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Belize ( British Honduras) PowerPoint Presentation
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Belize ( British Honduras)

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Belize ( British Honduras) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Belize ( British Honduras). A Beautiful Country. Map of Belize. Belize is certainly a small country, measuring some 70 miles wide at its widest, and only about 250 miles from top to bottom . (Taiwan, which is 245 miles long , 89 miles wide .). Belize Maya Sites.

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Belize ( British Honduras)

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    1. Belize(British Honduras) A Beautiful Country

    2. Map of Belize Belize is certainly a small country, measuring some 70 miles wide at its widest, and only about 250 miles from top to bottom. (Taiwan, which is 245 mileslong, 89 miles wide.)

    3. Belize Maya Sites Climb the 54 feet to its summit, and you'll enjoy some excellent jungle views.

    4. Blue Hole Belize The Belize Barrier Reef is second only in size to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Scuba diving and snorkeling at spots along the Belize Barrier Reef are surely unforgettable experiences, even for the most seasoned divers and snorkelers.

    5. Belize Caves These caves represented the Mayan realm of Xibalba, which they believed was a link of sorts to the spiritual world.

    6. Belize Hotels Placencia Hotels Caye Caulker Hotels Belize hotels must near the beach!!! Ambergris Caye Resorts

    7. Hidden Treasure Restaurant If you want to try a curious Belizean food item, then iguana might be on the menu. It tastes like chicken, which is actually true.

    8. Loco's Beach Bar To wash a heavier meal down, you can always order a Belikin beer. The national beer of Belize, Belikin comes in a few different varieties, and it's definitely not hard to find.

    9. Information about transportation Car Rentals is a good choice! There are a limited, yet sufficient amount of Belize international bus routes to and from surrounding countries, and you can even hop on a bus to go everywhere.

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