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Office of Technology Integration Mission

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Office of Technology Integration oti.fsu

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office of technology integration www oti fsu edu
Office of Technology


The mission of the Florida State University Office of Technology Integration (OTI) is to ensure the campus has a robust, coherent and secure information technology infrastructure; provide a comprehensive set of business systems to support operation of the institution; provide state of the art computational tools to faculty and students; facilitate the use of technology to enhance teaching and learning; and support faculty, staff, and students in the use of computing and networking to accomplish their teaching, learning, research, and public service goals.

office of technology integration www oti fsu edu2
Office of Technology
  • Orientation Session Purpose
  • Learn the current structure of OTI.
  • Learn how OTI’s various services are offered and how they can help you do your jobs.
  • Advise OTI about your IT concerns, directions and ideas.
office of technology integration www oti fsu edu3
Office of Technology
  • Strategic Imperatives – FY 2006-2011
  • Secure the University’s data and networks.
  • Provide the University with a robust set of external and internal telecommunications services and resources.
  • Sustain and extend the value of the University’s key enterprise applications and data.
  • Provide the University a robust set of student, faculty, and staff technology services, resources, and support.
  • Note:  For additional information related to the OTI strategic imperatives, please see & select “Strategic Initiatives”.
office of technology integration www oti fsu edu4
Office of Technology
  • SACS Institutional Effectiveness (IE) Outcomes
  • Implement & Integrate new registration system.   
  • Consolidate enterprise servers and key applications.
  • Expansions of FSU WIN Network.
  • Movement toward a Centrally Managed, Utility Grade Network.
  • Formation of Cohesive Customer Contact Center.
  • Technology Enhanced Classrooms.
  • Field Tech Support.
  • Unsolicited Bulk Email Processing.
office of technology integration www oti fsu edu5
Office of Technology
  • Information Resource & Security Management –
    • Technology resource management services
    • IT Security
    • Reside in UCC 6th floor & Sliger Building
  • Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Services
    • Atlanta Disaster Recovery site
  • Florida Lambda Rail (FLR) –
    • Florida’s Research & Education Network, based in Tallahassee
    • OTI & Board managed
  • Northwest Regional Data Center (NWRDC) –
    • Mainframe (zOS) services
    • OTI & Policy Board managed
    • Housed in Innovation Park
office of technology integration www oti fsu edu6
Office of Technology
  • Information Services (formerly AIS) –
    • Student Systems & associated application/database infrastructure
    • Applications (programmers) & Infrastructure (sysadmins, DBAs)
    • Reside in UCC 6th floor, Sliger & Research Building (ERP)
  • University Computing Services (formerly ACNS) –
    • Server administration/hosting with 24x7 machine room
    • FSU home page (
    • Sliger building
  • Enterprise Resource Planning –
    • HR & Financial Systems using PeopleSoft
    • OTI & ERP Council joint managed
    • Research Foundation building # 1
office of technology integration www oti fsu edu7
Office of Technology
  • User Services –
    • End user technical support
    • TEC Classroom & Lab Support (formerly in ACNS)
    • 6th Floor UCC, new classroom building (HCB), Carothers, Williams, Westcott
  • Office of Telecommunications & Networking Services –
    • OTI and F&A joint management
    • Shaw Building
oti employees
OTI Employees
  • OTI Administration - 16
  • IRM/IT Security - 6
  • FLR - 4
  • IS - 55
  • US - 62
  • NWRDC - 24
  • OTC/NS - 91
  • ERP - 55

Note: Counts include OPS employees

office of technology integration org chart
Office of Technology Integration Org Chart

Larry Conrad, AssocVP/CIO

Randy McCausland3


Information Services


Carl Baker


IT Emergency Prep

Joe Lazor


IRM & IT Security

Phil Halstead


Dr. Victor Ferreros

Director, NWRDC

Dr. Mike Barker

Director, University

Computing Services

Michael Barrett2


Veronica Sarjeant


Jeff Bauer,


  • Audrey Glenn, Admin Assistant
  • Chair, FLR Board
  • Chair, NWRDC Board
  • Chair, ERP Council

Harvey Buchanan1

Director, OTC/NS

Dr. David Gaitros


User Services

1 Also reports to AssocVP Paul Strouts

2 Also reports to VP John Carnaghi

3 Also reports to AsstVP Michael Barrett