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  1. Cristina Radu // Helder Fernandes // Laetitia Antonietti// Sara Magalotti// Gabriella Paganelli THE BENGAL TIGERTEAM Sustainable Refurbishment, Retrofit, Energy Management in Housing

  2. Bengal Tiger Location: India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan Did you know? A tiger's roar can be heard as far as 3 km away Tigers are the largest members of the cat family and are renowned for their power and strength. Over the last 100 years, hunting and forest destruction have reduced tiger populations from hundreds of thousands of animals to perhaps fewer than 2,500. Tigers are hunted as trophies, and also for body parts that are used in traditional Chinese medicine.

  3. Tasks Sustainable design & construction Analyse of old building Energy efficiency Green roof/ facades design Calculation of investment and returns Landscaping/ urban planning

  4. Analyse Location: Zirmunu str. 116, Vilnius – build in 1968 – complex of 8 multistory buildings – concrete prefabricated apartment bloc - 5 story building, accommodate 30 flats – has no former refurbishments – 468 m2 ground floor - 1600 m2 surface of external walls - 430 m2 surface roof - no insulation – bad U-values – good S-W orientation

  5. Home Energy efficiency

  6. Energy efficiency INSULATION

  7. Energy efficiency Thermal Bridges • Roof • External corner • Windows Frames • Basement

  8. Energy efficiency Roof and wall Balcony

  9. Advantages good insulating and acoustic material low conductivity : 0.04W/m.K (lag the changing of temperature) cheap (5€/m² in 200 mm) service life : 50 years no maintenance costs non combustible do not give off noxious smoke Disadvantages volatil fiber may be wedged in the time (renew the rockwool) damaged by moisture (vapour barrier) difficult to recycle Energy efficiency Rockwoll

  10. 80% of energy saved Wall 95% Ground floor 70% Roof 75% Doors 90% Energy efficiency Gain of the insulation

  11. Home Sustainable design & construction

  12. Sustainable design & construction • Ways WE can minimize the CO2 emissions: • Highly insulate external walls • Better insulation of the roof (&green roof) • Windows replaced with triple glazing ones • Insulation of ground floor slab • Eliminate air leakages • Heating system upgraded • Use renewable energy (rainwater collector) • Each apartment is provided with area for growing vegetables

  13. Sustainable design & construction VENTILATED FAÇADE SYSTEM

  14. Sustainable design & construction Concept ‘less is more’ “ Less raw material - less energy - less waste “ Lighter, thinner and stronger materials “Thinas glass, light as a shell, durable as stone, strong as concrete, universal as wood” Combines cement, water cellulose, textile fibers and air

  15. Sustainable design & construction Advantages: -lighter, thiner and stronger -low energy productionprocess -high performance composite -excelentfire protection -frost proof -resistant to fungi and insects -minimal or no maintenance -resisting moisture and humidity -prevent internal condensation - UV coating can offer good protection against graffiti - remove 100% of the fibre cement waste - reduces the carbon footprint of fibre cement products - long life cycle that can resist up to 60 years Disadvantages: -not 100% recyclable -can be hard to make changes to the boards on site because it is easily damaged

  16. Sustainable design & construction

  17. Sustainable design & construction - Wall to panel construction - A subconstruction is needed - Between the vertical profiles is space for insulation - The insulation is securely fixed to the structure with special fastenings -To help eliminate the bridge from metal to the structure, plastic wall brackets are installed - The cavity permit air movement and water drainage - Always leave 20 mm gap for thermal movement of aluminum

  18. Sustainable design & construction Fixing details

  19. Sustainable design & construction • Sun analyse • Glazed sliding balcony doors on south façade to get more natural light • Common green area located south • Orientation of the building not very adequate for usage of solar pannels

  20. Sustainable design & construction • -bigger kitchen • connected with the day zone • -open living room • -modernized bathrooms • -posibilityto open the balcony and bring the exterior inside • -larger balcony

  21. Sustainable design & construction Balconies Growing vegetables place - improve health with fresh vegetables - save money on groceries - reduce environmental impact - enjoy bettter-tasting food - no worries about food safety - reduce food waste

  22. Home An Economic-Managerial Approach. Green roof/ facades design

  23. Green roof/ Facades design AGENDA • WHY this topic ? • High diffusion of Refurbishment actions • Client’s demand about reduction and sustainable energy • Major attention to ecological buildings 2. An ECONOMIC MANAGERIAL approach: • SWOT ANALYSIS

  24. Green roof/ Facades design The Two Dimensions Façades Green Roofs

  25. Green roof/ Facades design The SWOT Analysis is… … A strategic planning tool that analyzes a decisional problem from different sides : Internal (Strenghts and Weaknesses) External (Threats and Opportunities)

  26. Green roof/ Facades design The SWOT Matrix

  27. Green roof/ Facades design STRENGHTS • Technological skills: - New systems and technologies in the Refurbishment • Leading Brands • Distribution Channels - Increasing interest in 0 km availability of sustainable materials ( plants and vegetables ) • Customer Loyalty Relationships • Results quality: - Attenuation of rainwater run-off - Improved Thermal Stability and Energy Conservation - Enhanced air quality - Integration with the environment - Wild life Habitat and Open Space - Contribution to sustainable development - Noise pollution prevention - Magnetic waves pollution prevention • Scale • Management

  28. Green roof/ Facades design OPPORTUNITIES • Changing Customer Tastes • Reduction of energy consumption • Sustainable energy production • Mechanical Ventilation in all wet rooms and kitchens • Good orientation of facades and roofs for better insulation • Sustainable building material and constructions • Water recycling and collection system • To obtain prescriptive, financial and economics benefits • Technological Advances • New genders of plants and vegetables suitable for green roofs and facades • Changes in Governmental Politics • Major attention to ecological buildings • Lower Personal Taxes • Fiscal facilitations for owners • Financial facilities for refurbishment oriented to green economy • Change in population age • New Distribution Channels

  29. Green roof/ Facades design WEAKNESSES • Absence of Important Skills: • Poor competence of enterprises in charge to apply new technologies on GR and F • As the instalment and the assembly has to be applied by local and Small Enterprises this reduce the competencies available for good performances • Weak Brands • Poor access to distribution • Low customer retention • Unreliable product/service • Bad orientation and poor exposition of facades and roofs for insulation • Sub scale • The dissemination of the buildings refurbishment owing to the in progress crisis didn’t reach a minimum scale to reduce costs • Management • High costs of installation • High Maintenance costs increasing with the ageing of roofs and facades

  30. Green roof/ Facades design THREATS • Change customer base • The small property of buildings diminishes owing to the economic crisis and the big owners didn’t perceive ecological investments as convenient • Technological advances • “ Scientific“ researches demonstrated that Green Roofs and Facades didn’t fulfil expected results in ecological field • Changes in Governmental Politics • Owing to a worsening of economic crisis the government ends or cancel facilitations for ecological interventions on buildings • Tax Increases • Increase of taxes on the properties owing to the increase of building value consequent to the appliance of Green Roofs and Facades considered a luxury index • Change in population age • New Distribution Channels • Management • Diffusion of new plant disease that destroys the plants • Needs of expensive products to treat plants against new type of disease

  31. Green roof/ Facades design Conclusions Financial Incentives

  32. Home Landscaping/ Urban planning

  33. Landscape/ Urban planning Human environment • The green space environment including natural and urban green space are indispensable to human life and its existence. It can be regarded as an ecosystem connection between components and the green space environment, soil, water, vegetation, weather and topography, which are essential for the development and conservation studies of green space. 

  34. Landscape/ Urban planning • Water collector tank - Rainwater Harvesting Systems • Rainwater harvesting is simply collecting rain which falls on the roof, then storing it and using it as a free resource. • Advantages : • Saves money by reducing water usage. • A volume of water is kept out of the storm-water management system there by helping to reduce flooding risks. • Rainwater is better for the garden as it has a balanced ph and is free of chemicals such as chlorine.

  35. Landscape/ Urban planning Ourproposal – Watercollector (Model: Sanilift SL-3A "EBARA“) • Characteristics: • Water tank of 2000 liter volume • Two pumps with a power of 1.1 kW each • Filter • Connected with to the irrigation system and the supply chain of green house

  36. Landscape/ Urban planning Green house – Food production A greenhouse is a building made of glass or plastic that traps the sun's ultraviolet rays, providing a warm environment for plants to grow. • The greenhouse simulates a warm, spring- to summer-like environment that protects plants from hot or cold shifts in temperature. • We can control everything about plants, including the temperature, shade, and watering. • Fresh food in your backyard • X - Greenhouses cost a lot of money

  37. Landscape/ Urban planning Our Green House Length: 30 meters Width: 12 meters Capacity: 14 individual units Eachunithave: 20 m² • Characteristics: • Structuremade in steelandsecurityglass; • Systemofheatingandcooling, with a central air conditioning and individual temperature regulators in each unit; • Natural ventilation; • Automatic water supply;

  38. Landscape/ Urban planning Parking • Solutions/ examples: • More Trees • (Bluewater shopping center on the outskirts of London. - At Bluewater, there are two trees for every three cars.) • Technologies – Solar panels • “Lot 59” is a project covered with giant • solar panels the sports stadium parking • of Arizona State University. They can • produce 2.2 megawatts of electricity per • year, enough to power 550 houses.

  39. Landscape/ Urban planning Parking - remodelling Changes: The parking has a capacity of 11 seats and after the remodelation will supply 30 seats. To create a more natural environment along the parking spaces we chose to plant more trees • With remodeling now have a place for each apartment

  40. Landscape/ Urban planning Site plan

  41. Home Calculation of investments and returns

  42. Calculation of investment and returns Outlines Economic Analysis 4 steps : 1. Estimation of costs 2.Definition of the total investment 3.Individuation of Pay back time 4. Calculation of the economic perfomance indicators

  43. Calculation of investment and returns 1.Estimation of costs

  44. Calculation of investment and returns 2.TotalInvestment The total cost is 394.523 EUR The following table summarized the situation on the finances The total investment is 236.713 EUR

  45. Calculation of investment and returns The 236.713 EUR is financed by the bank with a loan of 20 years and interest rate of 3%, the present value of the total investment is 181367.81 EUR

  46. Calculation of investment and returns 3.Individuation of PayBack Period The Pay Back period expresses the time necessary to return the capital invested. The price of the Energy is 0.085 €/KWh

  47. Calculation of investment and returns I hypothesize that the price of energy grow rate of 5%

  48. Calculation of investment and returns 4. EconomicIndicators In this case have the return on investimentabout 8 years VAN = 232504,04 ROI = 128.19% Net Present Value =Initial Investment + Sum of the Present Valued of the Estimated Energy SavingsNPV = 55.744 € Return on Investment = Net Present Value/ Estimated Project costROI = 31 %

  49. Calculation of investment and returns Then I suppose that the priceof energydecreases of the 5% The cost of investmentreturnsafter 15 years

  50. Calculation of investment and returns 4.Economic Indicators Return on InvestmentROI = -14% Net Present ValueNPV = -26.008 €