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My Country, My Pride

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My Country, My Pride. Student Dobre Alexandru -Stefan.

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my country my pride

My Country, My Pride

Student DobreAlexandru-Stefan


Hi, I’m Alex. I’m almost 15 years old, 8th grade and I’m from Buzau, Romania. My hobbies are reading, tennis and gaming. This is the first time for me when I take part to that kind of project and I’m really excited about it. I’ve agreed to participate because I want to socialise, to make new friends and to improve my English.

my country
My country
  • Romania is a very interesting country. There you can visit The Bran Castle in Brasov, The Mud Vulcanoes and the Live Fire in Buzau, the Antipa Museum and the Arch Of Triumph in Bucharest and a lot more things.
  • Our country has all the landforms :
    • Sea (The Black Sea)
    • Mountains (The Carpathians)
    • Plains (The Romanian Plain)
    • Plateau (Transylvanean Plateau)

Our country has Dracula. Don’t worry, it’s just a legend inspired by a ruler named VladTepes, who was killing the offenders by impaling them. The Bran Castle was Vlad’s.

“The Real Dracula”

traditional food
Traditional food



Buzau Pretzels

Bean with bone


our holidays
Our holidays
  • We have the Dragobete. Is a holiday inspired by the Valentine’s Day. It’s a celebration of love. It’s on 24th February
  • We also have the Martisor. It’s a celebration of the beginning of the Spring. It’s on 1st March. It’s represented by a braided cord from a white and a red thread.


our authors
Our authors
  • We have a lot of good authors :

-MihaiEminescu (1850-1889)

-Ion Creanga (1837-1889)

-Ion Luca Caragiale (1852-1912)

-Tudor Arghezi (1880-1967)

-Lucian Blaga (1895-1961)

-NichitaStanescu (1933-1983)

-OtiliaCazimir (1894-1967)

And a lot more....

desteapta te romane
Desteapta-te, romane !
  • Our anthem is named “Desteapta-te, romane!”. It was written by Andrei Muresanu. Initially, he named it “Un rasunet”. Later, some musicians brought to it some modifications, changing it’s name to the actual and giving it an anthem character. Until 1990, the anthem was named “Treiculori”, but after the fall of the communism, “Desteapta-teromane” became our anthem.