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Business Consulting Services

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Business Consulting Services - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Business Consulting Services. Agenda Discussion: Management Reports Discussion: Project Reports Discussion: Engagement Proposal Upcoming Events Review Project Planning/Management Questions. Management Reports. Progress Report Submitted each week at a time TBD.

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Business Consulting Services

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business consulting services
Business Consulting Services


  • Discussion: Management Reports
  • Discussion: Project Reports
  • Discussion: Engagement Proposal
  • Upcoming Events Review
  • Project Planning/Management
  • Questions

Business Consulting Services

management reports
Management Reports

Progress Report

  • Submitted each week at a time TBD.
  • Purpose: Helps me address the needs of you and your client.
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Engagement Proposal

Business Consulting Services

management reports1
Management Reports

Client Weekly Update

  • Purpose: Helps keep your client in the loop.
  • This is a template for your convenience. A substitute can be used.

Business Consulting Services

management reports2
Management Reports

Weekly Time Sheet

  • Kept daily.
  • Submitted Weekly to the professor via email.
  • Purposes:

1. Helps track budgeted cost vs. actual cost.

2. Trains you to monitor your time.

(attorneys, consultants, accountants do it).

Business Consulting Services

project documents
Project Documents

Non-Disclosure Agreement

  • Present to Client at First Meeting
  • Return to me after signing (no later than 2-24/25)
  • Purpose: Gives the client some assurance of confidentiality which will help you get better information.

Business Consulting Services

project documents1
Project Documents

Initial Client Survey = Tool

  • Use it to help you through the first meeting nervousness.
  • Edit the survey to eliminate unnecessary items.
  • Probe…listen…probe…listen
  • If you don’t understand, say so. Don’t assume!

Business Consulting Services

project documents2
Project Documents

Fact Finding Report

Due on 2-26-10


  • Part of the Engagement Letter.
  • Confirms your knowledge of the Client and the Client’s Industry.
  • Ultimately, forms the initial part of the Final Report.

Business Consulting Services

project documents3
Project Documents

Engagement Proposal


  • Begins the project negotiation
  • Ultimate objective: Define the terms of the engagement.

Business Consulting Services

project documents4
Project Documents

Engagement Proposal

Will describe:

  • Preliminary Problem Definition
  • Project Objectives
  • Scope
  • Data & Resources you’ll need
  • Your Role
  • Client’s Role
  • Assumptions and Constraints
  • Work Products and Final Deliverables
  • Deadlines and Milestones
  • Status Report Cycle
  • Reviews and Sign-offs
  • Reimbursement of Fees and Expenses
  • Engagement Proposal Synopsis

Business Consulting Services

project documents5
Project Documents

Engagement Proposal


  • Define exactly what aspects are included.
  • Define exactly what aspects are NOT included.

This avoids unmet expectations of the client and protects you from “Scope Creep”

Business Consulting Services

project documents6
Project Documents

Engagement Proposal

Assumptions and Constraints

  • “We assume XYZ will be able to scale up production.”
  • “To stay within budget constraints we will not conduct interviews.”

Do the assumptions and constraints prevent you from achieving the objectives? What then?

Business Consulting Services

project documents7
Project Documents

Engagement Proposal

Work Products & Final Deliverables:

  • Tell your client exactly what they will receive as a result of your work.
  • For example: “Oral and written reports that discuss the feasibility of your new product by analyzing the target market size, the price points and your production capabilities.”

Business Consulting Services

project documents8
Project Documents

Engagement Proposal

Deadlines and Milestones:

  • The final report will be delivered on “X, 2010”

Project milestones include:

  • Initial market report on “X + 15, 2010”
  • Results of survey on price points “X + 22, 2010”

Business Consulting Services

project documents9
Project Documents

Engagement Proposal

Status Report Cycle:

  • An agreed upon period for updates to your client
  • An agreed upon format for those updates
  • This depends to a large degree on your client’s wishes

Business Consulting Services

project documents10
Project Documents

Engagement Proposal

Fees and Expenses:

  • Detail what the client will pay for.
    • Mileage, printing, research, etc.
  • Detail how the client will be billed.
    • Expense list presented prior to final report.
  • Detail when the client pays you.
    • At the oral presentation or before

Business Consulting Services

project event
Project Event

Entry/Contracting Meeting


  • Establish Rapport
  • Get your Client’s Commitment
  • Set the Tone of your Relationship
  • Understand your Client’s Business
  • Establish Preliminary Problem Definition
  • Establish Preliminary Objectives

Business Consulting Services

what will it be like for your client

Be nervous

Feel uncomfortable

Feel uncertain


Talking a lot

Not talking enough

You should take control of the conversation by asking open-ended questions.

Probing the client’s answers.

What Will it be Like for your Client?

Business Consulting Services

what will it be like for you

be nervous

feel uncomfortable

feel uncertain


Dress professionally

Know your objectives

Develop a discussion outline

Do industry & environment research

Remember-your client wants you to succeed


What Will it be Like for You?

Business Consulting Services

upcoming events review
Upcoming Events Review
  • Client Presentations to class next Wednesday and Thursday.
    • Arrange first client meeting ASAP after client selection.
  • Fact Finding Report due: February 26th
  • Executed Non-Disclosure Agreement due immediately after 1st Client meeting.
  • Problem Definition & Issue Treedue: ENG 26th/ BA 25th

Business Consulting Services

getting it to work timelines project work plan
Getting it to Work – Timelines & Project Work Plan
  • Remember the objective!
  • Define tasks
  • Determine Skill Requirements
  • Assign Resources
  • Estimate Effort
  • Implement
project management tools
Project Management Tools
  • Excel GANTT chart
define tasks
Define Tasks
  • Develop issue lists
  • Determine work approach
    • Hypothesis driven
    • Implementation driven
  • Deliverable timing
  • Task interdependencies
  • Milestones
  • Prioritization
determine skill requirements
Determine Skill Requirements
  • Assess skill/competency requirement by activity task ---
      • Analysis
      • Data collection
      • Management
      • Technical
      • Administration
assign resources
Assign Resources
  • Match skill sets and experience
  • Consultants versus client staff
  • Availability
  • Workload issues
  • Development needs
estimate effort
Estimate Effort
  • Task complexity
  • Task dependencies
  • Related milestones
  • Data availability and quality
  • Previous consultant experience
  • Resource skills and availability
  • Final reviews
    • Team
    • Instructor
    • Client
  • Communicate work plan to all relevant parties
  • Monitor performance
  • Update
gantt chart

The Key to:

  • Project flow
  • Accountability
  • Time Budgeting
  • Resource Budgeting
  • Progress Analysis

Business Consulting Services