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OCC Honorary Society New Members Training

Join the OCC Honorary Society at the University of Pittsburgh and learn about your role as a member, the mission and vision of the society, and how to promote OCC to future student leaders. Become an OCC Ambassador and help others complete the OCC.

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OCC Honorary Society New Members Training

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  1. OCC Honorary Society New Members Training University of Pittsburgh

  2. Purpose of New Members Training • To understand the mission and vision of the Honorary • To know your role as a member • To understand how you fit into this community

  3. Vision and Mission of the Honorary • Promote the OCC to future student leaders-We help others make the choice to better themselves by helping them access unique and useful life experiences. “Leaving a Legacy” • We promote the OCC to organizations, educating groups and individual students on the benefits of the OCC. • Incentivizing the OCC for members-We incentivize the OCC by offering members access to exclusive events, career preparation and leadership opportunities.

  4. What is my role? • Become an OCC Ambassador • Present to your organization on the benefits of the OCC and have your organization apply for an OCC Mini-Grant • Help 3 friends complete their OCC

  5. Become an OCC Ambassador • An OCC Ambassador is an Honorary member that seeks to effectively promote the Outside the Classroom Curriculum and recognizes their obligation to assist and cooperate in the development of its purposes in accordance with the OCC Honorary Pledge. • We want to help other students to take full advantage of the opportunities Pitt has to offer for the betterment of themselves and the university.

  6. How do I become an OCC Ambassador? • 3 steps to fulfill your role as OCC Ambassador • Step 1: Give an OCC presentation to your organization • Step 2: Educate your organization on the OCC Mini-Grant • Step 3: Personally assist 3 other students to complete the OCC

  7. OCC Ambassador • Step 1: Provide an OCC presentation to the organizations you are affiliated with or at least one organization. • Send an email to the OCC Honorary executive board, occhonorary.outreach@gmail.comstating the date, time, and name of organization presented to.

  8. OCC Presentation • Speak to the benefits of the OCC and how to complete –help others understand the OCC. • Tell about the OCC Honorary Society and your story of completion. • Use the OCC Presentation Points handout to help guide your presentation. http://www.studentaffairs.pitt.edu/sites/default/files/OCC%20Presentation%20Points.pdf • Packets and handouts may be requested for your presentation by contacting Glyn Cozart, gec17@pitt.edu

  9. OCC Ambassador • Step 2: Educate your organization about the OCC Mini-Grant • http://www.studentaffairs.pitt.edu/sites/default/files/OCC%20Mini-Grant-2012.pdf • The OCC Mini-Grant Program is designed to support events and programs that meet the learning outcomes of the ten OCC goal areas. • Want to support events or programs that will meet either a core requirement or an elective curriculum item in the Outside the Classroom Curriculum. • The event or program will meet the learning outcomes of the chosen goal area and will provide students the opportunity to build skills within the goal.

  10. Educate your organization about the OCC Mini-Grant • Grant criteria: • Open to (and designed to appeal to) the Pitt undergraduate student body; • Specifically tie to a Curriculum Goal Area and meet a core requirement or elective; • Located on campus; • Easily accessible to all Pitt students. • Preference is given to programs that: • Do not charge an admission or entry fee, Have a program or event that directly serves a core requirement or elective of 1 of the 10 goal areas, Receive funding from several sources, Collaborative efforts from multiple organizations, Are not serving as fundraisers for an organization or cause, Are likely to attract students outside of your organization, Are likely to attract a large number of students • Undergraduate student groups can apply for up to but not more than $500.00 for a single event; funding may be granted in partial or full amounts.

  11. OCC Ambassador • Step 3: Help your friends complete the OCC • Encourage members of your organizations to sit down with you and review the OCC core requirements. • Identify our future student leaders and reach out to them. • Helpthem complete the OCC this semesterby answering their questions and showing them how to self-report.

  12. OCC Presentation Details • The following slides are the details of the OCC Presentation • Please become familiar with these points

  13. New Features of the OCC • Overhauled the curriculum-more challenging • Removed the Class Levels-core requirements • New Software-easy to use

  14. What are the benefits of completing the OCC? • Differentiate Yourself-show what else you have done • Gain a competitive edge • Develop a better resume • Do More and Be More

  15. What are the benefits of completing the OCC? • OCC Honorary Society-hosts exclusive events and will offer you opportunities to continue your leadership development and career preparation. • Eligibility for membership in the Honorary is automatically bestowed on all students who complete the OCC. • Seniors applying will be fast tracked and do not need to be inducted to take part in Honorary events.

  16. How do I complete the OCC? • Self-Report your experiences and programs you have already completed (Easy to use software) • Event Attendance-Attend programs and events that meet the core requirements and swipe your card • Record what you have already done and explore what you need to do next to finish. • Complete the OCC by logging in: my.pitt.edu

  17. New Members Training Completion • Please answer the following questions and send to the E-board, occhonorary.outreach@gmail.com • What organizations are you affiliated with? • What organizations will you present to? • What are the names of the students you will personally help complete the OCC this semester? • Will your organization consider applying for an OCC Mini-Grant? What programs does your organization deliver that aligns with the OCC?

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