IPhone/iPad Keeps Restarting - How to Solve?
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iPhone/iPad Keeps Restarting - How to Solve? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Your iPhone or iPad may keep restarting randomly after you install some apps or upgrading the phone the iOS version. When you try to deliver a message or make a phone call, the phone restarts and interrupts the process.

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iPhone/iPad Keeps Restarting - How to Solve?

Your iPhone or iPad may keep restarting randomly after you install some apps or

upgrading the phone the iOS version. When you try to deliver a message or make a

phone call, the phone restarts and interrupts the process. This is not a rare situation. You

can do something to solve such problem. We recommend you to try the common fixes we

provide to simply stop it restarting. If the simplest way does not way, you can try the best

method in Section 2.

Solution 1: Common Fixes for iPhone/iPad Keeping Restarting

Solution 1. Switch off/on Cellular

This is the simplest way to stop your iPhone/iPad from restarting randomly and it is worth

trying. However it does not work all the time. You can toggle the Cellular feature ON/OFF

by following the path below:

1) Activate the Settings app in your iPhone 7/7 Plus, etc.

2) Select and touch "Cellular".

3) Tap the toggle following "Cellular" to switch it ON/OFF.

Solution 2. Rebooting iPhone/iPad Manually

The way is as easy-to-proceed as the former one. Steps go as below:

1) Hold the Home button + the Power button of your iDevice at the same time.

2) Wait for several seconds.

3) Release your fingers till the Apple logo appears on the screen. The phone will get


Solution 3. Reset your iPhone/iPad

1) Back up your iPhone/iPad with a safe method.

2) Go to Settings app.

3) Enter the General page.

4) Scroll down and touch "Reset".

5) Touch "Reset All Settings".

Solution 4. Uninstall Faulty Applications from your iPhone/iPad

Apps you download onto your iPhone can contains glitches and enable your device to

keep restarting randomly although they work normally and seamlessly. Try to recall that if

you have installed such apps before your phone gets rebooting. If yes, remove them:

1) Long tap on the app icon.

2) Tap the cross icon when it appears.

3) A pop-up note will appears and prompt that you are deleting the app with all of its data.

4) Tap "Delete".

Solution 5. Restore the iPhone/iPad with an Old Backup

If the abovementioned solutions fail to solve the problems, try to restore the iPhone/iPad

with an old backup. Follow the guide step by step.

1) Power off your iPhone/iPad.

2) Connect your iOS device to the computer with a USB cable.

3) Press the Home button until the Connect iTunes message pops up.

4) iTunes will be activated and inform you that the plug-in device has been detected.

5) Go to the Summary panel on iTunes.

6) Click on "Restore".

After finishing the aforesaid steps, you should enjoy a functioning device. If you still fail

stop your phone from keeping rebooting automatically after trying all common solutions

above, you can fix your phone with FonePaw iOS system Recovery.

Solution 2: The Best Solution to Fix iPhone/iPad that Keeps Restarting

Step 1. Download and Install FonePaw iOS System Recovery

Download FonePaw iOS System Recovery by clicking the download button above. Note

that this program is AVAILABLE ON WINDOWS COMPUTER ONLY. When the download

process is completed, install and launch the software on your computer. Next, connect

your iPhone 7/7 Plus/iPad mini 4, etc. into the PC with USB cable.

Step 2. Select iPhone Repair Tools

When your device is plugged into the computer successfully, select "More tools" at the left

pane. Then choose "iOS System Recovery" which is highlighted in the interface.

Step 3. Detect Your iPhone/iPad

FonePaw iOS System Recovery will check the connected phone and recognize the issue

your phone is suffering. What you need to do is to click the "Start" button. You phone will

be forced into recovery mode.

Step 4. Download the Corresponding Firmware

The program will detect the phone model of your phone. If not, you need to manually

check the phone model and iOS version at the back of your iOS device and then select

the Device Category, etc. for your phone and click the "Repair" button.

Step 5. Force Your iPhone/iPad into Repairing Process

When the firmware is completely downloaded, the phone will repair your phone and stop it

from keeping restarting frequently. It will take some time. During this process, do not eject

your device from the computer or use the phone. In addition, the do not disconnect the

internet connection.

After step 5, your phone will be back to normal status and it will not keep restarting

automatically. If not, just contact us for further solutions.