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New Members Orientation

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New Members Orientation
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New Members Orientation

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  1. New Members Orientation Rotary International District 3810 DGE Karen Tamayo


  3. Who Are We? • 1.2 million in 32,000 clubs in the world • Core Essence: A world wide network of inspired individuals who translate their passion into relevant social causes to change lives in communities. • Mission: We provide service to others, promote integrity and advance world understanding, goodwill and peace through fellowship of business, professional and community leaders. • Core Values: Service, Fellowship, Diversity, Integrity and Leadership • My own interpretation: We are a DIVERSE group of LEADERS who enjoy each others FELLOWSHIP while SERVING with INTEGRITY

  4. Rotary’s Beginnings First Rotary Club in Chicago, 1905. First Rotarians • Paul Harris – organized the group because of a desire for friends • Gustavus Loehr – met in his office, Room 711 of the old Unity Building (recreated and located at RI World Headquarters) • Silvester Schiele – first club president • Hiram Shorey National Association of Rotary Clubs formed 1910 – Paul Harris elected as president, served 2 years.

  5. Official Rotary Flag First flown in Jan 1915 in Kansas City Missouri. Carried to the North Pole by Admiral Byrd (RC Winchester, Virginia) in 1926. Formally adopted by RI in 1929 at RI Convention in Dallas.

  6. Rotary’s Wheel Emblem Drawn as a simple wagon wheel by Chicago Rotarian Montague Bear, an engineer. In 1923 present gearwheel with 24 cogs and six spokes was adopted by RI. The ‘keyway’ was added as advised by a group of engineers.

  7. Rotary Firsts • Rotary club meeting, Chicago, Feb 23, 1905 • Regular luncheon meeting, Oakland, club chartered 1909 • Rotary convention, Chicago 1910 • Rotary club outside US, Winnipeg 1910 • Rotary club outside North America, Dublin 1911 • Rotary club in non-English speaking country, Havana 1916 • Rotary club in Asia, Rotary Club of Manila 1919

  8. Object of Rotary To encourage and foster the ideal of service as a basis of worthy enterprise. This ideal of service is fostered through: 1. the development of acquaintance as an opportunity for service; 2. high ethical standards in business and professions, the recognition of the worthiness of all useful occupation and the dignifying of each Rotarian’s occupation as an opportunity to serve society; 3. the application of the ideal of service in one’s personal, business and community life; and 4. the advancement of international understanding, goodwill and peace through a world fellowship of business and professional persons united in the ideal of service.

  9. Rotary’s Mottos ‘He Profits Most Who Serves Best’ approved in 2nd Rotary Convention in Portland, Oregon 1911 Art Sheldon, Chicago Rotarian – stated in a speech ‘He profits most who serves his fellows best’ Ben Collins, president of RC Minneapolis –used the statement ‘Service Not Self’ 1989 Council on Legislation adopted – ‘Service Above Self’ 2004 Secondary motto ‘They Profit Most Who Serve Best’

  10. 100 Percent Attendance 1922 RI announced a worldwide attendance contest. Motivated thousands of Rotarians to achieve 100% attendance/makeup. Standard RC Constitution Bylaws: automatic termination for non-attendance if: • Failure to attend or make-up 4 consecutive club meetings • Failure to attend or makeup 60% of club meetings in 6 months • Failure to attend at least 30% of meetings in one’s own club in 6 months Rotary is a participatory organization that highly values regular attendance. When a members is absent, the club loses that personal association with the member.

  11. The Four-Way Test Rotarian Herbert J. Taylor, 1923 took over a failing Aluminum Company. Created a 24 word code of ethics. Adopted by RI in 1943. Translated into more than 100 languages. Of the things we think, say or do: • Is it the TRUTH? • Is it FAIR to all concerned? • Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS? • Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned? Taylor became RI President 1954-55.

  12. Some Famous Rotarians Thomas Mann Carlos P. Romulo Albert Schweitzer M.A.T. Caparas – Served as RI President 1986

  13. Donald Carter Father of Community Service Horse for a pastor Public toilet in Chicago

  14. Invocations and Singing Religious beliefs of each individual Rotarian should be respected. RI Board meetings – few moments of silent meditation. Henry Ruggles – fifth man to join Paul Harris. Enjoyed singing. Group singing became a tradition.

  15. Types of Membership Active Member: Elected to membership under a business or professional classification. Enjoys all the obligations, responsibilities and privileges of membership provided in RI Constitution and Bylaws. • May hold office in their club • Serve RI and the district and international level • Meet attendance requirements • Pay dues • Bring new members into Rotary

  16. Types of Membership Honorary Rotary membership: offered to those who have distinguished themselves by meritorious service in the furtherance of Rotary ideals. • Elected for one year • Continued honorary membership must be renewed annually • Cannot propose new members to the club, hold office • Exempt from attendance requirements and club dues

  17. Types of Membership Some honorary members: King Gustaf of Sweden King George VI of England Sir Winston Churchill Charles Lindbergh Thor Heyerdahl Thomas Edison Walt Disney Bob Hope Margaret Thatcher many US presidents.

  18. Membership in Rotary International Are we members of RI? We are members of Rotary Clubs, the clubs are members of RI.

  19. Organizational Structure RI President, Board of Directors, General Secretary in Evanston The Philippines belongs to Zone 7A 10 Districts in the Philippines – we are RI District 3810 District 3810 as 4 areas – Manila, Pasay, Cavite and Occidental Mindoro

  20. Organizational Structure – District 3810 (some abbreviations) District Governor (DG) Chief of Staff (COS) District Secretary (DS) and Area Secretaries District Treasurer and Area Treasures Senior Deputy Governors (SDG) – In charge of area operations Assistant Governors (AGs) – Direct contact with clubs District Committee Chairs and Area Representatives

  21. Other acronyms you might wonder about • District Governor Elect (DGE) • District Governor Nominee (DGN) • District Governor Nominee Designate (DGND) • Immediate Past District Governor (IPDG), Immediate Past President (IPP) • Past District Governor (PDG) • Past President (PP) • Peace Builder President (PbP)

  22. International Meetings • International Assembly – before Feb 15 for DGEs • International Assembly – annually • RI 2013 – Lisbon • RI 2014 – Sydney • RI 2015 – Sao Paolo Council on Legislation

  23. District Meetings • District Leadership Training – for incoming district officers • District Assembly (DISTAS) – for incoming club officers • Presidents-elect Training (PETS) • Multi-district President-elect Training (MDPETS) • District Conference (DISCON)

  24. Women’s Groups Associated with Rotary • The predominantly dependent status of women in western societies changed irrevocably during World War II as women filled occupations previously the domain of men when the men were called upon to serve in the armed forces. • This change accelerated with the growth of the feminist movement in the 1960s and 1970s.

  25. Women’s Groups Associated with Rotary • Throughout the course of nearly seven decades of Rotary's history has run the thread of the debate of women as members. • The first constitution of the Chicago Club #1, adopted in January1906, makes no reference to gender, referring only to "persons."

  26. Women’s Groups Associated with Rotary • Women of Rotary • Rotary Ann Clubs • Las Damas de Rotary • Inner Wheel

  27. WHY ROTARY ANN? 1914 on a train ride to the Houston convention, only one Rotarian’s wife on board. Her name was Ann, she became known as the Rotarian’s Ann. A chant was created for Rotary Ann. On arrival in Houston, there was another wife present whose name was also Ann. In 1984 RI encouraged all Rotary clubs to sponsor such informal groups.

  28. Women in Rotary Until 1989, Constitution and Bylaws of RI – membership was for males only. 1978 RC of Duarte, California invited 3 women to become members. RI Board withdrew the club charter for violation of RI Constitution. Club brought suit against RI – violation of state civil rights law prohibiting discrimination of any form in business establishments or public accommodations. California Superior Court ruled against Duarte. California Court of Appeals Court reversed the Duarte decision.

  29. Women in Rotary US Supreme Court upheld California Court of Appeals maintaining that Rotary clubs do have a “business purpose” and are in some ways public type organizations. Action in 1987 allowed women to become Rotarians in any jurisdiction having similar ‘public accommodation’ statues. 23 June, 1987 Dr Sylvia Whitlock was inducted by DGE Dr Kim K Siu as the first woman Club president in the history of Rotary Council on Legislation changed RI Constitution with a vote to eliminate ‘male only’ provision for all of Rotary.

  30. Special Rotary Observances January Rotary Awareness Month February World Understanding Month March Literacy Month April Magazine Month June Rotary Fellowships Month August Membership and Extension Month SeptemberNew Generations Month October Vocational Service Month November Rotary Foundation Month December Family Month

  31. Club Leadership Plan Why does Rotary need a Club Leadership Plan? Every year, Rotary leadership changes at the club, district, and international levels. The Club Leadership Plan provides for better succession planning and continuity. In addition, Rotary leaders are volunteers with many demands on their time. A recommended administrative structure allows these leaders to focus on service rather than club management.

  32. Avenues of Service Club Service Community Service Vocational Service International Service New Generations

  33. The Rotary Foundation (TRF) 1917 RI President Arch Klumph proposed endowment fund for ‘doing good in the world’ 1918 first contribution of USD 26.50 from RC Kansas City, Mo 1947 on death of Paul Harris, memorial gifts to The Rotary Foundation 2004-05 USD 85 million to the Annual Programs Fund and USD 118 million in total contributions

  34. What are the programs of TRF? Future Vision District Simplified Grants Global Grants Ambassadorial Scholarships World Peace Fellowships Vocational Study Exchange PolioPlus

  35. PolioPlus Began in 1985 in the Philippines Adopted as Global Eradication of Polio Only 3 countries in the world with Wild Polio Virus cases: • Afghanistan • Pakistan • Nigeria India – no new cases for one year Bill and Melinda Gates Support

  36. How can you give? Paul Harris Fellow Multiple Paul Harris Sustaining Member Every Rotarian Every Year (EREY)

  37. Public Relations of Rotary WHY? RI Resources – Humanity in Motion

  38. What can you find online?

  39. What can you find online?

  40. And now… Lets go online and explore…

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