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Welcome to the University of Agder Klasse 4FE/Class 4FE 12 August 2013 Stein Bergsmark - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to the University of Agder Klasse 4FE/Class 4FE 12 August 2013 Stein Bergsmark. Programme Coordinator in Renewable Energy Bachelor and Master. Stein Bergsmark 30 years of industry experience Computer Design Electronic and Electrical Engineering Mobile Communication Subjects

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Welcome to the university of agder klasse 4fe class 4fe 12 august 2013 stein bergsmark

Welcome to the

Universityof Agder

Klasse 4FE/Class 4FE

12 August 2013

Stein Bergsmark

Programme coordinator in renewable energy bachelor and master
Programme Coordinator in Renewable EnergyBachelor and Master

  • Stein Bergsmark

  • 30 years of industry experience

    • Computer Design

    • Electronic and Electrical Engineering

    • Mobile Communication

  • Subjects

    • Physics and Mathematics

    • Electronics and Power electronics

    • Signals and Systems

    • Mobile Communications

    • Electrical Engineering

    • Control Theory


Room D3 062

Phone 37 23 32 15

Mobile 952 57 630


Welcome to the

2-year master programme in

Renewable Energy

At the Faculty of Engineering and Science


  • Congratulations with your choice of coming to Grimstad

  • With high standards of teaching and research, we are a dynamic and modern university which prides itself on a large selection of English taught courses offered to students from all over the world

  • We always try our best to follow up the students in a good way

  • We are sure you will get a good platform for career and jobs after graduation

  • This is a very small class, and you have the opportunity to have very good contact with our lecturers


  • What happens today?

  • Roll Call

  • University of Agder

  • Faculty of Engineering and Science

  • Department of Engineering Sciences

  • Master’s programme in Renewable Energy

What happens today and later
What happens today? And later ..

  • Roll Call and Information meeting at 11:30 for class 4FE in A2 023

  • Later today

    • 12:30 Opening ceremony in the hall

    • 14:45 ?? Meeting the student buddies

    • 15:30 Exchange your life – study abroad C3 072

    • 16:30 Barbecue party

    • 20:00 Concerts

    • Class meeting Tuesday 13 August 14:15 – 15:00 in aud A2 123.

Opprop roll call
Opprop – Roll Call

  • Therewillalways be someonewhoare not called

  • Thosewho have not beencalled, but still have gotadmission, must

    • send an email to opptak@uio.no or

    • go to the Service desk

The university of agder
The University of Agder

  • University since 2007

  • The 4th largest university in Norway

  • 10000 students, 1000 employees

  • Two campuses

    • Kristiansand, 7000 students

    • Grimstad, 3000 students

  • Teaching on all levels, entry, bachelor, master and PhD

  • A total of 150 study programmes

  • Student exchange with 100 universities around the world

  • The new Campus Grimstad opened in August 2010

  • A good mix of study branches, with

    • Engineering and technology

    • Teacher education

    • Nursing

    • Economics

Faculty of engineering and science
Faculty of Engineering and Science

Bachelor’sprogrammes in

  • Renewableenergy

  • Mechatronics

  • Civilengineering

  • Computer Science

  • Mobile communication and electronics

  • Aeronauticsengineering

    Master’sprogrammes in

  • ICT

  • Industrial economics

  • Mechatronics

  • Renewableenergy

  • Civilengineering

Extensive cooperation with regional industry
Extensive cooperation with regional industry

  • Our long-term and extensive cooperation with regional industry will give you relevant learning, experience and project subject

  • Agder energy, Returkraft, Rambøll and others

  • Agder energy is sponsor for the «Best Master in Renewable Energy Thesis»

  • For mechatronics we have the NODE companies

  • The Node companies is sponsor for «Best Master in Mechatronics Thesis»

Time table autumn 2013 for class 4fe start on monday 19 august
Time table Autumn 2013 for class 4FEStart on Monday 19 August

Campus site map
Campus site map

Wing A

Wing B

Wing C

Wing D


Library and

IT help desk

Main street



Service Desk


Welcome to the university of agder klasse 4fe class 4fe 12 august 2013 stein bergsmark
Informasjon og meldinger for studenterwww.uia.no/studentInformation and messageshttp://www.uia.no/en/portals/study

Welcome to the university of agder klasse 4fe class 4fe 12 august 2013 stein bergsmark

Faste felt

Fixed fields

Fast innlogging

Meldinger som endres

Fixed logon

Studieh ndboka uia no studiehandbok information on study programmes courses and syllabus
Studiehåndboka: uia.no/studiehandbok- Information on study programmes, courses and syllabus

Semesterregistreringen omfatter the semester registration includes
Semesterregistreringen omfatterThe semester registration includes

Every semester:

  • Confirmation of study plan with registration for teaching and exams

  • Payment of semester fee

  • Update of personal information

  • Issuing of semester card

    First semester:

  • Issuing of student card

  • Confirmation of study plan part 1

    New students:

    Instructions are given for electronic payment. From semester 2, students get payment info from studweb, and must use internet banking for payment

    The semester card is sent when payment and registering are completed.

Frister deadlines

1 SeptemberDeadline for paymentof semester fee, student registration, confirmationofstudy plan and examregistration

Siste frist for betaling av semesteravgift, registrering, bekreftelse av utdanningsplan og eksamensmelding i høstsemesteret

1 FebruarySiste frist for betaling av semesteravgift, registrering, bekreftelse av utdanningsplan og eksamensmelding i vårsemesteret

Deadlines for the spring semester

Hvis du ikke har pin koden when you do not have the pin code
Hvis du ikke har PIN-koden:When you do not have the PIN-code

Go to the IT helpdesk or use Studweb

Du får ny tilsendt på e-post ved å gå inn på Studentweb

Plikt til holde seg orientert obligation to keep oneself informed
Plikt til å holde seg orientertObligation to keep oneself informed

Det forutsettes at studentene følger med på meldinger gitt på

All students are supposed to keep track of messages given on

  • www.uia.no/student

  • Fronter

  • E-mail

  • Meldinger sendt på e-post går til e-postadressen studenten har

    fått fra universitetet og ikke til eventuelle private e-postadresser.

    (gjennom webmail kan e-post videresendes)

    A message posted on Fronter is regarded as being given personally to each and every individual student

    e-mail messages to students og to the uia email address, and not to private addresses. However, forwarding can be done in webmail.

    Se utdanningsplan del 1 i Studentweb for utfyllende informasjon om plikten til å holde seg orientert.

Information until you have fronter access
Information until you have Fronter access:

  • Information is given on the Noticeboard just outside the Service area

  • Check every day

Servicetorget service centre
Servicetorget/Service centre

hjelper med mye og er det sentrale informasjonsstedet.

Student advisors available every day from 9 – 12 until 1 September

På Servicetorget vil det også være representanter fra:

  • Eksamen

  • Internasjonal avdeling

  • Karrieresenter

  • Opptak

    You will find resources on

  • Exams

  • International office

  • Career center

  • Admission

It hjelp it helpdesk
IT-hjelp – IT helpdesk

E-mail: it-hjelp@uia.no

Phone: (3814) 1700

SMS: 26112 (kodeord «IT» + question)

Chat: uia.no/it

FB: facebook.com/IThjelpUiA

Skranke: I biblioteket - Servicedesk in the library

Andre tjenester: Mediatek, trådløst nettverk, programvare, kurs

Åpningstider: Mandag til torsdag 08.00 – 20.00 (fredag 08.00 – 18.00)

Brukernavn og Passord/User name and password:

Sendes nye studenter på SMS. Sent new students on SMS

Har du ikke fått, kan du kontakte IT-hjelp. Or contact IT helpdesk

Pningstider og adgang utenom pningstid admission
Åpningstider – og adgang utenom åpningstid - Admission

  • Opening hours:

    • Monday – Friday : 07.00 til 21.00

    • Saturday: 08.30 til 16.00

  • ”24 hour zone” is available 24 hours for students with admission card

  • Admission card = student card. From the Service area

Carry home or leave on campus
Carry home or leave on campus

Lockersareavailable for students in

  • A1 (A-winggroundfloor), opposite to thelibrary

  • D2corridor by engineering student labs

  • Lockersarelockedwithyourownpadlock and is available to you for theacademicyear – August to June.

  • Lockers must be emptiedbefore summer 2014.

  • Leftpadlocksarecut and lockersemptiedsummer 2014.

Parking and arrival at campus grimstad
Parking and arrival at Campus Grimstad

  • Bike and bus arerecommended

  • 700 places for bikes

  • 400 places for cars, in theparking house. Price 5NOK per day. Do not use a carunlessyouareliving far away

  • Park only in parkingslots

  • Europark is responsible for theparking area and givesyou a parkingticket for wrongparking:

  • There is NO parkingalong Jon Lilletuns vei. Parkingherewillguarantee a parkingticket.

Recycling green profile
Recycling – Green profile

  • There are recycling stations all over the campus

  • Everybody tidies up after oneself, always and everywhere

  • Thermo cup = cheaper coffee (extra for paper pot)

  • Cups can be bought in the bookstore or canteen

  • We are running a campus cup campaign during week 1! Buy yourself a cup, and have free coffee during this week.

Midlertidig tillitsperson blant studentene temporary student representative
Midlertidig tillitsperson blant studenteneTemporary student representative

- A random student may be picked today, will organize the election of normal spokesperson later.

I recommend that a Norwegian student is elected, as he/she will know the university and the organization

Ivan Nordnes Dahlberg has volunteered.

He comes from our Bachelor in Renewable Energy.

I recommend him. OK??

Study start programme and festival
Study start programme and festival

See the programme on


Smak p studiebyen din tilbudsbrosjyre in norwegian
”Smak på studiebyen din” – tilbudsbrosjyreIn Norwegian

Benytt deg av muligheten til å bli kjent med byen!

Tilbud blant annet på:

  • Festivaler og konserter

  • Kafeer, restauranter, utesteder

  • Museer

  • Buss

  • Color Line til Danmark

  • Dyreparken og Badelandet

  • IK Start – Sarpsborg 08

  • +++

Welcome to the university of agder klasse 4fe class 4fe 12 august 2013 stein bergsmark

  • Lykke til med studiet!

  • fadderne tar dere med videre

  • Goodluckwithyourstudy in Grimstad!

  • Student buddieswilltake over