wiihab using new technology to improve your athletes n.
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Wiihab using new technology to improve your athletes. PowerPoint Presentation
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Wiihab using new technology to improve your athletes.

Wiihab using new technology to improve your athletes.

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Wiihab using new technology to improve your athletes.

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  1. Wiihabusing new technology to improve your athletes. WIAA Coaches School 2009

  2. Rehabilitation • “The art and science of improving a persons health” • Two main goals- • Restore the patient to pre-injury fitness • Prevent deconditioning of the rest of the patient during this time

  3. New Technology • The Nintendo Wii • An interactive game that enables the person to play the game using body motions • The Wii came out in 2006 Nintendo said that it wanted to make Wii a living room centerpiece by shipping the system with features outside of the videogame realm. Wii will include a photo channel, enabling users to display their digital photos through the console. It will also boast regularly updated news and weather channels. In addition, the Opera browser will be available for the system, enabling users to access the web with the console.

  4. "Mii Channel." • Custom made profile that each person can make • The hook is that these avatars can not only be stored on the console itself, they can also be transferred to the Wii remote itself -- presumably so players can easily access their personalized characters and take them with them when playing against friends.

  5. Combining rehabilitation with the Wii • Already see research on PubMed regarding this idea • Use of a low-cost, commercially available gaming console (Wii) for rehabilitation of an adolescent with cerebral palsy.Deutsch JE, Borbely M, Filler J, Huhn K, Guarrera-Bowlby P. University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey

  6. Measured • Three main outcome measures were used: • (1) visual-perceptual processing, using a motor-free perceptual test (Test of Visual Perceptual Skills, third edition) • (2) postural control, using weight distribution and sway measures • (3) functional mobility, using gait distance

  7. Results • The feasibility of using the system in the school-based setting during the summer session was supported. For this patient whose rehabilitation was augmented with the Wii, there were positive outcomes at the impairment and functional levels.

  8. Other ideas • Fitness level • Arm, wrist and hand rehab • Balance, proprioception and ROM • Athlete interest and fun-TRANSLATION willing to do more and more often-RESULT increased time spent in rehabilitation = faster full recovery

  9. Games • Wii fit • EA Active • Cardio Workout • Dance, Dance Revolution • Punch Out • Tiger Woods Golf-wrist attachment • Ski and Snowboard • Wii sports- • Boxing • Other sport specific games-questionable on true potential

  10. Wii Fit • Balance, posture and fitness • Uses yoga, strength training, balance and aerobics sections • Measures BMI (body mass index (weight and height)-this might not be a good thing for some athletes to see • Not bad, especially for someone coming off a surgery or long-term injury.

  11. Wii Cardio • Uses shape boxing as the basis for the cardio workout • This uses the balance board as well as the controller and nunchuk or 2 controllers • You can cheat this game by not throwing the punches and just moving your wrists

  12. Wii Active • Uses resistance bands for upper body work and lunges, squats with BW for lower body work. • Has a 30-day challenge program • Can use the Wii balance board to enhance the workout • Calendar days, basic nutrition questions, etc. are included • Does have a sports function with it as well as cardio, upper and lower body strengthening

  13. Contact Information Patrick Olsen ATC, L/AT South Kitsap High 360-874-5769 office 360-710-9248 cell