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  1. ... generally defined as a person who leaves her/his country of citizenship to pursue a job elsewhere. • According to the statistics available at the Philippine Overseas Employers Agency (POEA) website, there were a total of 302,672 Filipino workers deployed to different countries in 2006 alone, and over 91,000 of which are domestic helpers or household employees.

  2. Domestic Violence -refers to any form of physical, sexual, verbal, emotional, or economic abuse inflicted on any person in a household by a family or household member. ( ) Overview As of 2006, 84% of the 5.6 million people in the UAE were foreigners. Many of them were low paid workers from southeast asia. Recent press and media coverage has highlighted violence against female domestic workers.

  3. Cause of the Problem Recruitment agencies are more concerned about earning money rather than the safety or security of the OFWS’s Due to high unemployment rate Filipinos are forced to work abroad 34- 53% of the Filipino population are dependent on remittance from migrant workers

  4. Issue of the workers • Domestic violence among low paid • Filipina migrant workers in the U.A.E. • Effects • the effect of abuse leads to physical and psychological problems and worse DEATH • Situation • substandard housing, lack of medical care, abuse and non payment of wages.

  5. Laws protecting them • NOVA ( network opposed to violence • Against women migrants. • Republic Act no. 8042: • The act shall be known as • Migrant Workers and Overseas Filipino Act of 1995

  6. Patriarchy Arab custom is indeed dominated by men, but though male dominated, reported domestic violence is now common at the hands of female Member of the family.

  7. Feminist Narrative Theory and Knowledge Gap Theory

  8. TARGET THE FEMALE OFWs WHO ARE ABOUT TO LEAVE AND THEIR FAMILIES • The families should be well informed of the situation of their OFW relative. • They should have copies of the necessary documents if in case problems arise. • They should have schedules when to expect calls or any sort of regular contact from said OFW. • The OFW in turn should not be afraid to speak when she is being abused. • Encourage the women to speak up and not bottle up the things happening while away.

  9. Coordinate with agencies who can help conduct forums to educate the OFW and her family. • A pre-produced Public Service Announcement It aims to inform college students with female migrant worker relatives It will be aired at St. Scholastica’s school radio three times a day (9 AM, 12 NN, and 3 PM)

  10. Our special media will be distributed to agencies that OFWs are connected to A wall calendar for the family of the OFW. It contains important information necessary for the family to help the migrant worker in case there is an emergency. A notepad for the female OFW that has contact numbers of agencies they should contact in case of any domestic abuse.

  11. The End