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Bellringer. Prepare for your Timed Reading by: Having a red pen Having a colored pencil Having a Timed Reading Putting your proper heading on your Timed Reading You have 1 minute after the bell has rung to be completely ready with YOUR DESK CLEAR.

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Prepare for your Timed Reading by:

  • Having a red pen

  • Having a colored pencil

  • Having a Timed Reading

  • Putting your proper heading on your Timed Reading

    You have 1 minute after the bell has rung to be completely ready with YOUR DESK CLEAR.

Reading strategy mini lesson 1 finding the main idea
Reading Strategy mini-lesson #1Finding the main idea

The main idea of a text is what the story/passage is mainly about. It is the BIG PICTURE of what happens in the story.

We are going to be reading short passages and you are going to help me discover what the MAIN IDEA is.

Main idea passages
Main idea passages

  • People often refer to taxes in terms of their being much too high. In reality, they are probably even higher than you think, because in addition to the federal income tax we are now studying, there are many other Federal, State, and local taxes, including sales taxes, inheritance taxes, state income taxes, personal property taxes, real estate taxes, and others. These are just some of the most obvious ones.

Main idea passages1
Main idea passages

  • The fact that electronic computers are now used for data processing has led the general public to believe that it is a mysterious, complicated science and that the computers are giant brains. Both of these ideas are false. A computer is basically just a high-speed adding machine that performs the functions it is told to. If the input data are varied even a little, the computer is unable to operate until it is programmed to accept the variations. The business operations it performs are impressive only because of the extremely high speed of manipulation, but most of these operations have been used for decades. Unlike man, the computer performs repetitive calculations without getting tired or bored.

Main idea passages2
Main idea passages

  • The Louisiana Purchase proved to be one of the shrewdest business pacts in the entire history of the United States. The purchase doubled in the area of the country and provided territory from which fourteen new states were created either wholly or in part. It also gave us control over the mouth of the Mississippi River and opened up the way to foreign trade. Prior to the purchase, the waterway had been blocked by the Spanish, probably with the approval of Napoleon. The land that was bought was rich in timber, minerals, and natural resources of many kinds. Finally, the cost of the transaction was unbelievably low; the total of $15 million amounted to about four cents an acre.

Timed reading 5 answers
Timed Reading #5 answers

  • 1. a

  • 2. b

  • 3. c

  • 4. b

  • 5. c

  • 6. b

  • 7. a

  • 8. a

  • 9. b

  • 10. a

  • 1. D C O

  • 2. F F O

  • 3. S A S

  • 4. F C C

  • 5. N B M

Motifs in fahrenheit 451
Motifs in fahrenheit 451

  • Remember, a motif is a recurring structure, device, or contrast that guides us towards deeper meaning, or theme.

Motif 1 paradoxes
Motif #1: Paradoxes

  • 1. Mildred being “alive” but not “alive”

  • 2. Hound/ “Snake” being described in paradoxical ways

  • 3. School not allowing independent thought

  • 4. Clarisse being considered “antisocial”

  • Leading us to the idea that: there is physically living and spiritually dead. This society has everything flipped upside down! Insubstantial and unreal vs. what is real and substantial

Motif 2 nature
Motif #2: Nature

  • 1. Seashells are “bees humming” in Mildred’s ears

  • 2. Machine that pumps Mildred’s stomach is a snake

  • 3. The Hound isn’t a hound at all…it’s a vicious killing machine!

    Leading us to the idea that: the perversion of nature is upsetting the natural order of life- everything is backwards!Only destruction not construction in this society- which obviously isn’t the way things are supposed to be!

A more careful read of page 34
A more careful read of page 34…

  • “We haven’t any books.”

    “But if we did have some.”

    “You got some?”

    Beatty blinked slowly.

    “No.” Montag gazed beyond them to the wall with the typed lists of a million forbidden books. The names leapt in the fire, burning down the years under his ax and his hose which sprayed not water but kerosene. “No.” But in his mind, a cool wind started up and blew out of the ventillator grille at home…

    Once upon a time…

Organize binders
Organize Binders

  • 1. Bradbury notes

  • 2. Part 1 Reading Guide

  • 3. Fahrenheit 451 Literary Devices Tracker

  • 4. Study Guide Part 1

  • 5. Part 1 Quiz

  • 6. Part 2 Reading Guide (except 3rd period)

  • 7. Study Guide Part 2

  • 8. Part 2 Quiz

  • 9. Part 3 Reading Guide