are you fit enough to play golf or you play golf n.
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We are passionate about helping others. With our certified team of physiotherapists, Sports Nutritionists, fitness instructors and a welcoming front-office team, Physio Active is here for you.

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are you fit enough to play golf or you play golf

Are you fit enough to play golf OR you play golf to keep yourself


Is golf a leisure sport? Is it physically demanding? Are golfers real athletes? In my view it is an

explosive game with certain physical fitness components as pre-requisites. A golfer needs stability

in some body parts & mobility in neighboring segments in alternate fashion. Restriction of mobility

in the desired mobile segment leads to compromise in stability of neighboring body segments.

For example, reduced thoracic spine

rotation can be compensated by

extension in the lumbar spine during

golf swing. This is one of the prime

causes of low back pain in golfers.

Similarly, reduced hip joint rotation

may lead to compromise in knee

stability or Pelvis tilts (anterior).




compensation cause inefficient swing

and may lead to injury. The more golf

swings with ineffective body, the

higher the risk of injury.

As a result you are compelled to stay


away from your favorite game. A Golfer is concerned about correct swing, Long distance short,

Injury free game. A golf pro can point out flaws that will likely reduce stress on the lower back and

joints. Poor swing mechanics is a primary cause in golf injuries. A golf professional can improve

your swing and lessen your chance of injury. Buying more equipment or trying to make a swing

work with an ineffective body is not going to make the swing perfect.

Do you really work upon physical components which affect your swing ? Some of the most

important Physical Parameters are:



Muscle Endurance

Stability/ Balance


Postures: S-Posture, C-Posture

Ability of dissociation i.e. ability to move upper body independent of lower body and vice


There is no magic or shortcuts to achieve above components of fitness.

Please don't ignore any pain, get it checked out. It could be something simple, but it also could be

something more serious. Don't make it worse by trying to play through the pain.

Athletes work on their bodies to reach their true potential. Why wouldn't you? Start focusing on the

physical aspect of the game and not only the technical. The technical aspect will fall right into place

with your newfound fitness for golf abilities.

we can assess these parameters as guided

We can assess these parameters as guided by TPI (Titlist Performance Institute). Based on the

evaluation, exercises are prescribed along with manual therapy done by Our Sports

Physiotherapist (TPI certified level -2).

All these efforts will automatically translate into improved swing and golf performance.

Happy & injury free golfing!!!

Harikant Kumar

TPI-M2 ,Sports Physiotherapist

Happy golfing