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Mechanical Engineering Guild. What ’ s that ?!. The Guild. Founded in 1974 Nowadays has about 500 members Every year over 40 new students begin their studies at the department of mechanical engineering in LUT and most of them become members of KRK

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The guild

The Guild

Founded in 1974

Nowadayshasabout500 members

Every year over 40 new students begin their studies at the department of mechanical engineering in LUT and most of them become members of KRK

KRK represents its members in university's student union and administration and arranges all kinds of activities, such as visits to different companies, sauna evenings every month and a huge amount of bigger and smaller parties, most of which have no reason whatsoever. The guild also offers consulting in virtually anything.

The guild s duties

The Guild’s Duties

The Mechanical Engineering Guild’s duties and role in university:

To unite the students in LUT

To raise and maintain interest in professional and common topics in society.

To work in cooperation with student union to improve students social and society status. And to improve the level of technical education in LUT and other technical universities in Finland.

And how we do it

And how we do it ?

The guild arranges..

meetings, parties and study trips to its members.

informative meetings concerning studies, technical university, education politics and current issues

information services publishing own newsletter and distributing literature to its members

Also the guild..

familiarizes the new students with university and its atmosphere and help to cope with problems in early stage of their studies

is interconnected with the mechanical engineering organizations and guild’s old members.

arranges different kind of events to its members

and so on...

The guild room

The Guild Room

How to getthere:

between the main restaurant and library (2nd floor, next to the librarystairs)


readprofessionalpublications (most of themare in finnishonly)

doexercises with yourfriends

relaxafterhardday of studying




computerwith access to the internet



The guild celebrates its anniversaries almost every year with good wines, food and, of course, in good company

  • Traditionally we celebrate the anniversaries together with 3 other guilds.



Our uniform (and trademark) in the numerous parties and events that take place along the year is an orange overall.

Don't ask why, we don't know either. It's part of the student tradition in Finland. I suppose it provides some kind of feeling of unity –and it usually protects the clothes underneath.

Students wear also different kind of badges on their overalls. You can buy guild’s own badges from our ’catering specialists’ and also from the university’s bookstore.

Membership fee

Membership Fee

If you want to join the guild, you’ll have to pay the membership fee of Mechanical Engineering Guild (KRK ry). You pay it only once in your lifetime to Nordea bank account (205418-44280, reference code 1847) and it’s only 10 €.

What advantages do You get from that:

You get our uniform (and trademark), an orange overall for free

You can join the study trips more cheaper.

And of course, after joining us, you can say proudly that you are one of


And finally

  • Currentissues :

  • Questions / feedback: pj(at)

    Afterall, ’koneteekkari’ is always a gentleman (-woman)!