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CDLPA Spring 2012 Plenary Session ----------------------- Legal Aid Ontario Presentation Executive Summary Thursday, Ma PowerPoint Presentation
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CDLPA Spring 2012 Plenary Session ----------------------- Legal Aid Ontario Presentation Executive Summary Thursday, Ma

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CDLPA Spring 2012 Plenary Session ----------------------- Legal Aid Ontario Presentation Executive Summary Thursday, Ma - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CDLPA Spring 2012 Plenary Session ----------------------- Legal Aid Ontario Presentation Executive Summary Thursday, May 10, 2012 Kingston , Ontario Bob Ward, President & CEO David McKillop, Vice President , Policy, Research and External Relations.

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Presentation Transcript


Spring 2012 Plenary Session


Legal Aid Ontario Presentation

Executive Summary

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Kingston , Ontario

Bob Ward, President & CEO

David McKillop, Vice President, Policy, Research and External Relations

This presentation will be available on Legal Aid Ontario’s website:


CDLPA Spring Plenary 2012

business planning context environmental scan
Business Planning Context: Environmental Scan
  • Economic uncertainty
  • Financial pressures facing the province
  • 2012 Provincial Budget and Federal Budget
  • Low interest rates
  • Auditor General’s Report
  • New legislation
  • Ministry of the Attorney General

CDLPA Spring Plenary 2012


2012 provincial budget
2012 Provincial Budget

Public services in Ontario are being evaluated with unprecedented scrutiny. In its 2012 budget, the Government of Ontario committed to:

“revisiting and scrutinizing existing assumptions and traditional public service delivery models.”

CDLPA Spring Plenary 2012

administration costs
Administration costs

Administration costs were 18.5% of total expenditures in 2007/08; they are more than 15% in 2011/12.

CDLPA Spring Plenary 2012


legal aid ontario certificates 2009 2012
Legal Aid Ontario Certificates, 2009-2012

Total Certificates Issued in 2011-2012: 105,547 (includes charges heard separately)

Total Certificates Issued in 2010-2011: 100,387

Total Certificates Issued in 2009-2010: 109,310

CDLPA Spring Plenary 2012


the auditor general of ontario s report value for money audit of legal aid ontario
The Auditor General of Ontario’s Report: Value for Money Audit of Legal Aid Ontario
  • Value for money audit report, released December 2011, was generally positive about Legal Aid Ontario:

“We felt its multi-year long-term strategy was heading in the right direction”.

CDLPA Spring Plenary 2012


legal aid ontario s modernization strategy initiatives are viewed through four strategic quadrants
Legal Aid Ontario’s Modernization Strategy:Initiatives Are Viewed Through Four Strategic Quadrants

CDLPA Spring Plenary 2012


criminal law services
Criminal Law Services

CDLPA Spring Plenary 2012


criminal law block fees results
Criminal Law: Block Fees Results

The percentage of withdrawals for Block Fee certificates is higher than anticipated for both indictable and summary offences. The cost of a withdrawal is $90 greater than the cost of a guilty plea. Therefore, the fact that there are more withdrawals than anticipated means that the block fee certificate cost is more costly than originally estimated.

CDLPA Spring Plenary 2012


criminal law frequency of block fee enhancers
Criminal Law: Frequency of Block Fee Enhancers

The frequency of additional blocks billed is less than expected to date.

CDLPA Spring Plenary 2012


duty counsel services
Duty Counsel Services

CDLPA Spring Plenary 2012


duty counsel
Duty Counsel
  • Duty counsel services are available in every courthouse in Ontario, including 28 remote and fly-in locations.
  • Total funding for Legal Aid Ontario duty counsel lawyers’ services across Ontario in 2010-11 was $43.7 million.
  • Majority of lawyers providing duty counsel services across Ontario are private bar lawyers on an hourly or per diem basis.
  • There are 1,336 private bar lawyers who provide duty counsel services with an average of 17 years of experience.
  • There are approximately 156 Legal Aid Ontario staff duty counsel lawyers, with an average of 11 years of experience.

CDLPA Spring Plenary 2012

duty counsel assists
Duty Counsel Assists

Originally projected that duty counsel assists would increase as a result of modernization. However, the model of service being provided has changed. The data does not capture the additional activity of Legal Aid Ontario’s court workers.

CDLPA Spring Plenary 2012


summary legal advice
Summary Legal Advice

Summary Legal Advice being provided and final resolution services have increased to reflect a change in focus of duty counsel activity. While total duty counsel activity is down by 13%, Summary Legal Advice is up by 18% and Final Resolution Services have increased by 14%.

CDLPA Spring Plenary 2012


family law services
Family Law Services

CDLPA Spring Plenary 2012


family law accessing new services
Family Law: Accessing New Services

Family Law Information Program Online: Two Versions

  • Legal Aid Ontario's Family Law Information Program (FLIP) available in two versions: 
    • Certificate version allows users to print a certificate that indicates they have fully completed each page of the program.
    • The non-certificate version allows users to navigate the program freely but does not offer a certificate of completion.

Family Law Information Program:

Program Usage

  • During the week of March 9-15, 2012, the FLIP page on Legal Aid Ontario’s website was accessed 545 times, with 456 of visitors on the page for the first time.
  • Between January and mid-March, 2,381 visitors used the FLIP program at some point.

CDLPA Spring Plenary 2012



CDLPA Spring Plenary 2012



“Exceptional Circumstances”

  • Results obtained
  • Complexity of the matter
  • Contributions of the applicant
  • Amount of time realistically set aside in anticipation of lengthy trial which time was not otherwise filled by the lawyer
  • Any other relevant factor

Legal Aid Services Act, 1998, Schedule 1 & 2 O.REG. 107/99

CDLPA Spring Plenary 2012

discretion guidelines consultation
Discretion Guidelines Consultation

CDLPA Spring Plenary 2012

financial eligibility
Financial Eligibility

CDLPA Spring Plenary 2012


financial eligibility review
Financial Eligibility Review

CDLPA Spring Plenary 2012

clinic strategic planning
Clinic Strategic Planning

CDLPA Spring Plenary 2012


clinic strategic planning process
Clinic Strategic Planning Process
  • The ACLCO is leading a strategic visioning exercise
      • Ideas for the Future Development of Clinic Law Delivery Services In Ontario – Legal Aid Ontario discussion paper

CDLPA Spring Plenary 2012

client service centre
Client Service Centre

CDLPA Spring Plenary 2012


client service centre1
Client Service Centre
  • Legal Aid Ontario’s toll-free client service centre connects more than 1,300 callers a day to a variety of services in over 200 hundred languages. Services include:
    • legal information
    • referrals, legal aid applications
    • criminal and family summary legal advice from a lawyer
  • Average wait times - less than three minutes
  • Approximately 40 percent of all Legal Aid Ontario applications are processed through the client service centre.

CDLPA Spring Plenary 2012


CDLPA Spring Plenary 2012