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The Alliance. An introduction to the Student Council Alliance of the Philippines.

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the alliance

The Alliance

An introduction to the

Student Council Alliance of the Philippines

from a vision

In 1996, out of the vision of student leaders coming from different major universities and colleges nationwide came up an avenue where student councils and leaders shared commitment to reinvent the student movement out of its continuous decline.

From a vision…
to a national alliance

Now, with student council and student political party membership coming from 150 schools all over the country, SCAP is the largest and widest student alliance in the Philippines.

…to a national alliance!
for students rights and welfare

A relationship based on trust and confidence of delivering what is expected. And also, of forging beyond the confines of their perceived limitations.

For Students’ Rights and Welfare

As Activity Center:

The more traditional function of the Student Council is to spearhead various campus activities that are geared toward the holistic development of the student body.


As Campaign Center:

As a center of leadership, the Student Council must continue to affirm its relevance by addressing the issues confronting the students, the community and the nation.


As Service Center:

Service and leadership cannot be divorced. It is in this spirit that the Student Council is viewed as a center that provides services to its constituents.

the student political parties
The Student Political Parties

SCAP’s Perspective


Electoral Parties

  • seen only during elections as campaign machineries for student council candidates
  • do not in any way represent a strategic framework which can carry a political agenda in campus politics

Political Parties

  • alternative centers of power
  • facilitate the transfer of political technology and knowledge on new leaders
our values
Our Values

What’s important for us!


Authentic Humanization o


– valuing relationships in the spirit of love and justice, individual uniqueness and humanity.


Democratic Persuasion

– strength of ideas over strength in numbers.


Student Empowerment

– to serve and empower by asserting civil, political and economic rights.


Unity and Solidarity

- among members and non-members, among the marginalized sectors and international struggles.

Free Burma Campaign

with YPSEA

Agrarian Reform Campaign

with the Sumilao Farmers


International Solidarity

-upholding national interest while maintaining a global outlook.

Berlin, Germany


Gender Equality

-based on mutual respect and consideration as well as recognition of each individual’s uniqueness and humanity.


The National Executive Board –

serves as the highest executive body of the Alliance.


National Secretary General -National Secretariat

Vice Chairpersons

for NCR

for Luzon

for Visayas

for Mindanao

National Finance Officer

(4) Members-at-Large

The National Congress –

serves as the highest legislative body of the Alliance and convenes every two years.

FTV Cebu


The Regional Assemblies –

serves as the legislative body of the four regions.

The Chapters –

serve as the functioning body in the local (municipal, city or district) level.

FTV Cebu