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Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

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  1. Chapter 10 Lymphatic System Diseases and Disorders

  2. Anatomy and Physiology Lymph vessels, ducts, and nodes Protects body from infection by filtering bacterial and nonbacterial products Prevents waste products from entering circulatory system Dependent on vascular system Lymph is clear fluid

  3. Lymph and Blood Vessels

  4. Anatomy and Physiology Two divisions of lymph system: Right lymphatic duct drains lymph from head, upper torso, and right arm Left lymphatic duct Also known as thoracic duct Rest of body drains through this duct Organs related to lymph system: Tonsils, thymus gland, and spleen

  5. Common Signs and Symptoms Enlarged lymph glands or nodes, fever, fatigue, and weight loss Most diseases of lymphatic system related to diseases of other systems Lymphocytosis Increased WBCs Lymphocytopenia Decreased WBCs

  6. Diagnostic Tests Complete blood count (CBC) with differential Lymphangiography X-ray of lymph system after dye injection MRI CT scan Biopsy of lymph nodes

  7. Common Diseases of the Lymphatic System Lymphadenitis Inflammation of lymph glands Symptoms: Swelling, pain, tenderness in the lymph gland, node, or both Diagnosis Confirmed by biopsy

  8. Common Diseases of the Lymphatic System Lymphangitis Swelling of lymph vessels due to inflammation caused by strep infections following trauma Characterized by red streak at bacterial entry extending to area of lymph node Other symptoms: Fever Chills Malaise Cellulitis

  9. Common Diseases of the Lymphatic System Lymphangitis Treatment: Antibiotics Warm, moist packs Elevation of affected area

  10. Common Diseases of the Lymphatic System Lymphedema Abnormal collection of lymph fluid in extremities Possible causes: Surgery or radiation treatments Pregnancy Burns Trauma

  11. Common Diseases of the Lymphatic System Lymphedema Treatment: Antibiotics Compression therapy Surgical intervention depending on cause

  12. Common Diseases of the Lymphatic System Lymphoma Neoplasms affecting lymphoid tissue Affects normal lymphocyte production leading to impaired immunity Most common type of blood cancer in United States

  13. Common Diseases of the Lymphatic System Mononucleosis Viral infection Somewhat contagious Also known as kissing disease

  14. Rare Diseases Kawasaki disease Also known as mucocutaneous lymph node syndrome Acute febrile disease that is found mostly in children Symptoms: Rash similar to scarlet fever Edema of feet and hands Lethargy Congestion Supportive treatment

  15. Effects of Aging Decreased ability to produce antibodies Thus, more prone to infections Increased susceptibility to autoimmune disorders Impairment of vascular system also impacts function