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Security Tracker by. Jered Olckers SUPERVISOR: MR. J. CONNAN. The system is used to track a Person across multiple frames using fixed input source. Project Overview. Requirement Analysis High Level Design Implementation Testing & Results User Manual Demonstration. Introduction.

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Security tracker by

Security Trackerby

Jered Olckers


Project overview

Project Overview



Requirement analysis

  • At least one camera’s connected to a PC

  • High mega pixel camera

    • A camera with at least 2mega pixel is required.

Requirement Analysis



Low quality

Better quality

  • Camera should be in a indoor environment

High level design

Flow Chart

Extract Frames

Frame differencing

Display Results

High Level Design

detect skin

Compare Frames

To Find and Section person into head, body, legs


  • Identification procedure

  • Location of the Face and hands is found using skin colour

  • Size of the face is used as a reference for the size of the rest of the body

  • From this body proportions is used to determine the position of upper body and legs.

  • The body is then divided into 3 areas

    • Head, upper-body and lower-body

  • For each area the sum of the pixel values is averaged and later used for comparison.


Implementation 2

Reference Frame

Head value

Upper body value

Implementation 2

Legs value


No match




  • Test Case 1

    • Testing the user interface.

  • Test Case 2

    • Testing accuracy in people of

      different and the same skin colour.

    • Test Case 3

      • Testing the system in a security



Test case 1

Testing the user interface


  • Users had a problem with frame delay and jitter.

    • By optimizing the thread will solve this problem

    • Some users wanted identification


      • Sound and graphical notification was


Test Case 1

Test case 11

Testing the user interface

Test Case 1

Match found message box added

Test case 2

Testing accuracy in different skin colour.

  • Greater difference in skin colour result in more

  • accurate and faster identification

  • A more evenly matched skin colour will rely

  • more on cloths the person is wearing.

Test Case 2

Test case 3

Testing the system in a security scenario.


  • A Camera was placed above the entrance

  • doorway of the honours lab.

  • The system was then started.

  • Result

    • Different people was used for identification.

    • The system worked well.

Test Case 3

Test case 31

Testing the system in a security senario.

Mounted webcam

Test Case 3

Found Match

User manual

Mini-User Manual

User Manual


  • Skin Detection in Luminance Images using Threshold Technique: Hani. K. Almohair, Abd Rahman Ramli, Elsadig A. M, Shaiful J. Hashim

  • A Robust Vision-based Moving Target Detection and Tracking System.

  • Frame-skipping tracking for single object with global motion detection!: Ming Anlong, Ma Huadong