the arctic observing network aon cooperative n.
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The Arctic Observing Network (AON) Cooperative Arctic Data and Information Service (CADIS ) PowerPoint Presentation
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The Arctic Observing Network (AON) Cooperative Arctic Data and Information Service (CADIS )

The Arctic Observing Network (AON) Cooperative Arctic Data and Information Service (CADIS )

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The Arctic Observing Network (AON) Cooperative Arctic Data and Information Service (CADIS )

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  1. The Arctic Observing Network (AON) Cooperative Arctic Data and Information Service (CADIS) Florence Fetterer, James Moore, Don Middleton Mohan Ramamurthy, Michael Burek, Don Stott, Jeff Weber, Mark Parsons Second AON PI Meeting Arctic Observing Integration Workshops Palisades, NY 17-20 March 2008

  2. Primary CADIS Goals • Be a flexible, evolving AON Data Portal • Support NSF IPY AON data streams • Strive to develop end-to-end data services including data discovery, ingest and distribution capabilities • Emphasis on developing a unifying metadata standard that is compatible with ISO, IPY and other international conventions • Build a consensus data set format that will allow one to display, subset and analyze AON network data • Objective: Submitting data to CADIS facilitates data integration

  3. Striving to Meet PI and Community Expectations • Enter metadata quickly, efficiently, and without confusion • Find my own data and display it • Display it over or with other data sets of interest (that may or may not be in the CADIS system) • Mathematically manipulate data • Export in a choice of formats • Easy to use, graphical interfaces Some examples to emulate ArcticRIMS - NOAA ESRL PSD -

  4. AON Site Pan-Arctic Distribution Map by Scot Loehrer

  5. (Composite Google, IDV, GIS, MATLAB) CADIS/AON Portal Analysis and Visualization Tools Google Search RSS Feeds The CADIS System and Building Blocks Users and data providers The AON PIs NSIDC IASOA

  6. Summary • Just completing first year of CADIS development • Data/Metadata entry Portal testing and implementation underway • 2007 data sets and metadata can be entered at the AON-CADIS Portal now • CADIS features to evolve with improvements in Community Data Portal interface

  7. CADIS Features and Capabilities • CADIS GIS Mapserver (Fetterer for Scot Loehrer) • CADIS Metadata and Data Portal description and function (Don Stott and Michael Burek) • Visualization using Google Earth (Fetterer for Ross Swick) • Visualization using IDV (Jeff Weber)

  8. CADIS Web Site Implementation of GIS Mapserver • Allows perusal of pan-Arctic mapping of all AON projects • Allows zoom and roam to areas of interest • Allows layering by project • Allows query of any site’s information and display of general information • Has direct links to data sets in the archive

  9. AON-CADIS Mapserver Display Map Legend Navigation Options Choose Layer(s) to View

  10. AON-CADIS Mapserver Navigation Options Rubber band box zoom Zoom out and re-center where click Move map Find out further information about a location Focus map on Alaska Measure distances between two points or along a path Refresh map to base state Go to the AON-CADIS Home Page

  11. AON-CADIS Mapserver Example of output from button Selected this location

  12. Metadata and Data Portal

  13. Metadata and Data Portal

  14. Metadata and Data Portal

  15. Metadata and Data Portal

  16. Metadata and Data Portal

  17. Metadata and Data Portal

  18. Metadata and Data Portal

  19. Metadata and Data Portal

  20. Analysis and Visualization • To analyze and visualize AON and related data, CADIS is providing support for a hierarchy of tools that meet diverse user needs, including: • Simple, web browser-based displays via a Live Access Server • Visualizations using Map Server, an environment for rendering geospatial data • Visualizations using Google Earth, including the ability to generate, on demand, GE compatible products from CADIS • Unidata Integrated Data Viewer, a full-featured desktop tool for analyzing, visualizing and integrating diverse data sets in the Earth Sciences • The NCAR Command Language (NCL) package for sophisticated data manipulation and visualization of Earth Science data

  21. Analysis and Visualization –Live Access Server

  22. CADIS Next Steps • Continue to upload AON project metadata and data • Work with PIs to prepare data and metadata • Modify and augment CADIS Portal based on PI interaction and recommendations • Continue development of visualization tools

  23. Tomorrow’s CADIS Portal Workshop • CADIS Data Portal Overview – Don Stott and Michael Burek • NetCDF and Other Conversions – Help is Available – Jeff Weber • break • One on one assistance with the Data Portal

  24. Google Earth example • Good outreach tool • Small learning curve • Instant data integration • Can be easier to put data into GE than into more capable tools like IDV or GIS • But browse tool only, it’s not for analysis • Can get bogged down, if too many, or too big files • Demo: • 24 IABP Argos buoys from 1985-1994 with 2007 substituted for the true year. Shown: one record per day • Monthly sea ice extent for 2007