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Hiring the Right Person

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Hiring the Right Person. Dr. Jill V. Mills Mount Olive College jmills@moc.edu. Finding and Hiring the Right Employees. Understanding mission, goals and objectives of the agency Knowing the Job (Job Analysis) Describing the Job (Job Description) Recruiting (Internal and External)

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hiring the right person

Hiring the Right Person

Dr. Jill V. Mills

Mount Olive College


finding and hiring the right employees
Finding and Hiring the Right Employees
  • Understanding mission, goals and objectives of the agency
  • Knowing the Job (Job Analysis)
  • Describing the Job (Job Description)
  • Recruiting (Internal and External)
  • Selecting (Tests, Interviews, Documentation)
position analysis a systematic investigation of
Position Analysis: A systematic investigation of
  • the tasks, duties, and responsibilities of a job
  • necessary knowledge, skills and abilities someone needs to do the job adequately

The job description, orientation and training needs, and information for employee appraisal come from this job analysis data.

job analysis format
Job Analysis Format
  • Information Input: Where and how does the worker get the information used in performing the job?
  • Mental Process: What reasoning, decision making, and information processing activities are involved in performing the job?
job analysis format1
Job Analysis Format
  • Work Output: What physical activities does the worker perform and what tools or devices does he or she use?
  • Relationships with other persons: What relationships with other people are required in performing the job?
job analysis format2
Job Analysis Format
  • Job Context: In what physical or social context is the work performed?
  • Other Characteristics: What activities, conditions, or characteristics other than those already described are relevant to the job? (hours, travel, type of supervision, etc.)
job description
Job Description
  • Function Statement: A general statement of the responsibilities of the position
  • Supervision: A statement specifying to whom the employee is responsible
  • Domains: Statements outlining the major areas of responsibilities
  • Task Statements: A list of behaviors that distinguish the position
  • Worker Traits: A list of the knowledge, skills, and abilities that are essential for the position
  • Desired Education Experience: A statement of the education, training, and/or experience required and/or desired for the position.
  • Special Requirements: Certifications, special knowledge, specific requirements of the job
recruitment strategies
Recruitment Strategies
  • Creating a pool of qualified applicants
  • Internal Recruitment
    • Promotion or transfer of existing employees
    • Employees recruit new employees
  • External Recruitment
    • Announcements through local print, broadcast media, postings, newsletters, websites
    • Targeting qualified individuals
steps to selection
Steps to Selection
  • Review Job Description
  • Prioritize the skills, characteristics, experience, and knowledge needed for the position
  • Determine Testing (if applicable)
  • Develop an Interview Guideline—a set of questions you will ask each applicant
  • Determine a system of documentation
asking the right questions
Asking the Right Questions
  • Questions must be based on what the employee needs to be able to do, matching the job description.
  • Directed questions: brief and factual
  • Open-ended questions: looking for more thorough, process-oriented responses
  • Ask simpler questions early. Use a mixture of question types. Cover those prioritized job skills, experience, traits.
behavioral based questions
Behavioral-based Questions

Past performance is the best indicator of future performance!

  • “Tell me about a situation when…”
  • “Tell me how you have…”
  • “From your past experience…”
situational questions
Situational Questions
  • Develop a scenario and ask the applicant to place themselves in the situation
  • Use real situations encountered by a person with that job title which asks about a specific necessary trait or skill
asking the wrong questions how to avoid discriminating
Asking the Wrong Questions: How to Avoid Discriminating
  • Ask only questions which focus on job performance/responsibilities
  • Ask everyone the same questions
  • Avoid questions that focus on:
    • Personal Matters
    • Health Issues
    • Ethnicity/Race/Religion
    • Non-essential job duties
develop interview guide
Develop Interview Guide
  • Building Rapport
  • Asking Informational Questions
  • Using Behavioral-based questions
  • Applying situational questions
  • Closing and Thanks
  • Documentation
where were you born
Where were you born?
  • Can not ask questions regarding citizenship or national origin
  • Also cannot ask
    • where were you born?
    • Where were your parents born?
  • Better asked as
    • Are you authorized to work in the United States?
what languages do you speak
What languages do you speak?
  • OK – If relevant to job performance
  • Cannot ask
    • What is your native language?
    • Where did you learn to speak the language?
how old are you
How old are you?
  • Illegal question
  • Cannot ask questions such as
    • how old are you?
    • when did you graduate from high school or college?
    • What is your birthday?
  • Better asked as
    • Are you over the age of 18?
are you married
Are you Married?
  • Cannot ask
    • What is marital status?
    • Who do you live with?
    • Are you divorced?
    • How many children do you have?
    • When do you plan to have a family?
    • What are your child care arrangements?
  • Should be phrased as:
    • Are you willing to relocate?
    • Can you travel?
    • Can you work overtime as needed?
how tall are you
How Tall are you?
  • Public agencies cannot ask:
    • How tall are you?
    • How much do you weigh?
  • Some commercial agencies can ask these.
  • Better asked as:
    • Can you lift and carry a certain weight if needed?
    • Must be relevant to the job duties
disabilities health
  • Cannot ask:
    • Do you have any disabilities?
    • Questions concerning past or existing illness
    • Family medical history
  • Should ask:
    • Are you able to perform the duties of the job, with or without reasonable accommodations?
clubs organizations affiliations
  • Cannot ask:
    • What clubs or groups do you belong to?
    • What religion are you?
    • What political party are you a member of?
  • Can ask:
    • Do you belong to any relevant professional or trade groups or organizations that are associated with this position?
arrest record
Arrest Record
  • Cannot ask:
    • Have you ever been arrested?
  • Should be phrased as
    • Have you ever been convicted of __________
    • Specific crime
    • Should be reasonably related to job in question
    • Could also ask for relevant clearances if applicable.
military service
Military Service
  • Can ask:
    • Have you served in the US Military?
    • What Branch did you serve in?
    • What military training do you have relevant to this position?
  • Cannot Ask:
    • Were you in another country’s military?
    • Did you receive an honorable discharge?
review hiring the right person
Review:Hiring the Right Person
  • Review the job analysis and job description—you are looking for the best fit for a particular job
  • Study the application material
  • Check references on any strong candidates
  • Use interview guide
  • Use the documentation system