What is the point of us
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What is the point of us?. Welcome to the maths hub.

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What is the point of us

What is the point of us?

Welcome to the maths hub

Welcome to the maths hub

‘schools whose mathematics work was outstanding had a consistently higher standard of teaching, better assessment and a well-organised, mathematically rich curriculum… This experience contrasts sharply with the satisfactory teaching which enabled pupils to pass tests… but presented mathematics as sets of disconnected facts and methods that pupils need to memorise and replicate.’ (Mathematics: Made to measure, 2012, p7)

On a report compiled as a result of nearly 1700 maths observations by Ofsted inspectors the following was concluded:

The new national curriculum in maths

The New Curriculum has three overall aims, that pupils should develop fluency, reason mathematically and be able to solve problems. Research by the Department for Education demonstrates that a key feature of high performing jurisdictions is that the development of quick recall, accuracy and fluency in parallel with the development of understanding and reasoning are all required to promote sound mathematical development (DfE 2012 p70).Procedural fluency and conceptual understanding are not mutually exclusive. The Ofsted Survey of Good Practice in Primary Mathematics (Ofsted 2011) found that many of the successful schools sampled teach fluency in mental and written methods of calculation, alongside understanding of the underlying mathematical concepts.

“reasoning [should be] drip fed into everything thatwe do”. (NCETM 2013)

The new national curriculum in maths

What are the challenges and opportunities of the new curriculum for your school

  • Positives: should

  • It’s not that different

  • It encourages real-life mathematical reasoning

  • It is not as restrictive as the framework in the order of unit teaching

  • Challenges:

  • Children need to acquire and consolidate certain skills earlier

  • It’s different enough to make current assessment invalid (which will mean tracking methods will need to be changed too)

  • More freedom can lead to insecure teachers being more prone to error

  • Solutions:

  • We need to work together!

  • In school and cross school teacher to teacher / TA to TA support

  • Good practice and material sharing

  • Developing and sharing a consistent assessment policy

What are the challenges and opportunities of the new curriculum for your school?

Action planning

Work with other people in a similar situation to you to draw up the bones of an action plan for what you plan to do to implement the new curriculum.

Action planning

Next steps

  • I will be compiling all up the bones of an action plan for what you plan to do to implement the new curriculum. of the information that we have collected today. If you want a copy or have any further questions or suggestions then drop me an e-mail at plymouthmathshub@outlook.com

  • Encourage your maths lead to come to the ‘Maths and Munchies’ INSET on Monday for more idea sharing and problem solving

Next steps