aerial riparian health assessment n.
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Aerial Riparian Health Assessment PowerPoint Presentation
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Aerial Riparian Health Assessment

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Aerial Riparian Health Assessment - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Aerial Riparian Health Assessment
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  1. Aerial Riparian Health Assessment 2013 Watershed Stewardship Grant Land Stewardship Centre Presentation Prepared by Peter Crown, Director MLBMS

  2. Project developed with assistance of: - Walker Environmental - Beaver River Watershed Alliance

  3. To assess the condition of riparian zones around Muriel Lake and its tributaries through the analysis of aerial video images. Aerial survey conducted by Walker Environmental from helicopter To identify natural and anthropogenic disturbances to the natural flow of surface water to Muriel Lake

  4. Objectives: • Develop a database of locations to be imaged • Acquire imagery, share with MLBMS members • Complete the riparian assessment and communicate results to stakeholders • Recommend future restoration efforts

  5. 2013 Watershed Stewardship Grant of $7500.00 used for aerial imaging • Minimal cost to the Society as much field work and image analysis carried out by volunteers • Aerial video acquired along selected roads and creeks in the watershed • Annotation on the maps and images correlate to the time of image acquisition

  6. Example of drainage system cut-off by oilfield access road without appropriate culverts in place

  7. Example of farm dugout in surface drainage system

  8. Water blocked by Highway #687

  9. Drainage disrupted by pipeline

  10. Significant beaver activity in the watershed

  11. Results • Surface drainage primarily through low gradient meandering streams with open bog/fen/willow vegetation • Significant beaver activity in many areas, some dams intact, some have been breached • Some farm dugouts located in or immediately adjacent to drainage course • Significant number of drainage crossings by oil/gas access roads and pipelines often without culverts • Difficulty in identifying the beginning of Creek C (Reita Lake) and Creek D

  12. Continuation of Investigations • Many drainage interruptions identified, remedial actions planned by local officials • Landowners to be contacted regarding amelioration potential