asca national model nuts bolts implementing comprehensive school counseling n.
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ASCA National Model Nuts & Bolts Implementing Comprehensive School Counseling PowerPoint Presentation
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ASCA National Model Nuts & Bolts Implementing Comprehensive School Counseling

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ASCA National Model Nuts & Bolts Implementing Comprehensive School Counseling - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ASCA National Model Nuts & Bolts Implementing Comprehensive School Counseling. Bremerton January 24 th , 2011 Richard Cleveland, WSCA. Clock Hours ASCA National Models Bathrooms Lunch. Logistics. Richard Cleveland Alaska Airlines Everett Public Schools Seattle Pacific University.

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Presentation Transcript
asca national model nuts bolts implementing comprehensive school counseling

ASCA National ModelNuts & BoltsImplementing Comprehensive School Counseling

Bremerton January 24th, 2011

Richard Cleveland, WSCA


Clock Hours

  • ASCA National Models
  • Bathrooms
  • Lunch

Richard Cleveland

      • Alaska Airlines
      • Everett Public Schools
      • Seattle Pacific University
wsca news

RCW 28A.410.043

  • Nav101
  • WSCA Legislative Advocate
  • WSCA Day on the Hill: February 3rd, 2011
  • WSCA/OSCA Conference: February 17th-19th 2011
  • Partnership with OSPI – State Framework
what are we doing today

Implementing CSCP

Comprehensive School Counseling = CSCP = CGCP = ASCA National Model

  • My Mission Statement
  • Using Data
  • Working Time
        • Action plans, calendars, crosswalks, etc.
  • Next Steps &Questions
What Are We Doing Today
getting a pulse

What level do you serve? (ES, MS, HS)

  • Years experience as a school counselor?
  • How familiar with a CSCP or National Model?
  • How much implementation?
  • Biggest challenge to implementation?
  • How can today be most helpful?
Getting A Pulse
quick review


  • Delivery System
  • Management System
  • Accountability
Quick Review

Beliefs & Philosophy

  • Mission Statement
  • Domains
    • Academic Development
    • Career Development
    • Personal/Social Development
  • ASCA National Standards & Competencies
delivery system

School Guidance Curriculum

  • Individual Student Planning
  • Responsive Services
  • System Support
Delivery System
management system

Site Agreements

  • Advisory Council
  • Use of Data
  • Action Plans
    • Guidance Curriculum / Curriculum Map
    • Closing the Gap
  • Calendars
Management System

Results Reports

  • Program Audit
  • School Counselor Performance Evaluation
  • Accountability Tools (SCAATAP, EZ Analyze, etc.)
considerations dangers

Timeline for Implementation

  • Timeline for Results
  • Firm Foundation
Considerations & Dangers

Results (A)

Action Plans (MS)

Curriculum (DS)

Domains/Standards (F)

Mission Statement (F)

Dist./Bldg. SIP

my mission statement

In Previous Episodes: Skip to the “good stuff”

  • But now…before moving on to “Using Data”
  • Mission Statement part of Foundation in the ASCA Model/CGCP
  • Essential – why are you here/there?
My Mission Statement

What do I believe:

      • About my students?
      • About learning?
      • About school counseling and my role as school counselor?
  • Advisement:
  • Intellectual integrity requires that even though it may at times be necessary to be ruthless with ideas, we must always be not just civil in our discourse, but respectful and gentle with all persons.

My Mission Statement

my mission statement1

What I believe matters.

  • What my principal believes matters.
  • What my ______ believes matters.
My Mission Statement
using data

“42.7% of all statistics are made up on the spot.” – Steven Wright

  • Resources
        • ASCA Natl. Model
        • ASCA Natl. Model Workbook
        • ASCA Making Data Work 2nd Ed.
  • Know Where You’re going
        • DATA: Design, Ask, Track, Announce
  • Keep it Simple
Using Data
using data1

Process Data

        • What did you do? For whom? How many? Where?
  • Perception Data
        • What did they think, know, or demonstrate?
  • Results Data
        • So what? What is the difference?

But where do I get the data from?

Using Data
working time

Master Calendar

  • Guidance/Curriculum Action Plan
  • CTG Action Plan
  • DATA Report
  • Cross walking Tool
Working Time
master calendar

Weekly Calendar

  • Monthly Calendar
  • Yearly/Master Calendar

[great to pair with site agreement]

What not to do…

Master Calendar
guidance curriculum action plan

What curriculum is being taught?

  • What competencies/standards is the counseling department responsible for?
Guidance/Curriculum Action Plan
ctg action plan

Where are the gaps?

  • How do you identify them?
  • What are you going to do about it?
CTG Action Plan
data report


What is your question?

  • Ask

How will you answer your question?

  • Track

How will you make sense of the data?

  • Announce

How will you use your findings?

DATA Report
cross walking tool

Connecting standards

  • Common mission
  • Systemic Perspective
  • Triage?
Cross Walking Tool
questions next steps

BIG Things

      • District CSCP Plan
      • Building CSCP Plan
  • Little Things (or not-so-big things)
      • Site Agreement
      • Personalized SIP Crosswalk
      • Accountability (software, program audit, SC evaluation, etc.)
Questions & Next Steps
go around

1. How was today? 1 – 5

1=Clyde’s World of Sqaush


2. What’s Your Next Step?

Go Around
thank you

Richard Cleveland

Adjunct Instructor

School Counseling Program

Seattle Pacific University


Thank You!