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Chapter 3 Study Guide

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Chapter 3 Study Guide - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Chapter 3 Study Guide. 7 th Grade. An elements properties can be predicted from its Location in the periodic table. 2. In the ___ state of matter, electrons are stripped away from the nuclei. Plasma. If a substance is _______, it can be pulled or drawn into a wire. ductile.

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Chapter 3 Study Guide

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12 the family of is the most reactive group of metals in the periodic table alkali metals
12. The family of ________is the most reactive group of metals in the periodic table.Alkali metals

13. The ______ and the _____ are shown at the bottom of the periodic table in order to keep the table a reasonable size.Lanthanides; actinides

The _______family is a very reactive group of nonmetals whose atoms gain or share one electron in chemical reactions.halogen
From left to right in the periodic table, the elements are arrange in order of increasing atomic mass.
The reactivity of the metal elements generally decreases as you move from left to right across the periodic table.
essay question 5 points pick one of the following topics answer in complete well written sentences
Essay question: 5 points*pick one of the following topics*answer in complete, well written sentences

*In the periodic table, the transition metals, such as chromium, iron, and copper, are located between the reactive alkali earth metals on the far left and the less reactive metals and other elements on the right side. Describe three properties of the transition metals. * What is a supernova and how is it related to the matter found on Earth?*What information can be found in a square of the periodic table? What does each piece of information mean?