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Terrorism defined…

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Terrorism defined… - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Terrorism defined…. The calculated use of violence to instill fear, intended to intimidate governments or societies in the pursuit of a goal. Goals of Terrorism. Political Terrorism Religious Terrorism Ideological Terrorism. Political Terrorism.

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terrorism defined
Terrorism defined…
  • The calculated use of violence to instill fear, intended to intimidate governments or societies in the pursuit of a goal.
goals of terrorism
Goals of Terrorism
  • Political Terrorism
  • Religious Terrorism
  • Ideological Terrorism
political terrorism
Political Terrorism
  • Focuses on governments. Usually the terrorists disagree with a government.
  • World Trade Center & Pentagon bombings - 2001
  • USS Cole bombing in Yemen - 2000
  • U.S. Embassy attacks in Africa - 1998
  • World Trade Center Bombing - 1993
  • Bombing of U.S. Army Barracks in Beiruit, Lebanon - 1983
religious terrorism
Religious Terrorism
  • Groups feel that their religion is the one true religion and others are false. Focuses on attacking other religious groups or non-religious groups who they feel try to undermine theirs.
  • Middle East: Jews vs. Palestinians (Muslims)
  • Hostage Crisis at Munich Olympics - 1972
  • Ireland: Catholics vs. Protestants
ideological terrorism
Ideological Terrorism
  • Focuses on Beliefs, theories, and aims of a particular group. People commit terrorist acts because of their belief in a certain cause.
  • Oklahoma City Federal Building bombing - 1995
  • Killing of Abortion Doctors
  • Environmental Terrorism
  • Militia Groups - unofficial groups of armed civilians
most common methods used by terrorists
Most common methods used by Terrorists
  • Bombings
  • Armed Attacks
  • Assassinations
  • Kidnappings
why do they commit acts of terror
Rational Motivation

Actions --> Desired result

Psychological Motivation

Belief that their view is right

Need to belong

Justification of their own existence

To be a “martyr”

Cultural Motivation

Culture feels threat to existence

Deeply rooted values in place

Why do they commit acts of terror?
major terrorist groups
Major Terrorist Groups
  • Al-Qaeda: loosely knit group around world
  • Hamas: Palestinian group opposed to Israel
  • Hezbollah: Palestinian group opposed to Israel
  • PLO: Palestine Liberation Organization

**Each of these groups are fighting a holy war or “jihad”

  • IRA: Irish Republican Army: Irish Catholic group whose aim is to get England out of Northern Ireland
terrorism in the future
Terrorism in the future
  • Higher levels of violence
  • Increased technological capabilities
  • More use of chemical & biological warfare
    • Chemical - toxins (mustard gas, nerve gas, etc)
    • Biological - anthrax, plague, small pox, ebola
  • Ecological Terrorism
    • I.e. blowing up dams, attacks on oil companies