welcome to cirrus insight the 2 most popular app on the salesforce appexchange n.
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Welcome to Cirrus Insight, the #2 Most Popular app on the Salesforce AppExchange. PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to Cirrus Insight, the #2 Most Popular app on the Salesforce AppExchange.

Welcome to Cirrus Insight, the #2 Most Popular app on the Salesforce AppExchange.

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Welcome to Cirrus Insight, the #2 Most Popular app on the Salesforce AppExchange.

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  1. Welcome to Cirrus Insight, the #2 Most Popularapp on the Salesforce AppExchange. “Cirrus Insight brings and Gmail together in an intuitive way to help people get work done faster.” - DeveloperForce

  2. The top sales app and the top email app Customer Information Customer Communication

  3. There was a gap between these two essential apps Customer interactions and new leads from Gmail not captured in Salesforce. Customer information and history from Salesforce not available in Gmail.

  4. Cirrus Insight connects Salesforce and Gmail Instantly view customer contact information, activity history, cases, and opportunities from Salesforce inside Gmail.

  5. Cirrus Insight connects Salesforce and Gmail Save emails, create leads and contacts, create tasks and events, log calls, and manage cases and opportunities in Salesforce from Gmail.

  6. Screenshots of Cirrus Insight #1

  7. Screenshots of Cirrus Insight #2

  8. Screenshots of Cirrus Insight #3

  9. Screenshots of Cirrus Insight #4

  10. Cirrus Insight Value Chain

  11. Major Benefits of Cirrus Insight Data Quality Capture important interactions to Salesforce quickly and easily. Increase Adoption Users trust CRM when it’s intuitive and at their fingertips in Gmail. Productivity Instant access to Salesforce data Inside Gmail. Ease of Use Do CRM from the convenience of Gmail.

  12. Awards & Accolades Cirrus Insight is the #2 Most Popular app on the Salesforce AppExchange. Users have ranked the app 5-Stars for Ease of Use, Value, and Support. Cirrus Insight was a semifinalist in the 2011 AppQuest contest leading up to Dreamforce 2011.

  13. Customer Testimonials “I have been searching for a good way to integrate Salesforce with my company’s Gmail, but nothing fit the bill until I found Cirrus Insight. This app is perfect for managing my leads and contacts – I can easily relate a customer email to their contact record, set follow-up tasks, and see recent activity history, all without leaving my Gmail inbox.” “This app really ties Gmail and Salesforce together perfectly. It takes a few seconds to add a new lead or contact directly from Gmail – no more toggling back and forth between tabs.” “This integration is super easy to use and makes Gmail so much more powerful. Highly recommended for all Google Apps/Salesforce users.” “Absolutely love this solution. Hooked within a couple of hours using it – can’t see not buying it for me and the entire team.”

  14. 30-Second Install. 30-Day Free Trial. It’s easy to get started using Cirrus Insight: Go to the Cirrus Insight page on the Click Install the browser extension for Chrome or Firefox. Open an email in Gmail. Click the Sign In button and log in with your Salesforce account.

  15. Plans & Pricing After the full-featured 30-day trial, sign up for just $9/month or $99/year. Share promo codeSALESFORCE with clients to save 20%. Share nonprofit code FOUNDATION for nonprofit clients to get the 50% nonprofit discount. Volume pricing is available, and nonprofits receive a 50% discount. Users automatically get new features as we add them. Expired trials automatically downgrade to a free version that continues to perform instant Salesforce lookups in Gmail, but disables advanced features. Works with Unlimited, Enterprise, Professional, Group, and Developer editions. Get a Free Instant Quote

  16. Development Roadmap Users automatically benefit from the features and enhancements that are added to Cirrus Insight on a daily and weekly basis. By popular demand, two paid add-ons are in development: Contact & Calendar SyncSync contacts between Salesforce and Google Contacts.Sync calendar tasks and events between Salesforce and Google Calendar. Support for Custom ObjectsView and interact with custom fields in Cirrus Insight.Add custom objects to Cirrus Insight.Show/hide default and custom objects in Cirrus Insight.

  17. Learn More Install the app and start a 30-day free trial. Visit Cirrus Insight on the web to view screenshots and get more info. Read the reviews on the Salesforce AppExchange. Attend a webinar about Cirrus Insight (weekly) or schedule a private demo.

  18. Contact Information Cirrus Insight Website Salesforce AppExchange Google Apps Marketplace Support Vote for Ideas Brandon Bruce VP of Business Development Cirruspath, LLC (949) 232-0959 Add contact info to Salesforce, Google, or phone