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Summer Pay for 9 Month Faculty and Staff PowerPoint Presentation
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Summer Pay for 9 Month Faculty and Staff

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Summer Pay for 9 Month Faculty and Staff
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Summer Pay for 9 Month Faculty and Staff

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  1. Summer Pay for 9 Month Faculty and Staff A PowerPoint Primer for Payroll Preparers – Summer 2006 Compensation, Human Resources

  2. 9 month appointments & pay • 9 month is a special status specific to the academic environment, uncommon elsewhere • The status usually involves some individuals who also work summer terms and some who don’t • University offers special pay options (and insurance premium deduction options) to this group

  3. What are 9 month pay options? • 9/9 means regular salary is divided by 9 and paid out Sept – May. This is the default pay option. • 9/12 means regular salary is paid out Sept - August with summer being “reserve pay.” This is the elected option. • Choice applies to base pay only. Augmentations are not spread over summer • Choice made by continuing 9 month faculty/staff during Summer Enrollment period • Newly hired 9 month employees must select 9/12 month pay option prior to first paycheck

  4. How Summer Payroll Works… • Those on 9/12 must remain in their primary job record (empl_rcd) for the summer months to pay out their summer reserve pay • Reserve pay will show “paid not earned” on earnings statements • A separate job record must be used to pay for work performed in summer or Maymester, regardless of the 9/9 or 9/12 pay option selected

  5. What this means for payroll processing • “Summer Budget” (including Maymester) of initial regular faculty summer appointments (regular teaching, chairs, and Junior Faculty Summer Research Fellowship) is being handled through spreadsheets provided by the Provost Office • Corrections and additions for regular faculty (including external Faculty Research and Faculty Research Grants), and for 9 month staff, will be handled using the HRM-12 form • TF, TA, and Special Appointments continue to be paid on HRM-7 as previously

  6. WHEN do I use HRM-12? • Use for correcting, adding, or terminating Summer Budget entries for regular faculty appointments that were not submitted on your summer faculty spreadsheets • Use for 9 month Staff who work Summer months • Dining Services employees • Housing employees • Intensive English ESL instructors • Use for Summer Research appointments (external or FRG) for regular Faculty

  7. HRM-12 Basics • Available on HR EIS and Forms websites ( and • The name says it all – “Appointment Authorization for Maymester and Summer Payroll for Current 9 month Regular Faculty and Staff” • Works like a HRM-7 generally but just for summer and Maymester • Does not reference the primary position number for the employee • Dean and VP must sign form

  8. HRM-12 Basics • Only one employee may be submitted per form • All NEW HIRES must be processed on a HRM-6 form instead of the HRM-12 • A comments section is included where you can give us more info about the data on the form. For Faculty, please include regular 9 month salary contract amount • Do not enter an empl_rcd # unless making a change to a previously submitted appointment. For HIR actions, HR Records will assign the appropriate empl_rcd #.

  9. Job Coding using HRM-12 • Regular academic job codes for Summer I, Summer II will be the same as during regular academic terms (ex: 0200, 0300, etc.) • For Maymester use XXX5 codes • Authorize Faculty Research appointments on 1301 Faculty Research (do not use regular faculty job code) • For Staff use regular job code

  10. QUESTIONS? • The faculty or staff member doesn’t use 9/12 pay – do I still use the HRM-12? Yes, you use HRM-12 for employees with either 9/9 or 9/12 pay. • Can I put an employee’s entire summer on one form? Yes, you may have multiple time periods, job codes, and payment accounts. • Do I use the Employee Record # from previous job records? No, this # will be assigned by HR Records. However, please use this assigned number if you need to make any changes. • Other questions? – please contact HR Compensation for assistance.