9 stages of hell n.
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9 Stages of Hell

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9 Stages of Hell

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9 Stages of Hell

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  1. 9 Stages of Hell By: Mayank Patel

  2. Limbo People in the first level of hell are those who did not have an impact on life and did not do anything worth- while in their life. They did not try and do anything to help society and humanity. Their punishment is living through the exact same day from a day before their death for the rest of eternity.

  3. Lust People who favor a person’s physical appearance more than a person’s personality and their sexual desire causes pain to others goes to the second level in hell. People in the second level of hell will never love a person again and will find everyone unattractive.

  4. Liars People in this level lie to almost everyone because they think it is funny or because they can gain from it. The punishment is that they have to always tell the truth no matter what in their life and they are always being lied to in hell.

  5. Greed People who only care about themselves come to this level. They are the ones who will do whatever it takes to get to the top, even if it ruins other people’s happiness. The punishment for this is that they live in hell as the beggars and poor, but it is not possible for them to get enough food/money to not be homeless because the ruler of the level will take the money/food if they get too much.

  6. Anger People who take out their anger on others go in this level. They hurt others because they dislike or hate certain people. They also hurt people purely on the reason of anger. Their punishment is that they are to feel the pain they caused others at all times. So if they broke someone’s arm they would feel that at all times.

  7. Racist People who judge others on the color of their skin go to this level. People that believed in slavery or racial segregation go to this level because those things are inhumane. Everyone is the same, just the color of their skin was different and people used that to hurt others. People in this level would experience all the sadness and hatred they caused to other people before they died.

  8. Pedophiles People who sexually abuse a helpless little children go into this level. It is unethical to abuse children who cannot fight for themselves and they most likely caused the children mental problems when older. The punishment is for them to feel the exact same way the helpless child did. They pedophile is to experience the life of the person they molested.

  9. Murderers The people in this level killed another person. They killed not for self defense but for fun, anger, or greed. No human should kill another human unless it is self defense or to protect something of greater importance than a human. The people in this level are all going to die and never come back at any random time. It could be ten seconds into hell, or it could be ten millenniums but they will be killed as some point.

  10. Betrayal People who gained someone’s trust and faith and betrayed them go to the ninth level of hell. The people in this level do the worst things like try and help a person just to end up getting their trust and then robbing them. The punishment for this is spending life completely alone with no outside contact for the rest of eternity. Food is not even allowed and the person will never be able to die no matter what they try and do.

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