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Provincial Government

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Provincial Government. Chapter Six. Why Do We Need Provincial Government?. To take care of the people in the province. Provincial government is responsible for: Children’s Services Health and Wellness Energy Education Seniors and Community Support Tourism and Parks Agriculture and Food

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why do we need provincial government
Why Do We Need Provincial Government?

To take care of the people in the province. Provincial government is responsible for:

  • Children’s Services
  • Health and Wellness
  • Energy
  • Education
  • Seniors and Community Support
  • Tourism and Parks
  • Agriculture and Food
  • Sustainable Resources
  • Aboriginal Relations
  • All Albertan students learn the same things in school. The curriculum is the same in our province.
managing alberta s resources
Managing Alberta’s Resources
  • Energy resources, such as oil and gas are the responsibility of Provincial government.
health care
Health Care
  • Providing health care services to everyone in the province is a provincial responsibility. A large portion of provincial taxes is used to provide health care.
making laws
Making Laws
  • Provincial government is responsible for making laws, such as the law to wear a bicycle helmet.
how are laws passed
How are Laws passed?
  • MLA introduces bill to legislature
  • People hold public meetings or start petitions about the possible law.
  • MLAs debate and vote on the bill.
  • There is a third reading and MLAs vote on it again.
  • Finally, if the bill is supported it is sent to the Lieutenant Governor to become and act or law.
how is provincial government elected
How is Provincial Government Elected
  • During an provincial election candidates run for positions on the legislative assembly.
  • One MLA is elected in each of Alberta’s 83 voting districts which are called constituencies.
political parties
Political Parties

Progressive Conservative


New Democratic Party

Alberta Alliance

Other Parties

who can be a candidate
Who can be a Candidate?
  • An eligible voter
  • Get a form from Elections Alberta signed by at least 25 electors in the district.
  • Live in the constituency where they want to vote.
  • Be a Canadian citizen.
  • Be at least 18.
  • Live in Alberta for at least six months from election day.
what is a constitutional monarchy
What is a Constitutional Monarchy?
  • A constitutional monarchy is a system of governments in which a monarch (the Queen of England) is the head of the state. In Canada, the Prime Minister is the head government. The Queen’s representative is the Governor General.
what is the role of lieutenant governor
What is the Role of Lieutenant Governor?
  • Inviting the leader of the party that wins the election to become the Premier.
  • Issuing the Royal Proclamation (this calls the legislature into session).
  • Reading the Speech from the Throne (this opens a new session in the Legislature)
  • Dissolving or closing the Legislative Assembly so elections can be held.
  • The Governor General – federal representative of the Queen
  • Lieutenant Governor – provincial representative of the Queen.
government in alberta the alberta legislature
Government in AlbertaThe Alberta Legislature
  • Lieutenant Governor (Queen’s Representative).
  • Premier (Leader of the Government)
  • Cabinet (Responsible for departments)
  • Legislative Assembly
what are the responsibilities of the cabinet minister
What are the Responsibilities of the Cabinet Minister
  • Cabinet member are chosen by the Premier and are known as MLAs.
  • Each minister is in charge of different departments (Minister of Employment, Minister of Education)
  • Cabinet Ministers: meets with Premier, works with people in his/her department, creates a budget, works on committees, serves there area constituency.
  • Opposition member is an elected member of the Legislative Assembly who is not a member of the party in power.
Which party would you vote for and why? (Progressive Conservatives, Liberals, Alberta Alliance, New Democratic)

Who is our MLA?