrolyzed silk proteins • Botanical extracts • Vitamins • Patented active principles !!! act in synergy with the shampoos

  10. styling & finishing 14 different working tools to give limitless space to creativity _ to create and play every style, every desire _ to shape _ to hold _ to support _ to define _ to smooth _ to volumize _ to sculpt

  11. urban:tribe spray 2 straight protector spay power straight straightening protective fluid power smooth extra smoothing gel megamix conditioning & styling balm no limits straightening & curl former gel

  12. urban:tribe 3d_version styling &finishing versatile liquid styler kaptor styling & volumizing foam xcentric gel styling & finishing gel helix non oil soft curl designer

  13. urban:tribe nogravity ecological voluminizer hairspray xpander volumizing & texturizing foam sticky styling & finishing cream freaky shaper pomade grungy defining & texturizing wax

  14. shiners 5 unique formulas to increase shine in hair • to perform incredible shine • to protect • to simultaneously hold and shine • to create and play every style, every desire

  15. shiners uplift finishing shiner hairspray radiate polisher spray starring gel styling & starring gel sliker anti-fluid gloss fluid the glow glittering & shinning wax

  16. scatty spray wax versatile spray wax rush gel strong hold gel oner gel strong wet look gel gummy gum creative styling gum

  17. onside spray strong finishing spray perky spray gel flexible spray gel snap glue hard modeling cream mighty wax finishing wax

  18. One of the most current and advanced coloring systems in the world • Not only designed to condition the hair, which is common in today's advanced industry. It is also designed to maintain the full integrity after the color process by protecting the hair fiber from common chemicals found in hair coloring • All while concluding with a natural, brilliant, and competitive end result

  19. a highly creative permanent colour • with high quality pigments • the new patented NanoBioGenius technology • a conditioning and protective cosmetic base • a pleasant honey fragrance • minimum content of ammonia • Complete grey hair coverage • highly choice of shades

  20. < a highly creative permanent colour > • a color very simple to use: • Simple choice of shade • Simple mixture with the oxidizing emulsion • Easy to distribute on hair • Easy to rinse out • Stabile and truthful colors • Excellent results • 69 mixable shades to express the maximum of creativity, to satisfy every desire on color of your client

  21. < high quality pigments > • high percentage of pigments to guarantee a perfect covering of grey hair • highly pure pigments - 98% to 99,5% - assure intense and brilliant reflexes • permit real colors with major reflex intensity • stable, truthful and long lasting shampoo after shampoo • gives absolute shine and vibrant colors.

  22. < oxidizing emulsion >

  23. mixing ratio 1 +1 ½ on al the shades (no UB) 50 ml di milk_shake creative permanent colour + 75 ml di milk_shake < oxidizing emulsion> 10/20/30/40 vol. processing time 30-35 min. (look oxidizing emulsion chart) +

  24. mixing ratio Ultra Blonds 1 +2 only with Ultra Blond 50 ml di milk_shake creative permanent colour UB + 100 ml di milk_shake < oxidizing emulsion> 40vol. processing time 40-45 min. +

  25. > roller colour bar • This <roller colour bar> makes color analysis easier, helps you to predict the results and enables hairdresser and customer to communicate more plainly • Such a tool can be useful to motivate a possible change, allowing people to visualize alternatives they never thought of, as well as to promote hair coloring and its diverse aspects. • However, you should never forget that these colored wisps are meant only as a reference to visualize depth and tone of a given color shade, not the outcome of the actual coloring process.

  26. > technical workbook

  27. > colorimetric kit

  28. the innovative professional’s choice!Pleasant color service, perfect performance.

  29. What is color specifics? • 7 products to make more enjoyable the professional colouring service. • To ensure improved results in colouring performances and increase colour life. • Not to have limits in colouring and meet all costumer’s needs. • To develop the colouring service and make it identifiable as a unique and professional service.

  30. ligh[10]™bluetonalizing conditioning powder bleach

  31. ligh[10]™bluetonalizing conditioning powder bleach • Dust free tonalizing conditioning powder bleach (not for scalp) An innovative formula that allows to obtain highlights and reduce yellowish tones at the same time. Maximum conditioning and respect for hair, thanks to silk proteins. Polyquaternium-10is a conditioning cationic agent that helps the bonding with proteins during the bleaching process. Persulphatesare inorganic salts that work as oxidizing agents. Maximum safety during use. Predictable results. Versatile, adaptable to all techniques.