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Knowledge Connections

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Knowledge Connections

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  1. Term Definition Knowledge Connections Picture

  2. Essential Question What were causes and outcomes of the Zulu War, the Sepoy Rebellion and the Boxer Rebellion?

  3. Who were the Zulu? ZULU WAR The European race to divide up Africa brought war to the continent’s southwestern coast… South Africa had belonged to the native ZULU tribe Dutch settlers known as BOERS had also lived in South Africa for several centuries

  4. What started the conflict? When the British arrived in South Africa, they pushed the Boers off their land and into Zulu territory ZULU WAR The Zulu fought back They were led by their king SHAKA ZULU

  5. What was the result of the war? In a six month conflict known as the ZULU WAR… ZULU WAR The British defeated the Zulu The Zulu territory fell under British control in 1887

  6. Who were the sepoy? SEPOY REBELLION The EAST INDIA COMPANY of Britain controlled India The company had its own: • Soldiers • Forts • Hired Indian Soldiers(known as SEPOYS)

  7. What started the conflict? The SEPOY were asked to use powder cartridges greased with pig and cow fat SEPOY REBELLION To the Muslim people of India… pigs are sacred To the Hindu people of India… cows are sacred The Hindu and the Muslim sepoy joined together in a rebellion against the British

  8. What was the result of the rebellion? SEPOY REBELLION The rebellion ended in 1858… The East India Company lost its hold on India… India was put under the direct rule of Great Britain

  9. What problems faced China? By 1900, China had serious problems… BOXER REBELLION • A corrupt government • A growing population • Food shortages • Peasant unrest • Powerful local warlords To China, many of these problems were caused by FOREIGNERS outsiders

  10. Who were the Boxers? Many Chinese disliked foreign influence in their country BOXER REBELLION By the late 1890’s, secret societies were forming to ride China of outsiders One group was known as the Society of Harmonious Fists…better known as the BOXERS

  11. What was the result of the rebellion? BOXER REBELLION Starting in 1900, the Boxers attacked foreigners in China Britain France Germany Russia Japan United States Sent troops to China The Boxer Rebellion was brought to an end and foreigners gained more control over China

  12. Essential Question What were causes and outcomes of the Zulu War, the Sepoy Rebellion and the Boxer Rebellion?