education for sustainability
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Education for Sustainability

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Education for Sustainability - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Education for Sustainability. UNSW and NSW State Initiatives. Key principles of EfS. Holistic approach to sustainability Values based Context specific (cultural and social relevance) Pedagogical and epistemological approach Collaborative and participative framework

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education for sustainability

Education for Sustainability

UNSW and NSW State Initiatives

key principles of efs
Key principles of EfS
  • Holistic approach to sustainability
  • Values based
  • Context specific (cultural and social relevance)
  • Pedagogical and epistemological approach
  • Collaborative and participative framework
  • Critical thinking and capacity building for change
NSW State Initiatives

Learning for Sustainability (NSW EE Action Plan)

Sustainable Schools Program

UNSW Initiatives

Education for Sustainability

FBE curriculum

Masters in BE (SD)

Sustainable Living Project

nsw learning for sustainability environmental education plan
NSW Learning for Sustainability Environmental Education Plan


“Effective and integrated environmental education which builds the capacity of the people of NSW to be informed and active participants in moving society towards sustainability”

nsw learning for sustainability key principles
Assisting community participation

Integrated with other environmental management tools

Acknowledges complex interactions between diverse aspects of societal problems

Focus on social change towards sustainability

Lifelong learning relevant to all aspects of living

Continual improvement a requirement for effective programs

NSW Learning for SustainabilityKey principles

efs at unsw
  • Integrated approach to curriculum change
  • Interdisciplinary across all teaching programs
  • Focus on student critical thinking skills development
  • Envisions sustainability as a content base for all teaching programs
faculty of the built environment
Faculty of the Built Environment
  • Curriculum integration in all programs
  • Masters in BE (sustainable development)
  • Sustainable Living Project (SLP)
    • Eco-Innovate (youth capacity building model)
    • Sustainable Living Competition (incentives model)
    • Knowledge Networks (professional and resource development model for curriculum change)
the sustainable living project
The Sustainable Living Project


"Through the vehicle of Australia’s high schools, the mission of the Sustainable Living Project is to foster a vision of hope in a sustainable future within young people while providing mechanisms for our educators, as key mentors, to deliver a future generation with the tools and ability to engage effectively in creating a future balanced between the needs of society and the needs of the earths ecology that supports us."

the sustainable living project1
The Sustainable Living Project
  • Education for Sustainability initiative
  • Vision of EfS as a tool for change
  • Targets:
    • Formal Education Sector (Sustainable living Competition)
    • Young people (Eco-innovate)
    • Teachers (Knowledge Networks)

eco innovate 03
Eco-innovate 03
  • UNEP partnered Asia Pacific youth capacity building model
  • Piloted an EfS framework based on Teaching and Learning for a Sustainable Future (UNESCO/Griffith)
  • Provides a holistic vision of sustainability aimed at inspiring action for change
  • Provides ongoing support to young people actively engaged in innovation for sustainability
sustainable living competition
Sustainable Living Competition
  • Incentives for EfS
  • Encouraging innovation and leadership
  • Rewarding individual, class level and school level efforts towards sustainability
  • Links with other national EE initiatives and programs
  • Provides opportunity and support to teachers championing sustainability in high schools nationally
knowledge networks project
Knowledge Networks Project
  • Curriculum Change
  • Participation
  • Action Research
  • Professional development
  • Key resource development
  • Education for Sustainability database
  • Builds upon NSW Learning for Sustainability plan.