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Navigation System

Navigation System. Navigation System. Full IRS preflight alignment? 10 minutes. Used to provide ADI attitude and magnetic heading. Fast realignment? 30 seconds. Which IRU's remain powered after 5 minutes when AC power is lost on a 767-300ER?

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Navigation System

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  1. Navigation System

  2. Navigation System Full IRS preflight alignment? 10 minutes Used to provide ADI attitude and magnetic heading Fast realignment? 30 seconds Which IRU's remain powered after 5 minutes when AC power is lost on a 767-300ER? Left and Center. The right is limited for 5 minute operation Which IRU's remain powered after 5 minutes when AC power is lost on the aircraft on a 757? The right, with some exceptions.

  3. Hydraulic System 757

  4. Hydraulic System 767 s p

  5. Hydraulic System RAT is deployed and producing Hydraulic pressure. 130knts 767 Automatically deploy? Both engines fail 757 Reserve brakes and steering PTU Reserve brakes RAT Flight controls All Hydraulic Systems high load components (gear, flaps, and slats) Normal brakes Alternate brakes Flaps, slats, gear and steering When will PTU automatically operate? Left engine shutdown or left engine pump pressure is low and right engine is operating Operate continuously with switch ON What status page indication is displayed when the hydraulic reservoir requires servicing? RF (Magenta).

  6. Emergency Lights Passenger oxygen system is operating and the masks have dropped Automatically deploy? At 14,000 ft cabin altitude What is the meaning of an illuminated Emergency Lights UNARMED light? Emergency lights switch is not in the ARMED position.

  7. Which lights will illuminate if an Emergency Door is opened with the escape slides armed and the EMER LIGHTS switch in the ARMED position? Exterior fuselage lights and interior emergency lights illuminate on that side Overhead Lights A forward, aft emergency door, or wing slide door is not closed, and locked 2 doors (757). 3 doors (767) Fwd equip bay or E/E compt. door 6 entry doors Stabilizer trim is ½ the control normal wheel switch rate. Probe is not being heated in flight or neither engine is running on the ground. 1. Runaway trim 2. A/P trims opp to elevator control 3. Manual trim in opp. direction of A/P trim When does the probe heat operate? Electrical power is applied to the probe heat any time an engine is running. One or more spoiler pairs are inoperative Rudder Ratio system has failed. Limits rudder deflection at high airspeeds. A fault is detected

  8. Standby Power How long is the main (aircraft) battery capable of powering the Standby Power System? 30 minutes On Standby Power,what effect will battery depletion have on the gear and flaps?(767) ADP in center Hydraulic system requires DC power to operate. When ADP quits, there will be no Center hydraulic system pressure, therefore no way to operate gear and no flaps hydraulically (ADP air supply valve will close when DC power is lost) Loss of power to either the standby AC or DC bus or both

  9. Electrical System

  10. Electrical System Utility bus load shedding? B-Both Thrust Levers advanced to takeoff range on the ground with Engines shutdown O-Overload (electrical load exceeds power available) S-Starting Engines S-Single Generator source (Generator or Engine failure) Purpose of the Bus Tie System? P - Prevents paralleling of L or R main buses P - Provides power to both main buses I - Isolates faults 1. Allows DC Bus Tie Breaker to close with loss of DC power 2. Allows Capt's Flight Instruments to remain powered with loss of Left AC bus 3. Allows F/O's Flight Instruments to remain powered with loss of Right AC bus With a L AC bus fault, will Capt's flight instruments fail? No, automatically powered from R main AC bus. When can a disconnected IDG be reconnected? Only on ground and requires maintenance

  11. Electrical System What items are normally powered by Ground Service Bus power? Main battery charger, APU battery charger, and misc. cabin/system loads Items Ground Handling Bus powers? Cargo handling and equipment Ground Handling Bus powered? On ground with external power connected or from APU generator Normal source of power for Ground Service Bus? Right main AC bus What happens to Electrical System when engines are started with external or APU electrical power in use? IDG automatically powers respective main bus and previous power source is disconnected from that bus. Alternate sources of power for Ground Service Bus? APU Generator of External Power HDG provide power to? 1.Battery and Hot Battery Buses 2.Left and Right AC transfer Buses 3.Standby AC and DC buses 4.Either Captain's or first officer's flight instrument transfer bus Main differences in the -300ER Electrical System? HDG and L & R AC Transfer bus Hydraulic System drives the HDG? Center HDG activate automatically? L & R AC buses are unpowered How can First Officer's flight instruments be powered from the HDG? ALTN on the FLT INSTR BUS PW switch.

  12. How is fuel supplied to APU when AC power is available? Left FWD AC fuel pump How is fuel supplied to APU during start on an unpowered aircraft? DC Fuel pump in left main tank What is the maximum altitude for APU electrical power? Aircraft service ceiling APU Where are the APU's EGT and RPM indications located? Status page How do you reset APU fault detection circuitry in the case of a transient fault? Select OFF What are APU starter duty limitations? 3 start attempts in a 60 minute period How does APU FAULT light affect APU operation? Immediate automatic shutdown with no timed cool down Will APU shut down immediately if selected off with APU BLEED valve open? No, a time delay is incorporated to allow for APU cool down How will turning BATTERY switch to OFF with APU running affect the APU on the ground? APU will shut down after a cool down cycle. Not recommended due to loss of APU Fire Detection

  13. APU

  14. Starter/Ignition What is required Bleed Air Duct pressure to complete an Engine ground pneumatic start (Engine start using a huffer ground source)? A duct pressure of 30 psi or greater What is the time limit for igniter operation? No limit

  15. Fuel System 2600 PPM Center tank Accomplished anytime when activated Low pump output pressure. Allows any fuel pump to supply fuel to either engine 767 ER 757 Why will center tank fuel be used before the main tanks with all fuel tank pumps operating? Center tanks fuel pumps have twice pump output pressure of main pumps Center pumps off with more than 1200 lbs in center tank. Low fuel of 2200 lbs in either main tank. Fuel imbalance of 1800 lbs (757) or 2000 pounds +/- 500 lbs (767) between L & R main tanks When will center tank pumps operate? Respective engine is above 50% N2 Can fuel balancing be done in any phase of flight? Yes.

  16. Fuel System

  17. Ice/Rain Protection System When should Engine Anti-Ice be used? . OAT is 50 degrees F (10C) or less &: "Visible moisture is present or "Runways and taxiways are wet Both ice detectors have failed Icing is detected and any switch is OFF or an anti-ice valve is closed Wing anti-ice can be operated in flight only and is inhibited on the ground 767 757 Ice Detector System indicates ice buildup on the airplane Commands wing and engine anti-ice valves to open and close automatically as directed by Ice Detection System in flight. Auto function is inhibited on the ground Part of wing does Wing Anti-Ice System on B767 heat? Three outboard leading edge slats on each wing. Part of wing does Wing Anti-Ice System on B757 heat? Three mid-wing leading edge slats on each wing. WINDOW HEAT INOP light Window is not being heated

  18. Ice/Rain Protection System 757 767 Can an engine that is shut down be anti-iced on a 757? Yes (thru the islolation valve) Can an engine that is shut down be anti-iced on a 767? No What part of engine does Engine Anti-Ice System heat? Engine cowl inlets are heated by bleed air.

  19. Pressurization System Reset 8500ft 11,000 feet during automatic operation? Regardless of mode selected (AUTO 1, 2), the outflow valve is signaled to close 1. AUTO 1 and AUTO 2 are both inoperative or manual mode has been selected 2. Regain control By placing MODE SELECTOR in manual. What should be put in LDG ALT window if a return to takeoff airport is necessary? New destination airport AUTO mode fails? Automatically switches to the other auto mode Limits of 500FPM climb and 300FPM descent

  20. Equipment Cooling/Cargo Heat How is smoke removed from the Equipment Cooling System on the B-757? Automatically with the overboard exhaust valve Why must L RECIRC FAN switch on B-757 remain ON at all times? To provide E/E cooling Equip Cooling Inoperative How long before a loss of essential avionics & electrical equipment could occur? 90 Minutes. (essential equipment on STBY buses only) 757 OVRD has been selected and no cooling airflow detected in forward E/E. Armed only in OVRD position Provides maximum cooling (Reconfigures the system for recirculating the cooling air back through the system) How are cargo compartments heated on the B757? Automatic, no controls or indicators in cockpit. Heat provided from the bleed air system 767 Cargo Compartment temperature is above standard control range. Position of the Equipment Cooling Selector is used to remove SMOKE 767

  21. Describe how bleed air is normally supplied to the center duct on the B767. From the crossover manifold which is supplied from either engine or APU. Pneumatics Duct pressure to complete an Engine ground pneumatic start (Engine start using a huffer ground source). A duct pressure of 30 psi or greater. A high temperature leak is detected 767ER 757 BLEED and Engine Bleed OFF lights illuminating simultaneously? Bleed Air Malfunction (bleed air temperature is excessive) Systems use bleed air from center duct on 767? ADP for C Hydraulic System, aft & bulk cargo compartment heat & C Hydraulic Sys reservoir Arms the engine bleed air valve to open when bleed air is available Engine Bleed Air Valve is closed Bleed Air malfunction (bleed air temperature is excessive How are the bleed air valves actuated? Pressure actuated

  22. Which temperature zone controls the output of the air conditioning packs during automatic temperature control? The compartment demanding the coolest temperature What is the purpose of the Trim Air System? Adds warm air to control individual zone temperatures as required by the Zone Temperature Controller Air-conditioning System 767 757 Trim Air System fails or the TRIM AIR switch OFF? Packs auto maintain an avg. temp. to all compartments Restore pack operation once pack has cooled by pushing which switch. overheated or autocontroller fault The pack valve is closed (pack is off). Sets a temperature to full cold operation

  23. Auto Flight System Loss of the left AC bus affect the Autoflight System? Loss of L&C FCC's. This will render the autopilots inoperative What does THR HOLD indicate? Thrust levers remain in existing position or where manually placed Describe what happens when the APP switch is pushed? 1.Arms LOC and GS 2.If an autopilot is engaged it will arm the other autopilots 3.Busses separate to provide independent sources of power to the autopilots Autothrottle controlling to the selected EPR reference thrust What roll modes does the Bank Limit Selector affect? HDG SEL How can another pitch or roll mode be engaged after localizer and/or glideslope mode are captured? With LOC captured, select another roll mode. With G/S captured, select another pitch mode. With LOC and G/S both captured, you must select GA or disengage the autopilots and turn both FD's off Speed on Pitch attitude Altitude at the time the switch was pushed LOC Capture. LOC appears green in each ADI, ILS frequency change in inhibited, and Heading Bug slews to selected ILS front course What happens during an automatic approach at 1500 feet RA with the localizer and glideslope captured? ASA annunciates LAND 3, multi A/P engagement and rudder control engagement, FLARE and ROLLOUT armed What happens at 200 feet RA? LAND 2/NO LAND 3 is inhibited, and electrical system auto power transfer inhibited (bus isolation)

  24. ADI On takeoff F/D's command airspeed? 1.The greater of V2 + 15 or liftoff speed + 15 2.If current airspeed remains above target airspeed for 5 seconds, target airspeed resets to current airspeed, to a max of V2 + 25 3.IAS/MACH window speed if IAS/MACH window speed is changed to speed greater than target airspeed What are the color designations for armed modes versus engaged modes on the ADI? White indicates armed and green indicates active What occurs during an automatic go-around once a climb rate of 2000 FPM is reached? Autothrottles control thrust to maintain 2000 FPM If an engine fails during takeoff, the F/D's command what airspeed? V2 or airspeed at lift-off, whichever is greater How large of an airspeed deviation does the Fast/Slow Indicator show? +/- 10 knots What are the indications of an ILS receiver failure? LOC and GS flags What occurs with a flight failure in either pitch or roll? The respective steering bars disappear autopilot is engaged At lift-off, what do roll commands maintain? Ground track What happens if Windshear is detected & either GA switch is pushed? Activates the Windshear Recovery Guidance System

  25. ND What is indicated at the top of the HSI compass rose when operating in the MAP mode? Track Distance to the active waypoint ETA at the Active waypoint 400 feet Describe how to distinguish the active waypoints from other waypoints. The active waypoint is magenta

  26. Flight Instruments

  27. Flight Instrument failures • HDG/ATT/TRK/RDMI flag

  28. Flight Instrument failures ADI or HSI failure

  29. Flight Instrument failures LOC, G/S, RA failure

  30. Flight Instrument failures Map Failure

  31. Flight Instrument failures Mach/Airspeed, Altimeter, VSI failure

  32. Standby Instruments What is the attitude information source for the Standby Attitude Indicator? Self contained gyro What is the ILS information source for the Standby Attitude Indicator? Center ILS receiver

  33. Which Hydraulic System power the Normal Brake System on the B-757? Right B-767? Right Brakes Which Hydraulic System power the Alt. Brake System on the B-757? Left B-767? Center When are the autobrakes activated during a rejected takeoff? On the ground, above 85 knots, and both thrust levers at idle How is the Alternate Brake System activated? Automatically with low right hydraulic system pressure Which Hydraulic System powers the reserve brakes on the B-767? Center B-757? Right Autobrakes are disarmed or inoperative What happens when the RESERVE BRAKES switch is pushed on the B-757? Reserve hydraulic fluid is provided to the right hydraulic system electric pump. Pump pressure is then supplied to the normal brake system only What is the backup source of hydraulic pressure for Nose Wheel Steering System on the B767? Center reserve fluid using the C-1 hydraulic pump, which is activated by the RESERVE BRAKES and STEERING switch When are Autobrakes deactivated? Fault (autobrake or antiskid) Speedbrake lever moved to down detent after deployment on ground Thrust lever, either advanced after landing Off selected Pedal braking applied Which Brake Systems have anti-skid capability? Normal, alternate, reserve, and accumulator Normal and Alternate Brake Hydraulic System pressures are low

  34. EICAS/Warning How can warning alerts messages be cleared? Only by correcting condition causing warning Describe function of AUTO position of Standby Engine Indicator Selector. Powers up if AC power is lost, if EICAS fails, or if a CRT has failed & STATUS selected on ground How many EICAS computers? Two What is function of RECALL switch? Displays first page of any previously canceled EICAS messages if conditions still exist When will Landing Configuration Warning alert crew if the gear is not down and locked? In flight & aircraft is at or below 800 feet RA with either thrust lever set to idle or any time the flaps are in a landing position What EICAS message occurred first? The last on the list (bottom) ex. [R Pack Off] What is min dispatch pressure for crew oxygen? 1,000 PSI

  35. EICAS/Warning Identify most recent EICAS messages? Most recent message is displayed at top of its respective level MASTER WARNING lights & Fire Bell inhibited? Nose gear strut extension for 20 seconds or 400 feet RA (whichever occurs first When are MASTER CAUTION lights and beeper inhibited? On the ground with both fuel cutoff switches in cutoff or on takeoff at 80 knots & ends at 400 ft RA or 20 sec. after rotation whichever occurs first How does an abort above 80 knots affect MASTER CAUTION lights and beeper? Inhibited until slowing below 75 knots What type of abnormal situation is indicated by a bell aural? Fire warning What is the purpose of a status message? Messages affecting aircraft dispatch

  36. Power Plant What is the primary instrument for setting thrust on the B757? EPR What normally controls Maximum Certified Thrust Limit (dual amber radials on inside of the EPR indicator)? EEC's or the TMC What color will the EGT pointer and counter turn when reaching the Maximum Continuous EGT Limit? Amber except during Takeoff or Go Around amber color change will be delayed for five minutes How long can engine be operated with the oil temperature above red line limit? No time allowed - engine must be shut down.

  37. Power Plant ON INOP 757 767 (FADEC) B767PW (FADEC)? operating in alt. (N1) mode. Powers EEC from airplane power. maintenance purposes only, unless directed per MEL for dispatch.( 757) Primary source of power for EEC's? Own alternator B767PW (FADEC)? operating in. (EPR) mode. 767 (Non FADEC) Why EEC INOP on the B767 (GE) call for reducing thrust levers to mid position before turning OFF EEC control switch? Prevents exceeding thrust limits EEC INOP light on the B-767 GE (NON-FADEC)? It is either failed or turned off.

  38. Power Plant

  39. Landing Gear

  40. Landing Gear How are the uplocks released on the B767 using the Alternate Gear Extension System? An electric motor trips the locking mechanism for each gear 767 Describe how the Alternate Gear Extension System operates on the B757. Fluid in the supply line to a dedicated DC powered electric hydraulic pump is pressurized to release door and gear uplocks 757

  41. Flight Controls What illuminates TRAILING EDGE light? A flap disagree exists or a flap asymmetry exists or Flap Load Relief system is not operating when required When would automatic ground spoiler deployment occur? Speedbrake Lever armed, landing gear fully on the ground (not tilted), and thrust levers are at idle When will the speedbrakes deploy if they are not armed prior to landing? On the ground when either reverse thrust lever moved to the reverse idle detent. What happens to the Slats and Flaps when Flaps 1 is selected on the B757? Slats move to midrange and flaps extend to 1. What type of trim will override input of Electrical Trim switches on the control wheel? Alternate Trim Lever or ALTN STAB TRIM switch input. What happens to the slats and flaps on the B-767 when flaps 1 degree is selected? Slats go to Midrange position and the flaps remain retracted When do the slats move to the landing position? Selection of flaps 25 degrees How many ailerons are installed on a B757? Two. On a B767? Four. STAB TRIM CUTOUT switches do in cutout posit.? Removes hydraulic power to respective Stabilizer Trim Control Module Describe what happens when either Alternate Flaps switch is placed in ALTN position. Arms selected LE slat or TE flap alternate drive unit & shuts off hydraulic power to both slat & flap drive systems Type of asymmetry and load relief protection are available when using ALTN extension? None, except for the 757 LE slats. (asymmetry protection) When do the outboard ailerons on the B767 operate? At low airspeeds

  42. Fire Protection System What type of fire protection is provided for the main gear wheel well? The main gear wheel well has fire detection and warning. There is no fire extinguishing system Describe what happens when an APU fire occurs on the ground? On the ground, a fire warning horn sounds and the APU auto shuts down With an engine fire, how can the fire bell be silenced? 1.Extinguishing the fire 2.Pulling the engine fire switch 3.Pushing either master warning/caution reset switch Describe when the Engine, APU, and Cargo Fire Detection System are tested. Automatically when electrical power is applied or manually by using the FIRE/OVHT test panel

  43. Fire Protection System How many fire bottles are available for cargo fires on 757? 767ER? Two, Three. What indications on the overhead panel would you expect to see illuminated after pushing the AFT Cargo Compartment ARM switch on a B-757? Right Recirc Fan INOP light What indications on the overhead panel would you expect to see illuminated after pushing the AFT Cargo Compartment ARM switch on a B-767? Both Recirc Fan INOP lights Why is it important to push the FAIL P-RESET switch after a sys fail light illuminates? Resetting allows monitoring of the remaining systems and extinguishes the fail light What are the cockpit indications of a failure of the Engine Fire Detection System? SYS FAIL light illuminates and an EICAS Advisory message

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