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Turku Vocational Institute know-how becomes a skill. Turku Vocational Institute - a multi-disciplinary centre of education. Turku Vocational Institute is a centre for vocational training and education consisting of 4,500 students and 600 professional instructors. The Institute is

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Turku Vocational Institute

know-how becomes a skill

Turku Vocational Institute- a multi-disciplinary centre of education

Turku Vocational Institute is

a centre for vocational training and education consisting of 4,500 students and 600 professional instructors.

The Institute is

one of Finland’s largest upper-secondary educational institutions with approximately 1,400 new admissions each year.


Turku Vocational Institute offers

  • both young people and adults a broad spectrum of training and education programmes with active on-the-job training schemes in the fields of:

  • business economics and catering services

  • technology

  • health and welfare

  • The training is based either on a comprehensive school education or a matriculation examination.

  • The education received provides students with the basic occupational skills to carry out practical work tasks. Studying at Turku Vocational Institute provides a general eligibility for further studies. Graduates may also choose to complete further or specialist vocational qualifications or, later on, undertake additional training at a polytechnic institute or academic university.



Turku Vocational Institute

  • The language of instruction is Finnish with the exception of the educational unit of business and ADP (handel och data in Swedish), where the language of instruction is Swedish.

  • How the institute is governed and its field of activity are specified in detail in the ordinance of vocational education.

  • The institute function in nine different locations in Turku>>> see the map

  • The institute is governed through the Vocational Board of Education.


Strategy 2001 - 2004

  • Business idea

  • Turku Vocational Institute is a multi-disciplinary, developing and network-building centre of European vocational education for students of all ages.

  • Vision 2010

  • Turku Vocational Institute is the embodiment of the vocational education in South-western Finland. It creates the ground for the success of both the individual and the economic life in the ever-changing world.


Strategy 2001 - 2004

  • The values on which the operation is based

  • Client based operation and internal entrepreneurship

  • Sustaining development

  • Know-how and creative skills

  • Justice

  • Cooperation

  • Strategic area of attention

  • Supporting the student's learning and personal growth

  • Development of the personnel

  • Development of teaching methods

  • Connections with the working life and regional cooperation


  • Business and information technology unit

  • Vocational Qualification in Business and Administration (merkonomi)

  • Vocational Qualification in Business Information Technology (datanomi)

  • Hotel, restaurant, catering services and tourism

  • Vocational Qualification in Catering: Service Organiser, Cook, Institutional Catering

  • Vocational Qualification in Hotel and Restaurant Services: Hotel Receptionist, Restaurant Cook, Waiter/Waitress

  • Vocational Qualification in the Tourism Industry, Travel Counsellor


Vocational qualifications

- Technology

  • The machinery and metal technology

  • Vocational Qualification in Metalwork and Machinery: Mechanical Fitter, Machinist, Instrument Maker, Automation Assembler, Maintenance Fitter, Platter-welder (special instruction)

  • Chemical, food and clothing industries

  • Vocational Qualification in Laboratory Technology, Laboratory Technician

  • Vocational Qualification in Chemical Engineering, Process Operator

  • Vocational Qualification in Food Production: Foods Maker, Baker confectioner, Meat Products Processor

  • Vocational Qualification in Clothing: Dressmaker, Tailor


Vocational qualifications

- Technology

  • Construction, wood and land surveying technology and HVAC engineering, vehicles and transportation

  • Vocational Qualification in Construction, Builder

  • Vocational Qualification in Wood Processing, Joiner

  • Vocational Qualification in Land Surveying, Surveyor

  • Vocational Qualification in Building Maintenance Technology: Heating, Plumbing and Ventilation Fitter

  • Vocational Qualification in Vehicle Technology: Vehicle Body Repairer, Vehicle Mechanic

  • Vocational Qualification in Logistics, Driver


Vocational qualifications

- Technology

  • Electrical IT and graphic engineering

  • Vocational Qualification in Electrical Engineering:

  • Electrical Engineering and Energy Technology, Electrician

  • Electronics and Telecommunications Technology, Electronics Assembler

  • Automation Technology, Automation Assembler

  • Vocational Qualification in Publishing and Printing:

  • Layout Design, Printing Assistant

  • Printing Technology, Printing Assistant


Vocational qualifications

- Health and welfare

  • Beauty care and hairdressing

  • Vocational Qualification in Hairdressing, Hairdresser

  • Vocational Qualification in Beauty Care, Beauty Therapist

  • Home economics and cleaning services

  • Vocational Qualification in Household and Consumer Services: Consumer Adviser, Household Services Entrepreneur

  • Vocational Qualification in Cleaning Services, Site Facilities Operative

  • School of Household Management


Vocational qualifications

- Health and welfare

  • Pharmaceutics, social and health care

  • Vocational Qualification in Social and Health Care, Practical Nurse

  • Vocational Qualification in Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Assistant


Adult educationat Turku Vocational Institute

  • Turku Vocational Institute provides comprehensiveadult education services:

  • training for vocational, further vocational and specialist vocational qualifications

  • training in co-operation with regional trade and industry

  • consulting services for businesses

  • training in computer skills

  • training in international affairs

  • further education for teachers

  • career advisory training

  • on-the-job instructor training

  • short-term additional vocational training


  • Vocational qualification

  • demonstration of basic skills and knowledge required for acquiring professional skill in a certain field

  • entitles the student to pursue further studies

  • Further vocational qualification

  • demonstration of the professional skill required by competent employees in a certain field

  • requires advanced studies in the field and three years of experience

  • Specialist vocational qualification

  • demonstration of the management of more demanding tasks required from a professional, such as supervisory tasks

  • requires advanced studies and five years of experience

Adult education

at Turku Vocational Institute

There are three levels of competence-based qualifications, depicting the general requirement level of each qualification in respect to working life.


International relations

  • The goals of international relationsat Turku Vocational Institute are:

  • to provide students with the skills and knowledge

  • to enter an evermore international world of business

  • to complete studies abroad

  • to develop and further deepen the international resources of the Institute’s own staff

  • Our activities are focused on three areas in particular:

  • development of the guidance and quality of on-the-job training

  • development projects

  • network projects


International relations

  • Regional areas of emphasis for our international operations as based on the general Turku Strategy, and are as follows:

  • Nordic countries (Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland)

  • Baltic sea region (particularly Estonia and Germany)

  • Russia

  • other EU member states, for the purpose of mobility of labour

  • twin towns of Turku and co-operative regions in the province of Southwest Finland

  • the site in Vietnam supported by the Development Co-operation unit of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs


Ready to serve you!

  • Turku Vocational Institute runs a number of services for training purposes:

  • Aninkaisten Herkku

  • meat, fish, confectionery and bakery products

  • variety of convenience foods available daily

  • Ravintola Aninkainen

  • delicious weekday lunch in the heart of the city

  • Barber and hairdresser’s services

  • haircuts and styling for men, women and children

  • beard and moustache services for men

  • Beauty care services

  • facial, hand, foot and body treatments


Ready to serve you!

  • Taitikki

  • tailored clothing

  • minor repair services

  • Puuhapirtti

  • activity centre for children aged 1 year and older, run by practical nursing students

  • clubs for children aged 3-4

  • theme birthday parties

  • Senioriklupi

  • activity centre for old people, run by practical nursing students

  • Teaching Restaurant Alabama

  • lunch and à la carte restaurant

  • Cafe Alabama, take away

  • meeting and conference services


Ready to serve you!

  • Technical services

  • small print jobs, such as calling cards

  • electricity installation and repair services

  • computer installation and updates

  • maintenance of electronics

  • Auto service shop

  • minor maintenance and repair work

  • routine maintenance

  • inspection checks and repairs

  • steering and brake work, tyre work and engine problems

  • Palveluauto Osku

  • household cleaning, window washing

  • general cleaning



Turku is

a growing and developing centre in Finland. As Finland became member of the European Union, Turku economical area became part of the European marketing area. Free trade and central location in the Northern Europe create a totally new entrepreneur atmosphere and completely new challenges in Finland.

The views are promising

The business structure in South-Western Finland is very versatile. The area is gaining more inhabitants as Turku and Salo draw more people. The Baltic Sea area offers the Turku enterprises a chance to profit and grow and become an international business centre. The Baltic countries grow rapidly. The Baltic area offers all that is essential for a more international and network-building Turku.