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Islam and Buddhism PowerPoint Presentation
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Islam and Buddhism

Islam and Buddhism

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Islam and Buddhism

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  1. Islam and Buddhism

  2. An economic and defensive alliance of the free towns in northern Europe founded about 1241 and most powerful in the fourteenth century. Hanseatic League

  3. Which city is this? Timbuktu, Karakorum, Kilwa, London, Cordobo or Baghdad? Karakorum

  4. This image is associated with what empire? Inca

  5. (1) Name this place: (2) Both these people and the Inca built magnificent stone complexes without using what? Great Zimbabwe Mortor

  6. This picture depicts a _______ missionary who was instrumental in spreading _________ to SE Asia SUFI islam

  7. Sailing the _______ Ocean by taking advantage of the _________

  8. (1) This Highly LITERATE woman is from what period in (2) what place? AND (3) what significant thing was written (title please) during the height of this era? Heian Japan The Tale of Genji

  9. Raised fields constructed along lake shores in Mesoamerica to increase agricultural yields. chinampas)

  10. ˌkærəˈvænsəraɪ CARAVANSERAI literally 'caravan palace'. These provided accommodation and other amenities for travelling merchants and stabling for their animals.

  11. Mita Labor tribute (corvee) or mandatory public service in the Inca empire

  12. And what is the language of the Koran? Arabic

  13. Waru Warn or Waru Waru an agricultural technique developed by the Quechuas in South America before the rise of the Inca Empire. It is dated around 300 B.C Combines raised beds with irrigation channels to avoid erosion of soil

  14. The indigenous peoples of North Africa west of the Nile Valley; responsible for the spread of Islam. Berbers

  15. Al Andalus the Arabic name given to a nation and territorial region also commonly referred to as Moorish Iberia. The name describes parts of the Iberian Peninsula governed by Muslims (given the generic name of Moors), at various times in the period between 711 and 1492, although the territorial boundaries underwent constant changes due to wars with the Christian Kingdoms.

  16. Polynesians This is a map of whose migrations?

  17. Ship of small to moderate size used in the western Indian Ocean, traditionally with a triangular sail and a sewn timber hull. Dhow

  18. This is entitled “CARRYING FOODSTUFFS TO A STOREHOUSE “ So it is most likely of what peoples? Felipe Huaman Poma de Ayala, INCANS CARRYING FOODSTUFFS TO A STOREHOUSE (1615). Courtesy of Pictures of Record,

  19. Who most likely produced this (name of dynasty) Travellers amid Mountains and Streams by Fan Kuan (Song Dynasty, 11th century).

  20. This is a picture of the Inca City of ___________ ______________ The llama is an exception to what that is true of civilization in the Americas? The Inca City of Machu Pichu Something about all that is done without domesticating large animals

  21. This is a picture of whose clever use of horses and a calvary? Mongols

  22. The world’s first _________ ____________; a key component of the _________ (name of dynasty) commercial revolution Paper money Song

  23. Ooh ah, what’s that guy holding? A quipu

  24. This is the _________________ Empire

  25. An apt title for this map would be the “__________ ______-_______” Swahili city-states

  26. What would the key for the red area say? Shiite Islam

  27. .  This map was titled the expansion of ____________ Islam

  28. Crusades This map shows the ________

  29. Toltecs Immediate precursors to the Aztecs

  30. Created in what century? Eighth Age of Charlemagne in 768-814

  31. This is a map of the ___________ empire Its capital was_____ Look at that extensive system of _________ Incan Roads Cuzco

  32. What is the black box in the middle? And which obligation (Arabic term) does this illustrate? The Kaaba The Hajj

  33. This is a picture of a c________________, who held supreme civil, military, and religious power in Islamic lands caliph

  34. What Empire? Inca

  35. Which group of people in Western Europe in the Middle Ages probably produced this? And who is probably being baptized? A Monk; Clovis

  36. Buddhism Shintoism From the Chinese, the Japanese borrowed writing in the 5th century;  and __________in the 6th (which peacefully coexisted with _____________, with many believing in both);

  37. Mansa Musa Who is this?

  38. Zen This is a picture of a Japanese ____ Garden

  39. This women is probably spinning as part of the _______ her village owes tribute Felipe Huaman Poma de Ayala, INCAN WOMEN SPINNING WOOL AND THREAD (1615). Courtesy of Pictures of Record,

  40. What has been covered up in these titles? City States

  41. What dynasty did this practice start in and in what dynasty did the practice spread?? Tang; Song comparison between a woman with normal feet (left) and a woman with bound feet in 1902

  42. This was titled “World of the ______________” Vikings or Norse

  43. What is this and where would you go to visit it today (name of country) ? Ankor Wat, Cambodia

  44. This would be titled a comparison of _______________ Feudalism

  45. This is a picture of what city? Constantinople

  46. Felipe Huaman Poma de Ayala, __________________ (name of peoples) HARVESTING ___________ (what?) (1615). Image donated by Corbis-Bettmann. INCANS HARVESTING POTATOES

  47. What religion would this be associated with? Eastern Orthodox

  48. Gold or salt Assume these trades are in the Sahara desert in the post classical era. They are carrying one of the two most commonly traded items across the Sahara. What might they be carrying (2 answers)

  49. What would be the title of this picture? Pope’s ___________of __________________ (name). Pope’s coronation of Charlemagne