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California transit association keynote slideshare 13 november 2014
by markmccrindle
Spain’s “Pueblos Blancos”
by jessiefalconer
Pence plane skids off airport runway
by rosalindruder

Travel / Places Presentations

Modi at Wembley
by nirvelli
Obama in Alaska
by Rawly
Obama in Laos
by blaxton
Rescue on the high seas
by lorrettaperea
Pope visits Auschwitz
by samivery
World's largest cruise ship
by fulbrightpenney
Clearing a migrant camp
by charliegarland
Inside Cuba's Capitol
by joshuasoares
Trouble in Greek paradise
by lindsaybonet
EgyptAir flight lost
by kaystith
Disputed South China Sea
by quincycruickshank
Riding the rails in India
by marcosmoreira
Marseille from above
by marikascheel
5 easy tips for planning your next trip
by Vaibhavmalhotra
Hanauma Bay Snorkeling Tips for Your Safety
by snorkelingtourss
Why should you enjoy Nightlife in South Mumbai?
by louisvillewebdesigncompany
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