navy reserve medicine bumed m10 reserve policy integration n.
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Navy Reserve Medicine BUMED M10 Reserve Policy & Integration PowerPoint Presentation
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Navy Reserve Medicine BUMED M10 Reserve Policy & Integration

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Navy Reserve Medicine BUMED M10 Reserve Policy & Integration - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Navy Reserve Medicine BUMED M10 Reserve Policy & Integration. Presented By: HMCS Wilcox. Objectives. General overview of Navy Reserve Medicine Manpower Overview of Reserve Type Orders Introduction to MEDRUPMIS Manpower Data Systems. Navy Medical Reserve Organization. BUMED. OSO. NAVMED

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Presentation Transcript
  • General overview of Navy Reserve Medicine Manpower
  • Overview of Reserve Type Orders
  • Introduction to MEDRUPMIS
  • Manpower Data Systems
navy medical reserve organization
Navy Medical Reserve Organization
















RCC = Reserve Component Commands

NOSC= Navy Operational Support Center


purpose of the reserve component rc
Purpose of theReserve Component (RC)
  • Support Navy Medicine through:
    • Integration
    • Augmentation
    • Sustainment
    • Medical support
  • To accomplish this:
    • Effective utilization of assets
    • Retention
    • Recruitment
    • Medical readiness
bso 18 rc commands
BSO 18 RC Commands
  • 7 OHSUs (Operational Health Support Unit)
  • –Bremerton, Jacksonville, Camps Lejeune & Pendleton, Pensacola, Portsmouth, San Diego
  • 3 EMF’s (Expeditionary Medical Facility)

Dallas, Great Lakes, Bethesda

  • RC Navy Medicine Education and Training Command (NMETC)
navy reservists
Navy Reservists
  • Civilian careers
  • Normal activity:
    • Annual Training
    • “Drill” one weekend per month
    • Available for other active duty requirements
  • Reservists may be:
    • Former active-duty member
    • Direct accession
  • Remains a reservist either voluntarily, or by obligation
3 types of reservists
3 Types of Reservists

1.Ready Reserve:

  • Selected Reserve (SELRES)
  • Full Time Support (formerly TAR)
  • Individual Ready Reserve (IRR)
    • Voluntary Training Unit (VTU)
    • Active Status Pool (ASP)
3 types of reservists1
3 Types of Reservists

2.Standby Reserve

  • Active Status List (S1)
    • Key federal employees and hardships
    • Eligible for promotion (except to flag rank)
  • Inactive Status List (S2)
    • May not train for points or pay
    • Not eligible for promotion
3 types of reservists2
3 Types of Reservists

3.Retired Reserve

  • Qualified for non-regular pay (reservists)
  • Regular retirement (FTS)
  • “Gray Area”
  • (retired prior to age 60)
types of reserve training orders
Types of Reserve Training Orders
  • Inactive Duty Training (IDT)

- 48 paid “drills” per year (2 drills per day/2 days per month)

- No travel or per diem associated with this category

  • Inactive Duty Training Travel (IDTT)

- Based on budget and availability - CNRFC

- Pays travel and per diem (in conjunction with drill periods)

  • Annual Training (AT)

- Typically 12-17 days per year (up to 29, when funding available)

- MTF support, OJT, coursework, exercise/mission support

  • Additional Training Periods (ATP) and Reserve Management Periods (RMP)

- Based on budget and availability - CNRFC

- Acts like additional IDT (drill) days

types of reserve extended active duty orders
Types of Reserve Extended Active Duty Orders
  • Active Duty for Training (ADT)

- Based on budget and availability - CNRFC

- Flexible duration

- Pays salary, travel and per diem

  • Active Duty for Special Work (ADSW)

- Based on budget and availability – BUPERS (CNRFC)

- Up to three years

- Requests: MTF / Regional OSO / BUMED / BUPERS

  • “265” Recall (US Code Title 10, sec 12301(D))

- Limited types of positions – OSO, staff HQ

- Limited to Medical Community Officer billets

- Normally 2 or 3 year recall

  • Full-Time Support (FTS) Staff

- Detailed the same as Active Component

- Only HM enlisted FTS billets

- No officer Medical Community FTS billets (Only “265” Recall)

types of reserve mobilization orders
Types of Reserve Mobilization Orders
  • Mobilization

- Presidential Reserve Call-up (PRC) – Persian Gulf 90-91, Haiti 94-96, Bosnia 95-04, Iraq 98-03, Kosovo 99-present

•President, then notifies congress (24 hours)

•Involuntary: up to 200,000 Ready Reserve

•Up to 365 days

- Partial Mobilization (Persian Gulf ‘91)

•Service secretaries

• Involuntary: up to 1,000,000 Ready Reserve

•Up to 24 consecutive months

- Full Mobilization

•No limit to number of personnel (can include retired reserve)

•Duration of war/emergency + 6 months

shift from strategic to operational reserve
Shift from “Strategic” to “Operational” Reserve
  • Strategic:
    • Mobilized infrequently
    • Contributory support and backfill
shift from strategic to operational reserve1
Shift from “Strategic” to “Operational” Reserve
  • Operational:
    • Organized, trained, equipped, and supported to fight, on rotational basis, alongside active forces in the global war on terrorism and any future conflict
    • Operations support and augmentation
    • Boots on ground
    • Better prepared force; same standard as AC
    • Integrated with AC
how to obtain support
How to Obtain Support
  • The Medical Reserve Utilization Program Management Information System (MEDRUPMIS) is Navy Medicine’s comprehensive process used to identify and validate requirements identified by Active Component Commands with the goal of achieving full integration of Medical Reserve assets into a single, integrated and comprehensive database.
why was it initialized
Why was it Initialized?
  • Prior to the Navy’s Total Force Policy (SECNAV 1001.37A, dated 08 April 1997), the Medical Reserve was considered a "Force in Reserve" to be called upon during national emergency.
  • Today, under Navy’s Total Force concept the Medical Reserve must be an "Integral Team Member" supporting the mission of Navy Medicine in peace and war.
the benefits of medrupmis
The Benefits of MEDRUPMIS
  • Utilize Operational Support Office (OSO).
  • Enhance flexibility to respond to fleet commanders and parent command requirements.
  • Improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness for utilization of Medical Reserve Forces.
reserve annual training at adsw
Reserve Annual Training (AT/ADSW)

External Command
























benefits of rc to ac commands
Benefits of RC (to AC Commands)

Force multiplier

Little or no cost to receiving command

RC program planning cost lower than AC

Sustainment capability


benefits of rc to rc personnel
Benefits of RC (to RC Personnel)
  • Education
  • Montgomery GI Bill
  • Tuition Assistance
  • Advanced Degree for Officers
  • Income Enhancements
  • Home Loan Program
  • Income Tax Deductions
  • Commissary/Exchange Privileges
  • Travel

Drill Flexibility

  • Location
  • Drill options
  • Authorized absences


  • Drill Pay
  • Pay Raises
  • Active Duty Pay
  • Special Pay Augmentations
  • Retirement
  • Promotions
  • Reemployment Rights


  • Life Insurance
  • Medical/Dental Care
rc challenges
RC Challenges



Billet vulnerability

reserve force manning
Reserve Force Manning
  • Number of PERS Number of BILLETS Number in VTU
bso 18 hm manning
BSO 18 HM Manning

Number of PERS Number of BILLETS

total force manning by nec
Total Force Manning by NEC

Number of PERS Number of BILLETS

bso 18 hm manning by nec
BSO 18 HM Manning by NEC

Number of PERS Number of BILLETS

military training better civilian employment schools for cy14
Military Training = Better Civilian Employment! (Schools for CY14)

*8410: Biomedical Equipment Technician (5) (60m)

1-(2/26/2014-4/3/2015) 1-(3/26/2014-5/1/2015)

1-(4/23/2014-6/02/2015) 1-5/21/2014-6/26/2015)


8416: Nuclear Medicine Technician (1) (30m)


*8427: Fleet Marine Force Reconnaissance Corpsman () ( m)


8432: Preventive Medicine Technician (2) (36m)

1-(5/14/2014-11/5/2014) 1-(7/9/2014-1/14/2015)

8452: Advanced Radiographer, Phase 1 of 2 (4) (60m)

1-(4/16/2014-9/12/2014) 1-(5/20/2014-10/17/2014)

1-(6/24/2014-11/21/2014) 1-(7/23/2014-1/5/2015)

8482: Pharmacy Technician (4) (36m)

1-(3/5/2014-8/13/2014) 1-(4/30/2014-10/9/2014)

1-(6/25/2014-12/08/2014) 1-(8/20/2014-2/17/2015)

8483: Surgical Technologist (4) (36m)


1-(8/20/2014-10/21/2014) 1-(9/17/2014-11/18/2014)

8485: Behavioral Health Technician (4) (30m)

1-(3/5/2014-6/18/2014) 1-(4/30/2014-8/14/2014)

1-(5/29/2014-9/12/2014) 1-(6/25/2014-10/9/2014)

8489: Orthopedic Cast Room Technician (4) (24m)

1-(3/5/2014-5/28/2014) 1-(4/30/2014-7/24/2014)

1-(6/25/2014-9/18/2014) 1-(8/20/2014-11/14/2014)

8506: Medical Laboratory Technician (3) (36m)

1-(6/18/2014-1/6/2015) 1-(7/30/2014-2/18/2015)


8702: Advanced Dental Assistant (4) (36m)

1-(1/8/2014-6/6/2014) 1-(4/9/2014-9/5/2014)

1-(6/11/2014-11/7/2014) 1-(9/10/2014-2/20/2015)

*Quotas are not guaranteed, availability based on active component manning.