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Break The Laziness PowerPoint Presentation
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Break The Laziness

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Break The Laziness - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Break The Laziness

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  1. Blog 1: Break The Laziness Health is wealth. Only when we keep ourselves fit as a fiddle, do we get the energy to do the things we are passionate about. Staying healthy needs to be a goal that takes top priority in our life. But life is something that can’t be predicted. We tend to break routine for the smallest of reasons. Once that routine is broken, it is difficult to restart. Exercise is no different from other aspects when it comes to routine. Once stopped, the question changes from “How do we lose weight?” to having the word “again” added to the end. The key to lose weight and keep it off is to break the laziness that becomes routine for us. There are simple solutions to do so. You can join a challenge where you’re monitoring your exercise and going up against others who are doing the same. Doing that helps motivate to keep the challenge active, and with that, to keep ourselves active. You can even challenge yourself by making a chart and setting targets to exercise for certain duration each day. To reach the target, if not better it, becomes something achievable. The best way to stick to a routine, however, is to ask a buddy to motivate you. Knowing that a friend is there to push you each day is motivating. Maybe they can join you in the routine, or appreciate your effort over a phone call. You might gain a friend for good, and with the exercise part of routine again, you might just lose weight for good.