kenting national park n.
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Kenting National Park PowerPoint Presentation
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Kenting National Park

Kenting National Park

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Kenting National Park

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  1. Kenting National Park 80605 Angel Lin

  2. Kenting National Park Kenting National Park is located at the southern tip of Taiwan. It was Taiwan’s first national park, built in January, 1984. With warm weather, and pleasant scenery, it is one of the most popular resorts in Taiwan. Kenting National Park attracts millions of visitors every year!

  3. Eluanbi(鵝鑾鼻) Park The most famous building in the Eluanbi park is Eluanbi light house. The Eluabbi light house is 21.4 meters tall. It’s the brightestlight house in Taiwan. People form the pastgave it a name called “ The Light of the Eastern Asia”.

  4. Longluantan(龍鑾潭) Nature Center Longluantan Nature Park was a low-lying land. Every time the rain came, it would be a disaster. Finally the government decided to build a reservoir. It is very convenient to farmers and offers a good view. Every October to May of next year, migratory birds will visit here and add much natural scenery.

  5. National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium The Aquarium introduces all kinds of fish and corals in Taiwan. It not only has the function of education, culture and economy but also teaches us that we have to respect the nature and protect the environment.

  6. Hobi(後壁) Lake Hobi Lake is the biggest fishing port and yacht wharf in Hengchun(恆春). There are many fresh seafood from the fishing boat every evening. A lot of local people and tourist buy food there, it a very populous scenery.