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  2. Project From: • Dianisa AskaNadhira • Dita Tania • Natasha Puteri Arnesto • Sarah Safitri


  4. VILLA ISOLA BUMI SILIWANGI Frontal view (ca.1933-40)

  5. VILLA ISOLA BUMI SILIWANGI • Villa Isola (now BumiSiliwangi) is an art-decobuilding in the northern part of Bandung, the capital of West Java,province of Indonesia. • Isola was completed in 1933 by the Dutch architect Wolff Schoemakerfor the Dutch media tycoon Dominique William Berretty, the founder of the Aneta press-agency in the Dutch East Indies. • . The original purpose of the building was for Berretty's private house, but then it was transformed into a hotel after his death and now it serves as the headmastership office of the University of Education Indonesia.

  6. Construction

  7. Construction • Villa Isola was constructed within six months (October 1932 — March 1933). • The Villa Isola complex consists of the building itself and two large gardens and it covered an area of about 120,000 square metres (1,300,000 sq ft). • The foundation was built of steel and concrete was used to fill the skeleton and the floors between iron bars. • The total cost to build the complex was about 500,000 guilders. • The rooms were filled with warm furniture, Venetian crowns and paintings of famous Indies and western painters.

  8. Construction • There were a reception room, a dining room, a wide billiards room, a study room, sleeping rooms, family room with a balcony, open terraces at both west-east sides, and a cozy bar equipped with a movie projector.

  9. Construction

  10. Architecture

  11. Architecture • The design of the Villa Isola by the architect Wolff Schoemaker. • The orientation of the building is according to the north—south axis, where the building faces Mount TangkubanPerahu to the north and the city of Bandung to the south. • the design of which reminds people of the shape of Candiin the east of Java. Circle is the main theme of the complex, both inside and outside the villa, including the gardens.

  12. Architecture First Floor The main entrance is located at the center of thenorth facade shaded by a concrete canopyarch supported only by one pillar. The interior of the first floor consists of a lobby with a twisted staircase to the second floor, and a family room. A large window in a half-circled curve shape decorates the family room completed with an open balcony with a parapet of steel bars, with a panoramic view of the city. The family room is also equipped with a circular shape of toilet.

  13. Architecture Second Floor On the second floor, a master bedroom is located facing south, connected by two corridors to the west and the east terraces. Besides as connecting halls to the terraces, the west and east corridors function as "pipelines" to regulate air in the building, isolating the thermal condition of the tropical climate. Hence, the bedroom has a room temperatureduring the hot sunny days.

  14. Architecture Third Floor The third floor consists of guest rooms and an entertainment room (a bar). Due to the difference in height between the north and the south sides, the south side has an extra floor. The fourth floor in the south was mainly used as service area. Integrating a service area within a house was new at that time, as the usual colonial residential houses separated service rooms from the main house.

  15. Gardens

  16. Gardens • Two gardens at different levels surrounded the complex. The higher north garden, was a European style garden with a rectangular pond and a statue in the middle. Orchardflowers dominated the garden and five blackswans were specially imported to garnish the pond. • A road divided the garden symmetrically to allow cars pass through from and to the garage. A half-circled staircase attached to the main building enhanced the symmetrical design of the garden.

  17. Gardens • The large south garden occupied most of the complex. Circular ornaments filled the south garden, starting from the building by another half-circled staircase. • The garden was divided into circular areas whereas the building was positioned at the center of these circles, creating the impression that the building was an integral part of the garden.

  18. How you could get there(By Public Car/Publlic Transportation) First, if you will go to Indonesia by plane, you will land at Soekarno-Hatta airport in Jakarta. Having arrived at the airport. From the airport you are advised to use taxsi because the road of Jakarta is quite difficult. You can go to Gambir railway station in Medan MerdekaTimur street to go to Bandung. You can buy tickets at the counter that are available and buy a ticket with the Jakarta-Bandung majors. Make sure you have a ticket when going up the train, you will get to the station Bandung after 3 hours. From Bandung Station you can take a taxi to the hotel NOVOTEL to stay or rest. NOVOTEL Hotel is on the road Sand Kaliki. If you want to go to Isola you can ride public transportation Station-Ledeng. After arriving at Terminal Ledeng and then cross the street and walking distance to the left and after arriving at the entrance to the complex UPI you can immediately see the Isola building and welcome to ask questions and request permission to view the Villa Isola. When you have finished look around the Isola building you can go home to your hotel by using the same public transportation that is majoring in Ledeng-Station. If you trouble to recognize the way you can instruct the public transport drivers that you ride to stop on the road PasirKaliki ahead NOVOTEL hotel. If the next day or moment you want to visit SMPN 4 BANDUNG you can use taxsi to go there. This is because the road to SMPN 4 BANDUNG no direct public transportation to get there. We will be very pleased if you would take the time to look at our school.

  19. From Station Bandung to ISOLA This is the MAP toward ISOLA .

  20. From Station Bandung to Novotel Hotel This is the map toward Hotel . Novotel Hotel

  21. From Station Bandung to SMPN 4 Bandung This is the map toward my school SMPN 4 BANDUNG

  22. Enjoy your travel with us “We Are Google”