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Definition:. Education on a broad range of topics concerning human sexuality including:. Sexual Reproduction Anatomy Birth Control Sexual health Reproductive Rights Etc. History of Sexual Education. 1912, National Education Association called for teacher training programs in sex ed

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Education on a broad range of topics concerning human sexuality including:

  • Sexual Reproduction
  • Anatomy
  • Birth Control
  • Sexual health
  • Reproductive Rights
  • Etc.
history of sexual education
History of Sexual Education
  • 1912, National Education Association called for teacher training programs in sex ed
  • 1955, American Medical Association published five pamphlets, “the sex education series”
  • Late 1960s to early 80s, opposition formed. Christian Crusade said “communist plot”
  • Studies in the 80s showed in delayed sexual activity and reduced teen pregnancy
  • Mid 80s AIDS epidemic called for urgent sexual education in all schools.
united states
United States:
  • Taught in schools
  • At least once from 7th to 12th
  • Often governed by state laws
  • Covers a broad range of topics
  • Only two forms: “Abstinence-plus”

or “abstinence-only”

  • The highest rate for pregnancy and one of the highest rates of STIs among teenagers
  • Very little sex education
  • Only reproduction section of biology textbooks
  • Poor understanding of STI/STDs
  • Heavy reliance on abortions and morning-after pills
  • 91% of unplanned premarital pregnancies result in abortions
  • However: starting abstinence-only education in some schools
  • Very poor education in less industrialized countries
  • Governments and NGOs have established sex education programs
  • Mainly focused on combatting HIV and AIDS
  • Often times require specific guidelines on what can be taught
  • “Global Gag Rule” preventing NGOs from performing or educating about abortions
european countries
European Countries
  • Includes the top 15 countries with the lowest birth and abortion rates
  • The more developed countries have more openness towards sex and comprehensive education
  • Wide range of topics and more positive message
social view
Social View
  • Two paths of sexual education
  • Comprehensive, sexuality is a natural normal part of a healthy life. Portrays facts and positive messages
  • Abstinence, sexual expression outside of marriage will have harmful social, psychological, and physical consequences. Portrays controversial topics, inaccurate medical information, STDs are inevitable
ethical view
Ethical View
  • Most people in the United States get taught sex education in their lifetime, however, there are some people who don’t learn about it or only learn a little.
  • Sex education is considered to be a “taboo” or “controversial” topic.
  • School systems mostly just teach the basics and don’t go into detail.
studies about sex education
Studies about Sex education
  • Most teachers skip the “sex” talk or give small details about sex
  • They aren’t ready to talk about it with their students
  • Feel that they aren’t prepared
  • Feel uncomfortable
  • Teachers are afraid of what the parents will come back and say to them about the teaching.
  • Many schools skip sex education because they aren’t sure what it really means themselves.
studies about sex education1
Studies about sex education
  • On the other hand, there are schools that go very in depth about this topic
  • Schools know that children start wondering about their bodies during elementary school
  • Believe that the children should be taught about their bodies, mind, and their personal beliefs in school.
  • Parents also help the children with learning about their bodies and sex
  • Schools have speakers come in to talk about sex education
political view
Political View
  • The U.S. Constitution says that the government won’t get involved in or promote religious beliefs, but sex education has been different for some states
  • The American Civil Liberties Union is working to make sure sex ed is in every school for K-12
  • The topics would include information about healthy sex, the human body, relationships, and different contraceptive options.
continuous issue in us
Continuous issue in US
  • Government officials feel that covering topics about sex education like information about the body is good
  • Information about birth control and condoms is considered to be detrimental since they think it increases teen pregnancies.
  • More conservative groups believe in abstinence only education programs.
  • Liberals believe that sex is apart of life and that sex education should be taught in depth.
  • Many arguments go on about which type of sex education should be taught in the school system.