Utah studies
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Utah Studies . The Desert Blooms as a Rose: Chapter 6. Quote of the Day.

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Utah studies

Utah Studies

The Desert Blooms as a Rose: Chapter 6

Quote of the day
Quote of the Day

“Our relatives were very angry when they learned we were leaving Denmark…It was a bad trip on the ocean, particularly through the North Sea. Everyone was sea sick and the train ride was long and hard…Mother and father wanted to be with the Saints in Utah."

- Anna Jensen (5 year old immigrant-1906)

Utah studies

Mormon Pioneers


Utah studies


  • Teams will be arranged according to their seat sections.

  • There will be 4 teams. Each team will send up one person

  • The team that raises their hand first will be called upon.

  • All responses must be said like this: “What is or Where is”

  • If the answer is correct, the team earns that particular amount of points; if answer is incorrect, the team loses that amount of points. (Negative value)

  • All teams with a (+) value will bet during Final Jeopardy.

  • The team with most money will win the game.

Utah studies

Building the Kingdom for 100

A hand-pulled wagon

Utah studies

Building the Kingdom for 200

Brigham Young wanted immigrants to come to Utah because they brought ____ from their countries .

Utah studies

Building the Kingdom for 300

  • The Mormons continued the practice a communal lifestyle which meant they did not believe in ______ _______.

Utah studies

Building the Kingdom for 400

This group were sent on special missions to pick up the immigrants

Utah studies

Building the Kingdomfor 500

These common features

were all part of the Utah

settlement .

(Hint: 3 of them!)

Utah studies

People for 100

Someone who joins a church.

Utah studies

People for 200

Someone who comes into a new country to live

Utah studies

People 300

He was both the religious leader and political leader

Utah studies

People for 400

A term for a “non-believer

Utah studies

People for 500

A settlement of Hawaiian immigrants

Utah studies

Problems for 100

The only 2 things that pioneers lacked in their early settlements.

Utah studies

Problems for 200

This was formed in 1849 to help poor converts from Liverpool, England make the journey to Utah.

Daily Double

Utah studies

Problems for 300

  • Church leaders petitioned Congress to become a state. It was called ______

Utah studies

Problems for 400

These early settlers had to worry about _____ and _____ since they were new to the area.

Utah studies

Problems for 500

  • Being in an unfamiliar territory was a problem for the Mormons. Name the other 4!

Utah studies

Settlement for 100

  • The main occupation for each settlement.

Utah studies

Settlement for 200

  • Brigham Young sent people out to ______ the state.

Utah studies

Settlement for 300

Most early immigrants bought ____ and ___ in New York.

Utah studies

Settlement for 400

Daily Double

Colonies had 3 main purposes. Name them!

Utah studies

Settlement for 500

These 2 foreign countries had the highest number of immigrants who settled Utah. Name them and the number of immigrants that came over.

Utah studies

Utah Mines for 100

Mining brought ___ -____ settlers, who started their own towns.

Utah studies

Utah Mines for 200

This was the major factor that led to mining becoming a booming business.

Utah studies

Utah Mines for 300

The railroad used

Iron from this city.

Utah studies

Utah Mines for 400

This town was one of the first non-Mormon towns that was created.

Utah studies

Utah Mines for 500

During their first year, the Mormons began dividing up their land. What else did they do besides that.

Utah studies

Building the Kingdom - 100?

What is handcart?

Utah studies

Building the Kingdom -300 - ?

What is private ownership?”

Utah studies

Building the Kingdom -400 - ?

Who are Utah boys?

Utah studies

Building the Kingdom -500 - ?

What is 1.wide streets

2.Square center?

3.Large blocks

Utah studies

People 100 - ?

What is convert?

Utah studies

People 200 - ?

What is immigrant?

Utah studies

People 300 - ?

Who is Brigham Young?

Utah studies

People 400 - ?

Who is Gentiles?

Utah studies

People 500 - ?

What are Iosepa?

Utah studies

Problems 100 - ?

What is Hospitals and Doctors?

Utah studies

Problems 200 - ?

What is perpetual emigrating fund?

Utah studies

Problems 300 - ?

What is Deseret?

Utah studies

Problems 400 - ?

What is famine or starvation ?

Utah studies

Problems 500 - ?

What is isolationism, inhabiting land, 1000’s of immigrants, friction with non-mormons?

Utah studies

Settlement 100 - ?

What is farming?

Utah studies

Settlement 200 - ?

What is populate?

Utah studies

Settlement 300 - ?

What is bought wagons and oxen?

Utah studies

Settlement 400 - ?

What is temporary gathering places, centers of production of goods, missions for American Indians?

Utah studies

Settlement 500 - ?

What is Britain 50,000, Scandinavia 30,000?

Utah studies

Utah Mines 100 - ?

What is Non-Mormons?

Utah studies

Utah Mines—200- ?

What is rail road?

Utah studies

Utah Mines 300- ?

What is Cedar City?

Utah studies

Utah Mines 400- ?

What is Corinne?

Utah studies

Utah Mines 500 - ?

What is building cabins, planting crops and exploring the surrounding regions?

Final jeopardy
Final Jeopardy

Mormons settlement is based on before 1857 and after 1857. Before 1857, the Mormons settled into these two countries.

Final jeopardy1
Final Jeopardy

What is Canada and Mexico?

Utah studies

To the other teams,

Too bad--So sad!