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Square Grid

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Square Grid. Insects in the grid were vacuumed into a plastic bag. Insects were examined under a microscope to separate species and counted. Insect counts were expressed as number of adults/square foot. KSU Pilot Flour Mill Heat Treatment, June 25-27, 1999. Slides from the heat-up

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Square Grid

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square grid
Square Grid
  • Insects in the grid were vacuumed into a plastic bag.
  • Insects were examined under a microscope to separate species and counted.
  • Insect counts were expressed as number of adults/square foot.
ksu pilot flour mill heat treatment june 25 27 1999

KSU Pilot Flour Mill Heat Treatment, June 25-27, 1999

Slides from the heat-up

Natural Gas heaters were used

Heat treatment done by Rupp Industries, Inc.

Mention of a proprietary product name does not imply

Endorsement by the Department of Grain Science &

Industry and Kansas State University

insects can escape heat treatment by exiting through doorways
Insects can escape heat treatment by exiting through doorways
  • Treat these areas with Cyfluthrin or Tempo before heat treatment.
  • Put sticky material or sticky tape to capture insects escaping from heat-treated areas to unheated areas.
20 inch duct blowing hot air from rupp inc gas heater
20 Inch Duct Blowing Hot Air From Rupp, Inc. Gas Heater
  • KSU Pilot flour mill, 1st floor of the cleaning house.
  • The gas heater was on the south side of the building (on the outside).
first floor cleaning house
First Floor Cleaning House
  • Wheat lift.
  • Note dust accumulation on floor.
  • A Hobo (for measurign temp.) is to the left of the wheat lift on floor.
3 rd floor cleaning house
3rd Floor Cleaning House
  • Buhler aspirator.
  • Note wheat on floor.
  • A Flit-Trak trap w/ 3 lures for red & confused flour beetles, cigarette beetle, and warehouse beetle.
4 th floor mill
4th Floor Mill
  • Sifter boxes.
  • Hobo on the outside.
  • In the foreground is Phercon II trap for moths.
5 th floor mill
5th Floor Mill
  • Note Phercon II trap.
natural gas burners
Natural Gas Burners
  • Gas line hooked up to burners.
  • Each burner of 550,000 BTUs.
  • Burners not turned on (note collapsed ductwork)
natural gas burners1
Natural Gas Burners
  • Burners fired-up.
tempo research
Tempo Research
  • Concrete disks exposed to heat in 3rd floor of mill.
  • Disks removed at different times durign heat treatment.
  • In the laboratory, adult red flour beetles were added inside rings placed on disks.
tempo research1
Tempo Research
  • A replicate of disks in Subi’s office.
  • These disks served as controls (they were treated with Temp but not exposed to heat).
  • There are 8 disks for 8 time periods.
cleaning house 3 rd floor
Cleaning House, 3rd Floor
  • Cooling tower.
  • Temper conveyer.
  • Recording temperature during heat treatment with an infrared laser beam.
tempo research2
Tempo Research
  • Disks on floor in mill (3rd floor).
tempo research3
Tempo Research
  • Disks with red flour beetles inside.
first floor cleaning house1
First Floor Cleaning House
  • Door to manlift.
  • Many insects were found at this interface and a few outside the door.
  • These doorways should be treated or taped to kill or trap escaping insects.
dr dale eustace s infrared heat tracer
Dr. Dale Eustace’s Infrared Heat Tracer
  • This was used to get instantaneous record of temperatures during a heat treatment.
tempo research4
Tempo Research
  • Dr. Frank Arthur setting up the concrete disks treated with Tempo and the Hobos in the 3rd floor of the mill.
ductwork during heat treatment
Ductwork During Heat Treatment
  • Ductwork (20 inches) from natural gas heaters in loading dock, going into 2nd floor of the mill (roll floor).
  • Note specially constructed wooden door to stabilize the ductwork.
experiments during flour mill heat treatment
Experiments During Flour Mill Heat Treatment
  • Concrete disk treated with Tempo, and plastic trays with insects on 3rd floor of mill.
new trap for dusty environments
New Trap for Dusty Environments
  • Flit-Trak trap with a opaque cover.
  • This creates an ideal environment for red flour beetle to seek refuge.
flit trak trap
Flit Trak Trap
  • Trap against wall in 1st floor of cleaning house.
natural gas heater
Natural Gas Heater
  • 1.4 million BTUs.
  • This burner is hooked up and pumping hot air into the 1st floor of the cleaning house.
heat treatment safety
Heat Treatment: Safety
  • Always wear cotton or padded gloves to avoid injury from hot metal surfaces in the mill.
new indianmeal moth trap
New Indianmeal Moth Trap
  • For under cabinet use.
  • Concealed for use in retail stores.
flour mill experiments with insects
Flour Mill Experiments with Insects
  • These square dishes with and without food contained 8 different species of insects.
  • Different dishes were used for different species.
  • Dishes were removed at 3 different times during heat-up.
placing cables and hobos in mill subfloor
Placing Cables and Hobos in Mill Subfloor
  • Jorge Ayala, a Ph.D. student in Entomology at KSU, setting up the cables.
subi s helpers
Subi’s Helpers
  • Sewit Retta and Kim Korte, helped collect all insect data.
  • Both are undergrads, never been exposed to bugs, but now love them.
manlift area
Manlift Area
  • Door leads into 1st floor of cleaning house.
  • This area was not heat treated.
  • Insects escaping heat treatment were present at the bottom of this door.
flit trak trap1
Flit Trak Trap
  • Traps contain a shallow receptacle for oil.
  • The cover has 3 holes to hold three different lures.
  • These fans were used to redistribute heat during the flour mill heat treatment.
flour mill subfloor
Flour Mill-Subfloor
  • Dr. Alan Dowdy setting up cables underneath sub-floor area of 2nd floor of the mill.
temperature measuring devices
Temperature Measuring Devices
  • This device was used to measure temperature from cables placed throughout the mill.
  • It could read 18 sensors on each cable.
  • There were 4 such cables.
mill experiments
Mill Experiments
  • Trays with plastic dishes containing insects, and pheromone lures fo 5 insect species.
  • These were sampled over time during heat treatment.
phercon ii moth trap
Phercon II Moth Trap
  • Almond moth lure was placed inside the trap.
  • Trap placed on 4th floor of the mill.
  • There were 10 traps per floor (there were 8 floors in the flour mill & cleaning house combined).
blo vac gun
Blo-Vac Gun
  • This gun works on the venturi/vortex principle.
  • It can work as a vacuum or as a duster.
  • We used it to vacuum bugs from floor after a heat treatment.
west side of shellenberger hall
West Side of Shellenberger Hall
  • The wall with windows in the flour mill.
  • To the right is the feed mill.
  • Note natural gas burners on the dock.